The B2B Revenue Executive Experience
The B2B Revenue Executive Experience

Episode · 3 years ago

Townsend Wardlaw on The Solution Sales Mindset


Is fear influencing your career? Are you focusing on your customers’ problems instead of providing solutions?

We spoke with Townsend Wardlaw, LinkedIn influencer and solo consultant since 2009, about how realizing your fears and expanding your sales mindset can accelerate your effectiveness in sales.

...yere listening to the BTB revenueexecutive experience, a podcast, dedicated ELPA executives, train theirsales and marketing teams to optimize growth, whether you're looking fortechniques and strategies were tools and resources. You've come to the rightplace. Let's accelerate your growth in three to one: welcome every one to theB to be revenue executive experience. I'm your host Chat Sanderson. Todaywe're going to be talking about sales mindset and mindset in general, thepower that it brings to your life and how you're going to be more effective.If you're spending the time focusing on that and to do that, we have with UStowns an ward law unless you've been living in a bell jar, everybody who's,God, access to Linkeon should know who touns an is, but dounds them for thosewho don't Wuld. You do us. The pleasure just give us a little intro, but Ithink I think I think of lately. I just call myself the letin terrorist other than that I have. I have been ona TI rate on Linkeddin and actually I'll go O. my background asecond but interestingly enough as of this year, I'm I'm pretty much offlinked in I mean I still have a profile. I still intend to post. You know justkind of articles and obviously sharing your stuff, but I made a conscious decision that I justI don't have the the sanity I guess to engage all daylong with with the craziness that's going on on linkedin these days. But I guess the good no story is. I had A.I had my first real real real job. If you want, I was twenty seven, I kind ofgoofed around and race bicycles and work in the Bisin she sill. Then at some point I woke up and said I needto make some money and, as I like to say, thus being unqualified foranything else. I entwered a career in sales which I think is ha a lot ofpeople do it, and in six six and a half years Ani was, I probably Seid. Thelandspeed record from you know: Rolling borritos on the weekends to Bein a VPSsales for fourtune five hundred company making a ton of money. But I hated it,I just IU hated the corporate world. I woke up on a Sunday dreading Monday, soI started my own company to do at least the time I thought it was salesconsulting etca. This was Gosh Circin, two thousand and two and ran that forabout nine years until the second financial downturn and my own naiveeteas an entrepreneur killed me and ir killed my company anyway, and since twothousand and nine ive, you know when I shut down the company, I've been livingthe the glamorous and relaxing life of a solo consultant who seems to serve mostly clamors for viting yeah, but butmostly what I've peent a lot of time doing is trying to serve founder CEOSof companies, principally in the you know. I think of it is the one to tenmillion dollar death isone right, you get to one million dollars as a company,you throw a big party, get an office and you're excited, and then you goholy crap. This is really hard and gets expensive. So I help entrepreneurs whowere in there somewhere in that range and are stuck. You know figure out howto really move from entrepreneural selling to professial selling and havea process and structure and Accountabilily, and all that all thatbother some stuff. And so when we were talking abouttopics for the day, we talked to me ow you and I met actually when you weredoing some of the process, Seles process consulting in yeah, and so nowthere seems to be a shift. We've been talking about mindset, help meunderstand how you went from or what the realization was that. Okay, theprocess you know being than injit the process and stuff is al great, but thereal impact is that shiftin mindset. How did that? How D that lightbulb comeon for you yeah? Well, it was probably a series of Tim and dark and Dimon Dark, but I you you know. I wouys say that that mybrand and really what I care about from a sells process. Standpoint has alwaysbeen built on what I calld the exactly how right I'm somehow screwed up in thehead and I'm wired for just being absolutely I'd, say, passionate, but really it'sobsessive about. How do you do things...

