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The B2B Revenue Executive Experience

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Gerard Compte on Authenticity in Prospecting


Before you send that email – ask yourself, “Am I being authentic?”

It’s easy to send the same generic email to everyone on your prospect list. But this probably isn’t the most effective approach because you’re not being authentic.  

We sat down with Gerard Compte, CEO of, to talk about how being authentic in prospecting can supercharge your results and help you build solid relationships.


You're listening to the B Tob RevenueExecutive Experience, a podcast dedicated to helping the executives train their sales and marketingteams to optimize growth. Whether you're looking for techniques and strategies or tools andresources, you've come to the right place. Let's accelerate your growth in three,two, one. Welcome everyone to the be tob revenue executive experience.I'm your host, Chad Sanderson. Today we're going to be focusing on authenticityand appreciation and prospecting and how that can supercharge your results, make it easierfor you to be effective and prospecting and be less thankful for the people you'reprospecting to. To help us with that, we have Gerard compt CEO and GrowthHacking lover from find that leadcom Gard, thank you so much for taking timeand welcome to the show. Thank you, Chad. It sounds anamazing coming from your ward chair call. The action is perfect well. So, before we jump into the topic at hand, I always like to askkind of an and you've listened to some episodes, obviously I always like toask a kind of off the wall questions. So what was it? If youlook back in your career, was there at pivotal moment or some typeof learning that change the trajectory of your career and what you decide to focuson, what you became passionate about? If you could share that with ouraudience and tell us what that impact was, we would love that. Thank youfor Yus a goal. My I was crazy about mean thing my father'stold me. Please, my son, do not waste any energy with sucha stupid way of doing business. I love it, man, I meanI love my father, but sometimes we want to do the opposite, andobviously we did very well this time. Usually doesn't work, but this time, when I'm very happy after like five years, my father telling me,well, now it's business, isn't it? Now it's real excellent. So helpus understand how you started find that lead and what was the was thegenesis for the for the company? Feus back I've read the amazing book forHours Work Week and I thought I was going to be a millionaire and Iwas going to travel around the world and my first company goal Gholiver, andit was just a complete disaster. I forgot to write to do the twoyears before of the in ferries for doing and was really pear drop off tolike a year. Yes, I had customers, but it was a learningcue cure saying I didn't want to do services and I didn't want people involvedon it, and that's why I took a little part of the business thatwe had, that we used to do, be to be databases and cold callingand all that for customers, and I said I just want immiverification andwe met with my partner, Christian the Tallis, who is I say itis my brother in law and my brother in business. Sorry, I sayit's my brother or in business. It's fantastic when you have like a it'slike a partner of company, to go to the same way. Without thinkit would have been impossible to go the stage we are to play and thenwe just develop. And I reading that basically confirms emails and let's see whichis have something very simple to solve a problem. That's very simple and wedo very well. So confirm emails are workers to how it works a littlebit. I'm chat. I don't know if you have ever gone to ruleand type in the possible email of someone that you want to contact. Inthis case, if you go to go and type injured at find that littlecamp. Google sometimes comes back to you and give you some possible answer orprobably gave you the real emath. And know if you have tried this.Oh, sure, sure, I do. Usually when I'm looking for some reasonlinkedin profile good. There are millions of people like you. have tofry and I remember when we start the people company, as I could,who needs emails? It's like, yeah,...

