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The B2B Revenue Executive Experience

Episode · 1 year ago

Finding Meaning: Significance vs. Success w/ Aaron Walker


Most people try to find success in life...


Good careers. Money. Respect.


But how many of us try to be significant? 


In this episode, I speak with Aaron Walker, Professional Life & Business Coach, Mastermind Group Facilitator, Coach and Trusted Advisor at View From The Top


We discuss:


- Why Aaron started seeking significance over success


- How to find significance


- Why mastermind groups work


Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:


- The Mastermind Playbook


- Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind Experience


This post includes highlights of our podcast interview with Aaron Walker, Professional Life & Business Coach, Mastermind Group Facilitator, Coach and Trusted Advisor at View From The Top


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I mean we were created to be incommunity, we're not created to be in isolation, because isolation is theenemy toexcellence you're. Listening to the BTB revenueexecutive experience, a podcast dedicated to help en executives traintheir sales and marketing teams to optimize growth, whether you're lookingfor techniques and strategies were tools and resources. You've come to theright place. Let's accelerate your growth in three two one: welcomeeveryone in the B Tobe Revenue Executive Experience, I'm your hostChad Sanderson today we're talking about how to live a life of success andperhaps more importantly, significance. What does that mean to everyone? That'sout. There was a mean to live a life of significance and today, when we alllook around in the world's a little unpredictable to say the least andnorms are changing, it's difficult to times to stay, focus and engage inrealizing the best version of ourselves. So to help us, we have with this AirWalker, founder ofview from the top and iron sharpens iron master. My groupalso creator of the mastermind playbook, who is a successful and ofto souhtafter business coach life odviser and trusted advisor. The businesses andthank you so much for taking time and welcome to the show AC thanks forhaving me on today, I got to say you probably have of the guests. I'vetalked to in the last three months. You have the best voice, FO podcasting Bal is prettyit's, prettysouthern, so don't go making any wise comment, Bot my southern drawr. So before we get into the topic of day,we like to start with just a question. So people get to know you a little bitbetter and curious. You know we've all been spending more time at home. Youprobably like me were before this were traveling all of the time, but we canspend a lot more time at home, in'm curious to know if there's beensomething that this ex extra time it home is allowed you to reengage whetherconnect with a hobby, a passion in a passtime. What might that be? And whatis it that you find so rejuvent it? Well, that's a great question. You knowI've got everything all my honey dues compute around the house. My Yard looksbetter now than it's ever looked and the house is spotless and I said, I'm alittle nervous if we don't get back out in public pretty soon I'm going to beremodel in the house. It really allowed me to slow down justa little bit because I'm a you know, pedal to the metal kind of guy, I'mgoing constantly and were we were at ball games and you know cheerleadingactivities for our grandkids and in this allowed me to kind of pause justfor a moment and kind of reevaluate, the things that I'm doing and quitehonestly as we get out and about now, there's some things that I'm not goingto reengage in to the level that I was because I found that I was a littlebusier than I needed to be so yeah gotten a lot of things caught up thatneeded my attention, yeah, it's a great opportunity for clarity and realigningwith what is important in life, and so with that kind of is a backdrop. helpus understand when when people say you know, I want to live a life of asuccess and significance that can manifest itself in a lot of differentvisions depending on the individual you're talking to. But from yourperspective, I'm curious the foundational approach. What does itmean when you say, live a life of success and significance? Well, let mego back and tell you a little story and how I even got to this point. So,eighteen years old I started my first business in at twenty seven. I was ableto retire. I sold out to a fortune five hundred and then I got fat and Lazy. MyWife said you got to go start another company or go to work for somebody andI did and bought another company and we spent the next ten years building itabout four times Tis izes it was so when I was forty years old. I washeaded to the office on a Wednesday morning. An it was August, first, twothousand and one almost twenty years ago, and I ran over and killed apedestrian on my way to the office chaid and it really rocked my world andI don't know if you've ever been in a real, traumatic experience or not, butthings slow down like in slow motion, and it's like. I can't believe this ishappening. My life is so good. You know I'm building this company go great wife,two beautiful children living a...