...right? So I think a lot of the problemwith sales process hills training. You know, sales methodology is there's alot of arm waving. A lot of you know broad, strokes and ive plead. You knowfor the past gosh at least decade beenfixated on creating processes,tools, methdologies workbooks, whatever that give people the you know it's it'slike Pouknow, cookbock right, a cookbook doesn't Sayd Yeah Lasagna, yousort of take some pasta and some sauce, and you know, except by Stap, so so Ireally loved doing that, and I've combined that, with my practice of you,know helping these companies in that area. I was talking about so throughoutthat that journey. I had the chance to work with a lot of great companies, alot of towns of people and what I kept coming to was sort of the realizationthat, even with the right environment and the right process and the right,you know, lawset of capabilities, people still hit a wall right, there'sstill something that is preventing thim from reaching this this at this otherlevel. Now you kind of you kind of parallel that that realization, withthe fact that, in in two thousand and Ane Suc shut down my company, went through divorce, went throughbankruptcy. You know went to the hospital because I was so stressed outand that really became this journey for me of man. I got to get my lifetogether. I got to figure out how to live life better and was doing a lot ofstuff for myself with respect to you know where's, my head at you know,what's my Mindseid, what's my purpose and and have reached down n found a lotof really good, you know call it call it mentors or methonologis or whatever,for how do you expand the power of the mink right? And there was I on know.Probably I don't know I want to say his probably first time. Six, seven yearsago I had a one individual that I was coaching right now. This person hadbeen coaching. I've been working in the BORK for a couple years and if you lookdown from the outside right, intelligent articulate, Hansom, youknow all the right, Rometeers he' been working with me for two years reallyintensively, so it would be hard to argue that he was anything other thanyou know, an absolute blackbelt. You Know Ninja level sales gy right, he wasphenomenally talented and we would you know to preparation. We would do roleplaying and then he' get on the phone and I'd come back and do a debrief ofthe conversation, and it was awful right. We would hit theobjectives he would literally just just as Colla. You know it wasn't workingand I'm like this doesn't make any sense. It's like you know. You got aformula, one race, car and Mariy UNDREDIA. The Guy keeps coming last.You like something's wrong, so on store shirt. He was out of town, he came ininto the Office Wen day had dennver and he had three calls Playne that dayin the office there would be phone calls, and you know we done all up crapand we had actually blocked o an hour to prepare. You know for these callsand tipicall then, and roll play Typ Elly. That meant you know what do e youoi to say. Were you objective? You know the usual sales coach, bs right and Isaid well, let's, let's try something different and actually walked himthrough an exercise that I had you know put together. You know for myselfreally, and this was what I call a fear- hunting exercise for lack of bettertournments. Let's see where fear is showing up to impede or createresistance in your life right and I'. Never literally, never done this in thesales exercise. Al Been Personal stuff, so we started with you know. What'sshowing a for you emotionally, you know, in terms of you know, emotion,sensations, etcet and literally took that all the way through the story.Fear was telling him about what was going to happen on these calls. Whatmight happen? Thot was bad. How I would react I'll spare yo all the details,but for him, when you push the story, all the way to the you know the deepestdarkest corner. What was showing up for him was. Thiswas the first of many events that were going to lead ultimate to him beingback on the street Sellang insurtance door to door or where he was supposedto be right ten years ago, and...