...a few people. If we thinkabout it's a bit more than four hundred million and linking today and they'vebeen such millions of emails a day. If we have primary connected, thisis great. If you are HP CEO, it's great because you can't connect withanyone, but if you are a city start up in southern Spain,it's difficult to connect with big guys on the US. This is how that'sdoesn't mean reason why I created. We created find that lete. We knewa few things of if we check the WHO he's is, where the gooddomain is, rough sister, if we check the patterns with other domains,it was a few little truths that we do it manually. I remember thefirst few emails we God was from Indian guys that we had. We orderthrough upward, but it then dilgorithm is self learning and it's improving day byday. We do a few millions of checks every week and now we areon Eightyzero users using the tool on a daily basis, which it sounds goodto me. That's that's a nice growth curve. M It's it's been afew years now and it's been very high. We had very tough moments. ChatBarcelona. It's famous for SANGREEA and CEST, not for making amazing software. This is true, and it's really, really difficult to build a wouldn't justsay a business, but assess business for lead generation. In Spain weare, I don't want to say we are bit behind on that, butyes, we are behind on the leigeneration process. In Spain thinks cool worksvery much based on relationships and called email. It's not as efficient as and notseeing the US. Okay, thanks. And there still, I mean there'sa bunch of people that would say that they're still skeptical of emails effectivenesstoday. Right, because everybody gets hundreds of them. But just for theaudience sake, it was a cold email from Gerard that resulted in him becominga guest on the show and it was very well done. It was veryauthentic and we kind of talked about the beginning. It's about authenticity and appreciation. So can help our audience understand your views on that and what makes itso effective when you are authentic thanks to that. That really one of thethings. I try both ways. I try being called on, I tryand big love, I but things when you do it with all that power, when you put when you put focus on one thing and do it full, just give it all. Let's not just really do it, let's giveit all. And what I want to say communication has gone from very longemails with pdf tow very short emails, what's up style or messengers style,and when, I would we kind of explain what we do, who weare. That's that's you can check. Linking when. I would recommend you, when you do an email, go straight to the point. Do notlike bullshit people. And and this is about how, at least from mypoint of view, how communication is going from me B to b. Thegeneration is strick to the point, if they like it, go not aggressive, always full of love and being not well, and that's why I sayI promoting this is send emails with love and what's it? That's how Iwould talk to my girl, to my girlfriend's like love, are you okaytoday? You're having a great day. It's like yeah, I love you, but I see later we call this is and this is I think it'show we've been growing. It's not scalable because you cannot send millions of femaleslike this. Yeah, you can use a few tool say like fifty ora hundred. You need to hand pick the people who you want to speakwith and I think that that gives so much value to new communications. I'msending like a message that it's true, a message that someone usually what Ido is psyche, I listen a podcast...

