The B2B Revenue Executive Experience
The B2B Revenue Executive Experience

Episode · 4 years ago

Tod Caflisch on The Minnesota Vikings Fan Experience (and Where It’s Headed)


Tod Caflisch has been in pro sports IT for almost 30 years, so he’s seen the incredible transformation in the fan experience at sports venues.

In college, he used to go to Celtics games, where the crowd was all men smoking cigars and cigarettes. Halftime would come, they’d play the organ, then the basketball game would finish. That was the fan experience of the day.

We’re light years from there today, with mobile integration and high-tech access control everywhere. The presentation of the game itself has changed dramatically, and everybody’s looking to up their game.

Listen in as Tod, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer with the Minnesota Vikings, describes how the team is taking fan experience to a new level. You’ll also hear the number one worst thing you could do when selling to someone like Tod.

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