...we cleared that- and he was I mean youcould like see this this absolutely you know visual difference in him. I leftthe room. I came back, you know, abot an hour later, Ecseshe was starting thecalls, and I sat there with my jaw open as he proceeded to go through. You knowthree of the most powerful sales calls I've ever seen. Anybody Do- and thesewere these are not with you know, some low level person these with CFOS andCEOS, and he was able to access all this capabilities all this facilitiesall of his intelligence, because there was nothing getting in the way. So Ithink maybe we pl ou ther and going thiris kind of a weird, weird inerview,but that's that was that wasthe first time I said, wait aminutethere's there's a whole nother level here. If I can help people youknow for years, my whole stick was: let me give you better tools, bettercapabilities, right and D. I still believe that's an important foundation,but this was like my first holy crap. If I could help people have more complete access, you knowmore more, more, more just more access to all that they already have. They can accomplish more than they everthought they could so kitd along with an answer, but at that's really wherethis all started. Well, I mean and you're talking about. I mean thatthat's I's a powerful story right, because the fear that we all live withthe question first question becomes. Are you even aware of it yea like? Areyou even aware of the things that are getting in your own way and we see it?I mean, I see it a lot when I were for clents bit prospecting stuff. Peopleare just scared of the phone yeah scare of the rejection right. That's one ofthe first places you can actually like point at it and they go. Oh Yeah.There's fears there, but there's a hell of a lot more yeah that goes into that.That goes into understanding where, for your place, a role in your life thatdrastically impacts your successs, whether it be sales or any other, anyother anything yeah. What I want to be clear when I talk about fear right, I'mtalking about not just the emotion of being scared, but I'm talking aboutwhat I think of is the FORC SOT fear right. The deeper darker you know,monster that lives with within all of us right and fear is the force. How fear manifest itself in our head isactually the emotions, a d that could be anxiety that could be, you know,nervousness of picking up the phone, but it can also be anxiety. It can alsobe anger, can be jealousy any negativeemotion in my, in my view, right creates resistance to being in themoment, as some would call it right. I call it on my center point. My coachcalls it on your Red Dot. You know kind of like you go to the mall and you'relooking for macseas and you have to start with the map. And what do you doyou go? Okay? Well, Oh, you are here right so right, what fear really doesis take us away from or tries to move us away from the moment? What's going on what ishappening and tries to take us to memories of what has happened? Bu willmember you screw this up last time right or what could happen? Well, ifyou screw this up, then this Han that nother thing. So it's so pervasive inour lives, and you know if you ask somebody what percentage of the timeyou know. Do you walk around life, just a peace right, not you know not highfive and everybody, but certainly not activated with negativity angry at adriver. pissed off at your spouse, worried about your kids in school. Youknow whatever it turns out, it's a pretty small percentage right. We spendso much of our time right and then here's the other funny part right.Something happens. You screw up a call or a driver cuts you off or your bossmakes you mad or you you know whatever, and not only are we penalized in thatmoment with all that negative energy we have to process it, it could be. Ourscould be days where we're getting over it, and you know I'm not I'm not a realkind of what I would call fluffy. Crenella grunge. You know GrnalaCrunchy, you know it's ver, Bod, I'm a pretty kind of hard nosed salesperson,but if you think about it from a pure, you know take about it from from anoverhead sin. You know operating system overhead of a computer right if all ofthis energy is constantly running to... with the stories that are going onour head about what happened. What's going to happen, etcea in the moment,we have very little energy to actually apply to whatever we're doing at that moment,what are we're trying to accompish yeah and it's what you realize is Holy Shit,I'm spending so much energy. You know so much overhead just trying to getthrough the day. No wonder I'm exhausted all right! So imagine if yougo like literally clip all that extra energy spend and you're sitting thereinstead of runng it. You know eighty five percent, a ninety percent CPU justto just to get by all of a sudden you're like five percent. He Pew andall the rest of it is actually for the processing power of the interactionyou're having the sales call you're on the conversation you're in the you know,the interview you're doing whatever well and it all goes back to I mean thepeople buy from people. So if you're absorbed with the negativity right,people sense that, whether you're, whether you're you know putting it outthere or not, yeah peoe people tune into that. It's almost Y, a my mom USDto calglt the hum right, yeah, hums, weird right, theyre vibrations off it'sa little, maybe too touchy feeling for me, too buinthe day people, you knowit's out there. People will tune into that. So if you approach someoneauthentically and pn from a positive place and completely in the momentcompletely there, that's a hell of a lot more powerful than like. You saidif, if you've got eighty percent of yourself processing, yeah crap thatyou're telling your yeah well itsentially Yo bring that up, becauseone of the things I think about a lot is that for years and years and years,my my mode for lack of beter term of trying to help people right so so myintentions have always been positive ant people to get better. I lant peopleto sell more to earn more to feel better whatever right, so my ittentionsare positive, but in the moment right in that interaction, I was in judgment of them. They arebroken needing to be fixed. They aren't doing it right. You know I need to make them.You know show how to get better, so so the fundamental dynamic, regardless ofyour of your you, know, orientation towardsthem. Even if you're trying to tryig to be helpful, is non acceptance right,it's judgment, it's blame. What have you now for years? You know I could gointo a room, a'd, no problem. As I know you don't go into room of two thousandand thirty forty season sales folks and going tototolism right and I could push-and I kind of I'm moving my hands as I think about it, but you know I coulduse my energy to convey to push to them what it is. You know I thought they needed to know toimprove whatever. Well that works. The problem is it's limited by. You knowhow strong you are to use Hima Metaphor. The other thing is, it's exhausting allright. I come in Taut training sessions. I've come out of working with teamswhere we got where we needed to be, but I feel like I get hit by a truck rightand and one day you know, probably probablyaround that same time, I'm like Di'm, drawing the stick firgens of what I hadtwo people, and I kind of drew this this Arrow of me pushing together and Iwas like what would happened if I flipped that around what would happenif I started with Yo judgment that they're not doing itright and absolute absolute acceptance that where they are, is where they'resupposed to be right and I'm going to I'm going to flip this to to actualselling in a minute, but at least for the metaphor of training, what thisallowed me to do was to help, which is what I wanted todo, vastly more people at a much less cost of my own energy. Now, let's takethis, you know down to the selling area. Cars 't know a lot of your listeners orSalles people. SALLS leaders think about how we wake up every day right.It's we have a product that solves a problem. Mi Knower customers have it.We have to find them. We have to tell H Mat's he problem, you convince me aproblem and get them a change. Dude, that's exhausting, alright, and it creates resistance right becauseif I push on you all right well, you got to push back right. That's that's alot of physics, equal, opposite reaction. If, from a mindset standpoint,we actually woke up and said, you know...