I like, is I send anemail. If I read a book that I love as an an email,if I go to a restaurant, even if it's not for business related,it's giving me good friends, giving me good the business move different when youput off. I don't know if you see the film interestellar. Yes,I love that movie. I love it too. I watch it a fewtimes and one of the things that crosses through time and everything is Love,and I know we needs. We miss that part of business. And thensometimes I you see the leaflet of the heart and love, find athlete.We cannot miss love. This is I know it sounds a bit like ofto chart when you talk about startups, but and it's not giving that littlelaugh on our all our emails. It makes it froms the difference. Well, and there's a's. So it's interesting. There's a bunch there I want towant to jump into. But that people today, sales reps, atleast from the experience I've had with clients, they fall into. Companies Fall intoa couple of categories. You have your fast growing startups and they maybewhen they started it was this close knit group of people and now all ofa sudden they're growing there, you know, their monthly recurring revenues increasing, andthe sales vp or the CEO says, okay, I want more, Iwant more, I want more, and so now they try and scaleit and in doing that they end up compromising, I think, at timesunbeknown to them, not on purpose, but they end up compromising some ofthat authenticity of the people that that were helping them be successful in the firstplace, because at the end of the day, people buy from people.That's that's what people buy from the right and if you're not able to beauthentic, if you're not able to be positive and full of love, asyou say, and approach someone in a genuine manner, people realize that.People, people sense that and it shuts them down. It shuts them downright away. And so I'm kind of curious if you've gotten any feedback orresults from, you know, that campaign and the things that you're trying thatyou could share with a thank you, a love this question of these coming, because it's something it's impossible too, let's say, multiplied. Chaerar,I can do a few calls, I can do speak to people and everytime more, every time I do that's a sells cade. I'll at leastnow it's not them not going to take the call. This is not scarable. I would say, for the growth of the company today and Dutch,a few recommendations I'll keep. If you're in the State of growth and ifyou cannot multiply, your best seals guy or you seeo who speak to customers. Number One, I would definitely do a podcast. I would. It'sdifficult, it takes time. Let's just say time. Just takes time.I mean I haven't done my own and but I do what I have.Chidi is a facebook group. I am not a tachy guy, so Imean I am aside from the size Si, but the taky guy is Christian.There's the city, and so founder and terrible. I'm myself Guy inself. Guys. We had great and relations, which shouldn't technology myself andwhat I want to say, what I did is facebook. I was goodon facebook and I created a facebook group grow packing and apper marketing, andit was super easy for me to post and I said, let's post avideo day day. It's like giving value in a way of instead of interviewingor cold calling different people, I just send them to the group. Myfacebook is very open and I think facebook. Okay, let's second half of theday. It's Linkedin. It's amazing and yes, please keep sending invitationto talking only, but do not forget to send and growth your face bookprofile, like if it was your linkeding, my linkeding my best friends and mybest customers. I know who the mother is and I know when theygo sailing, and this is not just on a bought BOOT system type ofthing. And both many chads and th... like I'm just sitting on agenuine relationship building with your friends. Let's not forget people will buy ten timesmore if you are on facebook. And me if you are on Linkedin,how many? And if you want to ask Chat, how many people isapproaching you through facebook to buy something on a bTV basis? Yet well,I'm in from my smp I I get more. It's funny. I've hadmore what I would consider authentic and genuine conversations as a result of some ofthe facebook groups that I'm in then I have only because linkedin still has that. There's that I don't know. There's that expected type of interaction like that. There's this veil of professionalism, which I think it's in the way ofa lot of people sometimes. I think it's where I say, please,do not stop on linkeding, but let's if you really like so much.I think not everyone you want to have on your facebook, but if youlike some, like a guy that you had a call, it's like,Oh, I like and you straight abdom on facebook and make sure you yourfacebook for a file looks at the least professional. But choldren, at leaston my side, is facebook is my life of entrepreneur in Barcelona and withmy beautiful girlfriend, I will spend our free time, but showing off,but enjoying our lives to the fully. Good everyone. It's Nice, andthe group is about girl hacking and other marketing for B to be start upfor the generation whoever wants to sell through a digital area. Okay, andwhoever is in these two ranges. It's nice. And when I send facebookhas really changed my life, and I don't say it's anymore. It's nota social network, is a channel of communication and at least today, forme for example. And then let me give you a few examples on that. Let's say Erics you. I was following them, I was following him, and I I also approached him like I had about you, and hehas an amazing podcast. Okay, I sent him loads of emails. Henever we wait, he never answered the emails and I just I do sellemails, but I'm not saying it's the best way. Always, I remembergetting him on through messengers. I hi, Eric, how you do? It'slike hi, fuck, I said, isn't about that. No, it'sme, like yeah, that's your bea. No, it's me,like prove it. It's like, okay, Eric, do you know find thatlead? It's like yes, I flos, I know find that least. It's like what really, did you see the emails? I said,it is like no, and we end up meeting each other in our teamwhen I went a few weeks ago, and we end up doing a sessiontogether for that Sumal conference where it does thanks thanks to facebook and a fewother things. And I do send thousand emails for about marketing every day.I do send one email of one email a day of full of love,and I do send emails to facebook messaging, joined the groups and we really Iwould say that's my kind of my hobby, and I'll come. It'samazing. We are surprised of what's growing and it's not just been growing.The interaction is real and it's just you cannot fake that. And what wewant, as a sales guy, and probably hopefully you agree with me,is we didn't want to be ripped out by that sells guy. We wantto I want to be secure. I want to know that at least mytime and money, it's safety. If you give you one will get meten of the body I want to get. And facebook is so transparent with that. Well, I mean the trust part of sales is becoming even moreand more critical as the technology as a tendency, I think, sometimes toget in a way right. You know, I spent a lot of time withclients saying, look, the technology should speed human connection, it shouldspeed and enable human connection, not be...

