The B2B Revenue Executive Experience
The B2B Revenue Executive Experience

Episode · 5 years ago

WTH is the The B2B Revenue Executive Experience?


There are some great podcasts out there on sales enablement. They have fantastic advice on how to accomplish certain goals and strategies, as well as how emerging technology affects our work. 

But there's a gap in the podcast world. 

Chad Sanderson, your host, started this podcast because he wants to hear from his potential buyers about what they really care about, and how they respond to the sales process. 

You're going to be hearing guests that range from the Minnesota Vikings to Adobe. This should be fun.

You're listening to the B Tob Revenue Executive Experience, a podcast dedicated to helping executives train their sales and marketing teams to optimize growth. Whether you're looking for techniques and strategies or tools and resources, you've come to the right place. Let's accelerate your growth in three, two, one. Welcome to the very first episode of the B Tob Revenue Executive Experience. We're here today with Chad Sanderson, the host of the B Tob Revenue Executive Experience. My name is Jonathan Green. I'm actually one of the producers of the show and today I'll be talking to Chad about what you, the listener, can expect from this podcast. So before we jump into that, Chad, thanks for being here, thanks for allowing me to make this introduction today and wanting you tell us a little about yourself. Well, I appreciate the opportunity to be doing this. It's going to be an interesting experience, no doubt, but I've been...

...a sales and marketing executive for over twenty years. Have run everything from global marketing teams to been an individual contributor selling be to be complex sales engagements and and building sales and marketing teams trying to get the alignment. And after twenty some odd years of doing that inside of the organization's what I found was that I am the most was passionate about Actually Consulting and coaching a sales and marketing teams to get better. And so recently, end of last year, joined started value prime solutions with a couple of business partners so that we could focus on, you know, implementing the things that we had seen help companies make a difference, whether it be growth, margins, market share, things of that nature. So for me this is an interesting next career chapter. Let's say. Yeah, yeah, that's fantastic and it's always nice when you're able to sort of turn something that you're passionate about into an actual career, as you've done, which is fantastic. And Chad, you had mentioned value prime... Value Prime Solutions is obviously producing the podcast. Is there anything else that you can tell us about value prime solutions? Yeah, it's interesting situation. So if anybody WHO's familiar with sales enablement of sales training methodologies out there, there's a host of them. Right, everybody's got something. Started back with Aida in the S and everybody's probably heard of spin and challenger. What I have found most successful, having been trained in the vast majority of those, what I have found most successful throughout my career is actually the value selling framework, and so value prime solutions is focused on leveraging the the value selling framework and expanding that offering. So we focus on basically the three legged stool, right. So methodology, process and skills. The value selling framework is excellent for methodology and processed. Really tune those in, tie them into your text stack, make sure that things are trackable repeatable using the data. And then value prime, since we're certified to use that Ip, will be focusing as well on skills development. So we're doing a lot of things with companies...

...around enhancing negotiation skills or negotiating, excuse me, enhancing prospecting skills, tying that into the process, making sure, you know, rolls into the methodology. So my business partner's Rick Mackinich and George Cavanaugh have been doing this for twenty years. Both of them have been, prior to join in, doing the value selling stuff and becoming part of value prime. They were both sales executives running global sales organizations and their success with value selling cause them, twenty years ago, to you know, really focus on that, and so we've teamed up to leverage that success that we know value selling can provide but at the same time also extend that offering. MMM Yeah, so, Chad, tell us why you wanted to start this podcast. You know what was what was the genesis? Why? Why is this the next, you know, step for value prime solutions? Because you did such a damn good job selling me. Now it in all honesty, the best salespeople that I have ever encountered, coached, worked with or what I feel has made me successful is...