...what I'm not trying to solve a problem forsomebody who's broken, I have a solution that could help somebody ifthey wanted to achieve something right and the chances of that person openingup sharing with me being really really. You know open and intimate about what'sgoing on, drop exponentially based on the GREEDOwhich I'm trying to find a problem right. So it's almost like this weirdparadox. If I go looking for a problem to solve people, hide it right, and I've practiced this in real life. Whent when I woke into a client, they go well. How can you help me? You know mymantwers. Typically, you don't need t e help, your fine, where you're at youactually here you made it you're, not dead. Maybe this somephice! You want tobe. Let's talk about that right, I'm not looking for a problem trying topush something on I', I'm starting from certainly the mindset of, but also allthe behaviors. That say you are exactly where you're supposedto be there's no other placein to be, which sounds really simple and basic,but what it does is it creates an environment where the other person isdrawn right by that acceptance to say well. Actually, let me tell you what I'like to do better, what it like more of what it liked less of et Cetra, whichis the essence of solution selling what I can't solve a problem that theprospect doesn't believe they have right how how much energy do. WEASsales people typically spend just trying to convince, and they have aproblem rig think about how SDRs call up how sales people call p Heyi'm call,because you need this and Blah Blah Blah you're, literally creating theresistance that is wearing you down right and that the whole mind seen then,is obviously processe behind that and technique behind that. But it reallystarts with mindset of not waking up thinking. You've got to go condinceFiel, they have a problem and then solve the form. What, if you actuallywolkome to you, know Goan to talk to business people who have somehow madeit through the life who have had success? You know theythey gevethemselves to work. They put their pants on the shoes and all that stuff.So wherever they are right, I is okay. Yes, maybe there's something better,but you don't start to make friends and you don't certainly start to createconversations by walking around tellig everybody. You know this is yourproblem. You eed T do this better. This is wrong right. If you start by sayingwow, let's talk about what's going well right, it's amazing! What come back tocome comes back to you well and that acceptance right that that ability toaccept, because I think everybody does it mean we're especially reres,especially if you look around today, there's a lot of judgment going onright, yeah and everybody. Does it in their day today live sometimes again,they're aware of it? R, your not! But if you approach somebody withacceptance and know agenda Othertan, hey this, you we're where we need to bewe're both sitting here. Having a conversation. Where do we both want togo from here? That's a lot more powerful than hey. Did you realize thatevery other CFO in your space is losing their job because e Xwinesa, you knowwhat I mean trying write all the problem down their throat that justinsolint pushes them back on their heels. It doest do their friend, butI'm yeah that you're right, but unfortunately that's what oftentimesmarketing is telling us is our value proposition right. This is ourmessaging. You know wwe're totad. We have to go, find stuff or we're goingto be in trouble right, and so it becomes harde and harder for us totrust right that just talking to people- and you know getting to know them andhaving a conversation about those stuff, they care about, will yield openingsright n. This gets back to the concept of fear. I want to go out and just havea conversation with somebody, but fear tells me well, but if the conversationdoesn't go the right way well, then you won't close a deal and then whathappens? You don't close a bunch of deals. You'RE gonna, get fired oryou'll go on a business or you know people think you're, stupid or whatever one of the reasons I you know, I saidI'm kind of withdrawn from link Din as because it's been a great experience. You knowparticularly last year learning to drive traffic and kind of doing a lotof stuff with that. But it is such a rife environment for I'll call. It nondialogue right. It'sjust people shooting opinions at each...

