The B2B Revenue Executive Experience
The B2B Revenue Executive Experience

Episode · 10 months ago

How To Break Down Silos In SaaS Companies w/ Jason Reichl


Silos are naturally created within every organization as that organization grows.


When companies don’t understand how to deal with organizational growth in a healthy way, they protect the things that occur naturally. 


So they settle for silos, even though silos hurt their revenue. 


To find out how to break down silos, I sat down with Jason Reichl, CEO of Go Nimbly, a revenue operations company helping SaaS companies as they naturally grow. 

We talked about: 

  • How silos are created and sustained 
  • How silos are hurting your customers and your revenue 
  • How organizations can break down silos through revenue operations


Hear more from Jason in episode 140 on The B2B Revenue Executive Experience.


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