...something that you hide behind. Andso you'll see a lot of people, our sales reps like I don't wantto I don't want to send an email, I don't want to pick up thephone or I don't want to do this. Well, you need tonumber one, but don't hide behind it. Right, the goal is to havethat authentic connection, right, to give someone else experience of meeting someonenew, building credibility, developing that trust so that when they have to makedecisions that will impact their careers and lives, they feel safe making that with youas a salesperson, as a collaborator, as a friend. I mean someof the best friends I have were people that I've sold very large enterprisedeals too. I mean I still talk to them every day. I wasjust at the house of a friend for the weekend. That was a guyI sold to five years ago, and it was just it's because you know. Now I will say I have been told at times by certain size organizationsthat perhaps my level of candor and authenticity is not as polished as it shouldbe, but that's because I call bullshit when I see bullshit. We hadpeople and that's what we want. We want to have business with real people. I want to sleep well ever night. Yes, he's outed out without adom. I wouldn't take if I know something, find that little it'snot for everyone and I say, I'm sorry, Guy, this is notfor you. You, someone else would go and take the group or goand do that and I won't show up, at least as a sales guy.And you want to go as well. It's like, okay, it's notjust I'm offering. You'll find a lad off. You say, Iwant everyone to might find anything the war. I just try. It's not.It's not for everyone. My father is not going to be able touse find that league, even if, even if he needs emails. Hecalled me and stay Chark, and you give me the email of this guy. But it's not for everyone. And what I want to say, okay, half a core business, that it's it's it's yours. For your customers, but have a little communication ways of like, let's say paper, ifyou can facebook, groups and channels and try to have everyone giving you thevalue of the companies. It's not just one channel. I do not likepresidential call. For me it's very annoying in a way. FACETOFACE meetings.I'm not so good as skype meetings, as strange as it sounds, andI try to avoid them a lot. I know sometimes I could close bigdeals and we're in. The case is what are we doing better? Howwe scalate different type of business? And this is the pends. I don'tknow I've said if you have this problem on facetoface, skype, to phoneemail. Yeah, I'm a so I have a business partner who excels atthe networking events in the facetoface. I'll sit on and talk to me facetofaceif they've got a problem that I think I can help with, like ifthere's a reason for us to set on face face. But I am theintrovert in this. It's may be hard to believe having listened to the podcast, but I'm the introvert in this business relationship and my business partner is theone that will go, you know, press the flash and say hello andgo to the network. Humans. I can't. I can't handle it.I just can't handle it. I'm just it's just not me and I've learnedthat the hard way over my career. And so, you know, let'sget on Sky, let's step on the phone. I'm your guy, butfacetoface, there needs to be a reason for it. It's funny because I'malso I mean you, Chek, have to be a big technology that guyto run the podcast and all that. I would I mean, I think, at least where my point of view, from Sellsky. We lack consistency.We luck, I would say, technology. You think this isn't abig picture? Yeah, obviously I listened to Spain. To see a consistenttechnology, says guy. Yeah, it well and tells people. I meanwe all have a Tennsei and I spent a lot of time with clients.That consistency point is a good one. Right. I don't remember exactly whatthe percentage is with I think somebody told... once that it takes seventy percentof the fuel in an airplane to get it off the ground and then,once it's cruising out to a lot less. Right. Well, prospecting is thesame thing for sales. Like that's your that's it's going to take.It's a grind, it's relentless, it can be ruthless, but I thinkif people listen to what you're saying and do it in an authentic, engaging, honest manner, then it's not so much of a grind. Right theremay now there may be some who feel a little bit more exposed to thenormal rejection of prospecting as a result of being so authentic first. Have yourun into that before? Yeah, it's funny. I was just actually thinkingwhen you were talking, is when, polly, it happened the same whenyou run. First Time I run the facebook group had zero people on thegroup and I was posting and I have no life. I'm I was givingto say to myself this, it's just a hobby. I do it becauseI like it, not for the royal or anything else. It's been growingnow and if I look back, it's like it's nice, but in thebeginning you had number one frustrations. I have. I don't think anyone spendersas many as spelling mistakes as I do. My Granma is terrible. I am. I am terrible describing things what I write. I am back andseriously, you really like, Oh, this guy has to feel problems inwriting. But you know what kept me going is like, I want toimprove. I won't really doing good. I'm not going to take a coursefrom writing, I'm not going to the just going to be so ashamed ofwhere I thought that next time it's going to be much that's awesome. I'mnot afraid. I'm not afraid to admit that I'm not good at this rightnow, but I'm going to keep practicing until I get better. I thinkpeople would. I think a lot more people would be successful they embrace that. I peple for me some time I used to think, Oh, I'mgoing to write, I'm going to be I'm going to go, and thisis what happened most of the Times. I'd say, I'm going to gofor a blog writing course. I'm going to be the very good progger thatI have to do the course force or let me get to the mob courseof our blogging. And yes, that a treat to get knowledge, butdon't wait to get the Knowlwich to start, and I think this is this isso important just get on, get you self together and and just doit and sometimes it's lacks, sometimes it's because you have to do it andit's just been so amazing the path. Let me tell you a little bithow it is now the group. We are a well, certain people are. I do write the post. I still writing, but I have nowit's it's it's coming moment and we have a content guy and it was aday that I remember postings like please, your do not post any longer.Send it to me. Yeah, it's certay. I mean that story isnot like a it's not a US film story doesn't and no happier. Adifferent if it's very happy because the pursus is happening. I haven't, Ididn't do and don't didn't do a blogging amazing course for facebook. I justsomeone like my content approach me, like jared. I love what I mean. I love what you do it. I think shit how you write it, anyone, and I seems like I found the perfect match. He Ipost everything and obviously it's mine. It's my better fairly helped me to makesure it's understandable and it has. He have been. He's gone lots ofyears of experience and I have what I want to explain and when I wantto do just get on and later you find someone from people who join theforces and you go like the purpose growing so much more and the interaction withthe people so much real. And we...