...other right I'll, put something up andsay: Hey Ih've, a real concern that you know the SDR function by what exampleis you know losing it's? It's IT'SUSEFULNESS RIGHT! It's coming to the you know, sort of a diminishing returnscurve of how effective it can be, and you know it's a genuine concern. Wellsure enough. Three people pop on and start saying, you're an idiot. Youobviously have never made cold calls. You know what the Hell you know and I'mhuman I'm not sitting here on a mountain. You Know Burning, incense andsaying home right, I throw it down, I get into it with them. Now you know I'mtaents and I'm awesome. You need to know what I I'm like dude. I dot notwant to play that game. So it's! It really is something that is sopervasive in our world this. You know we stop having conversations veryquickly right, Onli in in the supermarket, on the freeways you knowwe're all like squared off or Meado start. You know throwing punches at amoment's notice. WELLN, it's a you're right. It's and it's a weird, it's aweird situation. Right I mean culturally, socially right. Now thingsare a little bit more tense than I can remember them being not that theaintens before but more tense than I. I personally can remember in my fortyfour years and then you put that into a sales situation where you know youstart to see organizations where, instead of doing you know forecastingfor quotas and targets from the GROUNDUP YOUORD WO S. Yes, Hey! I needtwenty five percent go figure it out and so then you're totally puttingtogether, complents and targets. You know people are going to hit. So it'sno surprise hat. The stats show you that only fifty three percent of repsare Hittin quota right and so then, that that just harts to feet itself, sothe ability of the individual to have the power yeah the strength character,to put up those boundaries and say no wait. I'm going to accept the peoplethat I'm working with I'm going to accept the situation that I'm in andI'm going to look way to get to where I want to be,rather than worry about how I got where I am Amen. Yeah I mean I one of the thingsthat really kind of breaks. My heart is you've got you know thousands, maybetens or hundreds of thousands of sales folks who go home thinking they suckright. I didn't make my Coda, I'm not I'm not getting it done. It's like no you're, not. I mean oot a canvas forfear to paint on right. It's like Bob Board, set onreasonable quotas. Youknow the CEO has to has to drive it down to get their bonus. The VPS salesis afraid to getting fired. You know and then the sales manager Flogsyoevery week. You know what did you do and everybody from the top down isgoing. You know, if I don't do this, I'm going to fail. I'm going to be auto a job, I'm going to never get another job. Everyo's Goinno hate me. You K,I'm ylways, going to leave me whatever and it just it's such a rifeenvironment and, to be honest, it's it's really difficult or can bedifficult in that ecosystem in that environment, to return yourself topeace right and that that really is where I've chosen to spend the majorityof my time now, until you know hopefully hat croak, and that isshowing people that it is possible to be standing there. You know, amidst allthis craziness, all the stuff going on all this agitation politics. You knoweconomy, world whatever and to still find that spot that says. Oh I'm atpeace like you can still have that it doesn't has nothing to do with yourcircumstances. Right and that's that's sort of. If I could have everybody here like onething, is the biggest lie, we're told is how we feel right our mood, our mode.Our motions depend on our circumstances. Right, that's that's! The biggest liveyou've been told because it's not true right. You can be in any environmentany shitstorm and find a way to return to pace. Now it's still may beunpleasant right. You know I'm not interestd in homeless or broke orwhatever, but I know that peace is possible there and from that place ofpeace, all your energy moves from trying to deal with the circumstancesand just just just live in those circumstances. To what am I going to do?Next, that's Goingnao, you know put me... the better place right, and thatreally is to me. What's important is just that reallocation of Energy Bu. Itdoesn't magically transform your circumstances, but it oes give you adifferent set of tools and a different. You know mindset to go back to thatword to say: okay. Well, what am I going to do? whereis both people werethe perspective. It's the POW perspective. You just shift your ownperspective, but you're told I mean we're inundated all of the time it allof this crap right, whether it be from job or you got personal challenges. Imean I'm probably singing my own Gospel as twenty seen in just kind of reallyyeah. If a year could have kicked me in the nuts two thousand and seventeen didit, but I hi K, you have a choice every morning when you wakeit up and- andthat is a it is a powerful perspective- is a powerful awareness, hove and I'veseen it scare people too. It's terrifying right, because you knowimagine this you wake up tomorrow and you know for sure that you have. Youknow the personal power to change your circumstances. Changyour your mindsetwell for the first, like thirty seconds, you' like yeah. This is awesome andthen you go wait. I got nobody else to blame right, Youre, you're kind ofscrewed a little bit, because now everything is yours right and that- andthat is that is the thing that you know I would say, fear puts up is thebiggest reason not to take that step right because man, it feels really goodto blame. Others to you know not Takerimean, I'm just being honest right.I do it, you know. Sometimes I couldn't makethat call, because this happened or I'm feeling like this and then you have tokind of go back and say wait a minute that that's not true. I know that's nottrue, but man. It feels good, sometimes kind of pull that they did this to mecard y right. It's like it's like you know. It's like this thist amazing. Youknow special special, addictive juice that we get from blaming others fromfrom judging others right, because nothing feels better than saying well,at least I'm not like him right and when you stop well, when you take awaythe ability to point anybody else or stay diffening,when you say I own everything in my world. Well, there's a lot of great stuff, but manthere's, there's a big hill called what I'm I going to do when I really want topointed somethidg else and not have to take responsibilitie, because that's itreally is fun. Sometimes it's reallyhonest right now. It's easy! It's easi! You don't have olreflection! You don'thave to do any work. You don't have to admit that you're flawed or you're notyeah there yeah you're right. It's totally extremely easy to point thefinger so allright. So out of respect for time. If you were talking to salesdrep today and you gave them, they wanted to know that three things thatyou thought were most important for them to understand to be able G T shifttheir mindset. What would those three things be? Oh Wow, that's a good one! First of ITL sound cheesy and thenagainst Moiser. The first thing I want to say to folcus is everything is goingto be? Okay, like literally everything is going to be okay. You know- and Isorto in my mind when you asked that I'm picturing a lot of the youngerfolks are coming into sales, because that's all grizzled guys Ho don't careanyway, but you know what I see so much. Is this incredible pressure that's puton them? They put on themselves to get it right, peope like well, you know.Are you so successful? I'm like you know why, because I've screwed morecrap up than you could possibly imagine like my trail of wreckage andrelationships and ow clients is jus. It's amazing, so it's going to be, okay,don't be afraid to make mistakes and then the last one is learn: educate, absorb right, don't gointo work every day and just do what anybody tells you Wright. You have todo that they're going na they're going to say: okay, here's Thi Scripton goget the demo. That's fine! Do What your boss tells you to do, but ALLOCA Idon't care. If it's an hour a day, you know or half an hour day to readingblogs. Reayon know read my stef read your stuff. Read Gary Vayner check,read some. You know flofey crap that I...