...that continual education component it right, and there are some great podcasts out there on sales and sales enablement. There are things that I listen to on a regular basis, people that I have come to trust and it's an excellent medium, number one. But number two, what I find is a lot of things focus on how do I do x, like how do I get better at cold calling or how do I write a better email, or what is the latest piece of technology? And what I have found over the last couple of years of listening to podcast is there's a bit of a gap. What I as a practitioner, as a sales professional, want to hear is I want to hear from the people that I'm targeting, my potential buyers. What is it that they really care about? What is it that they think of the sales process? We all know the stats. We've all seen the stats. Fifty seven percent of people have already, you know, are already through the buying process when they start to engage with a sales rat. So we know those but I'm really curious about talking to those executives that have responsibility or...

...impact on the revenue to see what it is that really makes them, you know, respond to a sales approach or to an individual or things that they have seen. And some of it will, quite frankly, for these executives, will be a bit of a demistification of the sales process and what they're experiencing. So the goal really is, of course, you know, continue to establish our brand but more in cortantly fill what I think is just a little bit of a gap. Now, granted, will have you know, sales and marketing experts and and people that are known in the industry. As you know, consults of practitioners and thought leaders will have them on the show, but the real goal for me is to really start to work with those revenue executives and understand how they view the world and how technology is impacting it, how sales approaches are impacting it. You know, I've example, I've everybody is talking about co calling is dead, Co calling is dead, or social was the answer, you know, stuff like that. That's great, but I haven't heard one executive who was the target of those tactics respond to... it made them feel or what impact it had. Now we know it's successful, but I'd really like to kind of go beyond the next step of the tactics and really talk to those revenue executives and get their their perspectives and their insights. Yeah, that's very interesting and you've sort of touched on this. Next question, but I'm going to ask it anyway just in case there was anything you hadn't covered yet. But you know, when the audience tunes and you know, what can your listeners expect to hear when they listen each episode? It'll be interesting. Right, I guess it'll depend. I'll be doing the vast majority of these, but you could have you know, George or Rick, my business partners do a couple as well, and so you may probably get a little bit different flavor of show from each one of us. I probably should put a, you know, not safe for work warning on the front of us, on the front of the podcast, because I have a tendency to swear like a sailor, so trying to try to keep myself on the straight and narrow is going to be tough. But what you're...

...going to hear is, you know, we're going to talk to people like Todd Katholish from the Minnesota Vikings, cteo of the Minnesota Vikings, which may seem like a really odd guest for a revenue executive focus show, but but I know, having worked with todd, that even though he's a technology officer, he has a lot of people trying to call him and sell him things. There are numerous amounts of partnerships that he has to do with on the NFL side of things. Then I'd like to get his insights and so you know, what's that like? What is he see? What works for him what doesn't? We're going to be talking to some sales people from adobe, as some of the sales leadership from Adobe and understanding you know what they get targeted with. They have teams to run, they have targets to hit, but they are also individuals that are the target of the cold calls, the emails, the Social Interactions, the facetoface meetings, right. So really understanding from their perspective what has been effective and what hasn't. And there has. And then also we're going to ask each guests to just summarize what we would call an acceleration tip. Like somebody listening, what's the one thing this person...

...would say if you were talking to a sales or a marketing expert? What's the one thing you could say to them or tell them to you believe make them more successful in interacting in your view of the world? So it should be a little bit dynamic, hopefully. Hopefully it'll be a little entertaining and hopefully we don't alienate anybody because I say something stupid. Well, well, we'll preface with the the salty revenue you're hosting. We totally should. Yeah, so, Chad, how can listeners connect with you in case that they have ideas for episode topics or guess that they think you should definitely feature on the show? It's pretty easy I'm in Linkedin, very accessible there. You can catch me on twitter at Sanderson C value prime solutions is also on twitter at accelerate value, and the probably the simplest way is just to go to value Prime Solutionscom and submit a contact us for him and we'll get back to you right away. Sounds Great, Chad. That wraps it up for episode... You'll be taking over the reins for episode two and beyond. I, for one, am very excited to see this show grow. I think it's going to add a ton of values to your listeners, and good luck with the rest of the show. Thanks, Jonathan. I appreciate it. You've been listening to the BB revenue executive experience. To ensure that you never miss an episode, subscribe to the show and Itunes or your favorite podcast player. Thank you so much for listening. Until next time,.

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