...spending zero on facebook ads, GoogleArts, we don't do any at any anywhere. We basically go for wordby mouth and recommendations and the businesses is growing and in a very organic,steady way without any injection of cash for customers. We do have more leadsthan we can handle. That's regret. That is a great place to bereally dig it is. It is, but then whoever doesn't have like,okay, if you have more than when you can handle your funnel, it'snot well structured or it's like yes, I am. I am in aprocess of learning, continuous learning, and I think it's like, let's say, I would say, every my final it is an MVP and we willalways be improving in a way of I am very active for more than passive, like I learned to just a few minutes before we started the I didmy first women in our life today with a new guyd it does a disaster, disaster and the group is for a yeah, the group. We hadfifteen people. They're watching my disasters like wow, man, if this isa disaster and I have fifteen people, just from the number of time Iconnect, it's very little. People like for me, it's okay, isbetter than zero. Okay, wait, if I do it better, andI did consistent and I will transcribe the first spot. And I was sayingto the Christ this is the first time I do facebook life. I'm sorry, I haven't done it before, but it's just just went on as thecheck with we. We've been saying with my friend to do this for twoyears. We haven't done it. I's like fuck, let's wait now andwe will life now. He told the one heart that really having proved himmeal as well, we share a few, a few points together, and that'sit. Fifteen minutes. It's time. Let's meet next week and, likeeverything, do it now with bad lie. Do you taken next week? And that's it. You have another. If we wait to do something bettertoday, will never see results and this various motivating. You will neverdo it because it's it's no motivating right something you. I mean. That'san example of today with the facebook life womena it is a disaster. Wehad fifteen people. Wow, that's not bad disaster. Fifteen people. Good, you give some value. Next week we got to do it. I'mgoing to post it before pears coming for more growth hacking and I'm very sureI'm going to have like at least thirty four, two people. You candouble every time. That would be amazing. That's I will double, of course. And it's like we tripple. We are very small still and fineathlete, but we tripple what you work we were earning last years like wow, and I was possible that in the amount of revenue and the amount ofuser we having today, it's like it's really it's very thankful and a daylive morning based very thankful and it's something beautiful that and at the same time, and taking the line, is emails can be used for spam, asit sounds, and that's why it's like, guys, do whatever you want withthe emails. I'm telling you, when works, get the emails andsend love emails like sin, as little as possible. Good Manually, Idon't care, but it's it really makes a different when you approach something beingactive on that activity. News of I send an emails chat. Sometimes Imight emus has mistakes or the graffic mistakes because I haven't read them, butat least I have sent them. Yes, it sounds, yeah and it's terrible, but it's better done wrong than never done excellent. What d arereally if a listeners interested in talking more...

...about these topics we touched on today, what's the best way to get in touch with you? Send you anemail. Yes, and you can find Matt my email at. Find thatlittle perfect first. I'm happy. And if you want to write the emaildown to ways jerk comte, I'd find that. Letcom is Gerard Ger a, the docomte, see Om pte at. Find that little dotcom and will answeranything. And if you want to, I would I love forget the emailwith love from from one of our listeners telling if they had the experienceof sending an email of love it to be and what they fosons they called. There you go, guys. So there it is. There's the emailaddress. Now Center ARD and email of love. Let him know what yougot out of this, how much you appreciate it is time. Dared,I can't thank you enough for being on the show. Has Been An absolutepleasure is the sentip. Think very much all right, everyone that does it. For this episode, please check us out at BB REV exaccom. Sharethe episode with friends, Family Co workers. If you like. What's you here? Do His favoriteleaveus review on itunes and until next time, we havevalue prime solutions. With you all, nothing but the greatest success. You'vebeen listening to the BB revenue executive experience. To ensure that you never miss anepisode, subscribe to the show and Itunes or your favorite podcast player.Thank you so much for listening. Until next time,.

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