...can. I can. You know, recommend to yourreaders Etca but spend time absorbing other people's ideas, because that'swhat's going to make the impact overtime, not social media, not sorry,dialoguing and commenting and reading idiots like me on Linkein does not makeyou a smarter person right. It makes you a good artuer right so find peoplewho have done stuff people- you don't you know, you don't agree with andconsume their stuff, so everything to be okay, make a ton of mistakes andstop beating yourself up about it and then figure out how to just keep aconstant q of learning and you do get get off social. Be You get off,instagram get off Snapshet, all that grap. That is draining your energy andtaking you away from now write all these social media outlets they're, nothelping you theyre, taking me away from this moment right here right now,because this moment right here right now is all there is right. What' YourBuddy's doing, and you know Tabet or what somebodys on vacation last weekdoesn't mean crap Rike, it's all about. Now it doesn't right hat no cat videois not going to change tomorrow. Now it doesn't, and it is, it is like heroin.I just putting your Basi O el. I good, but doesn't do anything. So I guessthose are my three excellent, so touns an if people are interested in get intouch with you. Since you're, not as active on linke ten, what's the bestway to get old o you to talk more about these concepts yeah. Well, if you it'skind of Ntre, if you go to Linkdin, I changed my headline to, I think it saysso long linked in it's been real but mybut, but my emails there and my emailand Havele my cell phone number is in my is in my profile right. If there'ssomething somebody needs or wants shoot me an email right, I mean you canliterally find it there. My website is towns, an Wardlacom, that's pretty muchall sales stuff, but I also do a lot of posting on I'm O if your folks arefamiliar with media, but if you go to mediumcom there's, actually the freedomfrom fear project is where I do most of my writing on there, but either way.Just you know hit me up on Linke Din and I can point you do a bunch ofresources, both sales. I literally have like hundreds of videos and articlesand craft that's free, and then I got all this other new fangld new AGbullshit as well. So t town- I can't thank you enough fortaking time to be on the show. It's been great. Thank you. Man appreciateit all right, everyone that does it. For this episode check us out of B Tobrevizaccom show the episode of friends. Families Coworkers continue to feedyour head as towns and says, and until next time we avevalue prime solutionswish you all nothing, but the greatest success you've been listening to the btobrevenue executive experience to ensure that you never miss an episodesubscribe to the show, an itunes for your favorite podcast player. Thank youso much for listening until next time.

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