The B2B Revenue Executive Experience
The B2B Revenue Executive Experience

Episode · 9 months ago

How to Reduce Zoom Fatigue and Uplevel Your Next Zoom Conference w/ Ana Raynes


In the last 6 months, when was the last time you felt the fatigue of being online?

  1. Today
  2. Yesterday
  3. Last Week
  4. All of the above

If you answered D, you are not alone! 

Today, on this episode of the B2B Revenue Executive Experience, I caught up with Ana Raynes, CEO of Simplified Impact, to discuss the power of differentiated, up-leveled Zoom events that will be remembered and reduce fatigue.

We also talked about:

  • Tips and Tricks on Up-Leveling Zoom Events
  • Patterns of Innovation During Crisis
  • Reducing Zoom Fatigue with Experiences 

For the entire interview, you can listen to The B2B Revenue Executive Experience.

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