...beautiful house. We have a vacationhome, I n all this stuff was so good and I'm like Mam. This came out ofnowhere. I mean this was a left hook and I never saw it coming, and so itreally slowed me down and it really made me think about things, and I won'ttake you through all the details around there, but I couldn't handle the stress.I sold the company and it was tough working through that. Needless to say,I mean you, don't kill somebody in an automobile accident and just get overit. Ve Got Ta really work through it, so God kind of gave me the grace todeal with that over the next five years. I didn't work for five years and duringthat time I started thinking about that. I thought what's important in my lifeand what, if it had been me that day like what, if I had gotten killed thatday and I started thinking about that and it kind of wigked me out a littlebit. I was like Oh my gosh and I started thinking about what my legacywould have been and my legacy would have been up until that point. Poor kidfrom Nashville Tennessee makes enough money to retire at age, twenty sevenand nobody cares right, and I started thinking. That's tot what I want mylegacy to be. I want my life to reflect on others and to help them and to beanencourager and Edifi want Chad's life to be better. As a result of havingknown me, that's what I wanted my legacy to be Ang. I thought it's notthat up until this point, what I had done was had an a measurable amount ofsuccess financially, but the component that was missing was tha significance.Piece like you know, it was all about another business, another home, fastercar, all these things, and I don't want to lead people down a path to thosethings are not importandt. They are, but I love to make money and I love togrow businesses and all those kind of things, but why not simultaneouslyfigure out how we can be significant in the lifes of other people? So that whenwe do pass away, our legacy is something other than just they were asuccessful person. I think that's a anamazingly important point, especiallyI ein any day it would be, but especially now with what's going on inthe world the impact that we have on others, you know it's. I E, I alwaysjoke. When I slide into the end, I don't want to think about. You Know Heyhow successful was my business, I'm not going to think about. You know how manymotorcycles that I have I'm going to think about the stories, the people,the impacts, the the things where we shared those truly raw moments and hada connection now, there's a word that you have heard you use intentionallyright intentionally. Having significance and that's to me soundslike a mindset and focus. Most of us, you know, can get no point where wejust kind of go through life right like we just we're doing what we think we'redoing kind of like you're, doing prepreevent that you explain to us. Sohow do you do it with more intention and then is there a way to know thatit's working that you're actually being successful with Im Yeah? I started thinking through thatand even wrote a little list out of things in my life that I consideredsuccessful. I started thinking about the amount of money you make the placeyou live. You know the differences that you're making in your personal,individual family and I started thinking about success. You know Istarted thinking about quite honestly. Most success, you'refocused on yourself and significance, you're really focused on others, and soI started thinking about how I could deliver a significant life to otherpeople, like my wife and we just celebrated our fortieth wedding,inniversary and o congratulations that impessive. Thank you. I have twochildren, Thirty, seven and thirty five, and then we have five grandchildren andI started thinking. What is the legacy going to be with my wife and with mychildren with my grandchildren, and how can I be siggnificant in their life andhow can I really focus on the things that are moving, the needle for otherpeople, not necessarily for my benefit or from my greater game, but for theirs?And since I've been able to do this...

...over the past twenty years, what'shappened that I didn't really see coming? Is that were twice or threetimes more successful, financially, but I'm having a huge impact significantlyin the lives of the team members that work for me or people that go to ourchurch or people in our community or people that are in our mastermindgroups, s I'm really focused on edifying, encouraging and lifting themup and helping make connections for them, and I'm a big connector. I'mconstantly making connections for people saying Hey, Chad. You need tomeet billy over here, because he can help you with this problem or Suzi. Youneed to meet Sally and here's. Why? Because they can help you that resourcethat you're needing and then they get it and they go. Oh, my gosh. This isexactly what I needed well, when you bring the light all the time whenyou're helping people all the time when you're the encourager and you're theedifirer people want to be around you waas a result of them morning to bearound you. Now they want to feell that natural ressoprocidy of Hey. I want tohelp. Who can I connect big A to? How can I help encourage you and edify youand then all of a sudden, there's a lot more business going on as a result ofthis edification process and this being a giver and not a taker? And it's justa mindset Chad, of how we need to look at life, because when I startedthinking about it prior to the automobile accident, it was all aboutanother business. You know another fiftythousand dollars a bigger vacationhome and more cars and more things o and it was like. I was so self consumedthat I didn't have time to be the giver. I was always the taker and this unfortunately, it took an automobileaccident for me to really realize that, and that's why I've gone on a questtoday, trying to help other people tell you, take this covid thing right nowand slow down enough to really think about what you want in life and how youcan be that encourager and that edifire and lifting other people ut being thatgiver and you'll enjoy your life far greater than you would just focusing onyourself yeah. I can't agree more. I've learned. I learned that lesson, theHardway Twan and fifteen twenty years ago as well. Not, I don't think as atraumatical way as you did, but there is a there is a sense of depth ofrelationship that comes from that purity of connection and clarity ofgiving of helping others. It's not it's not easy for Everybodyi's, not alwayseasy, but it is. There is a appurity, that's the only word I can think ofwith the relationships I have with individuals where, over the course ofmy career or even as friends, we've had those types of relationships or likehey. How can I be of service D, and you know we have a conversation? They havea problem hew. I happen to know somebody where I have a skill set thatwill help you solve that, and it's not at any point. Am I talking aboutfinancial rest process, we're just hey. I want to help and there's a there's, ajoy that comes from that, but I also find that a lot of people have to be in the right mindset. They have to bekind of grounded in order to truly give without expectation of return. Is thata fair kind of SOMEWHER AS MON? And if you do it, for a return, they're goingto sniff that out of Mo can be for selfish motivations? It's got to becoming genuinely from your heart. It's got to be where you're reallyinterested in the well being of those peers and colleagues and family membersthat are around you, because it doesn't take a bomb scientist to figure out ifyou're doing something you know for personal gain or edification ormotivation, so yeah great point, and so okay. So with that context, now, let'stalk about mastermind groups for audience. What are they what's? Thepurpose where they come from help us understand that a little bit more yeah.We can simplify by saying that it's your on nonbiased board of directorsand many times people will say: Hey. It's were this one mine and acollective other mind you, I'm like okay, let's just keep this simple. Whatis it these are people that care about you that meet with you on a weeklybasis that want you to have your best...

...interested heart that hold youaccountable. They give you feedback and encouragement and advice. Years Ago Iwas at the curb center here in Nashville, going to a concert in afriend of mine's Dave, Ramsey Dav and I've been friends almost thirty yearsnow I was his second sponsor on his radio show when he started. He was onone radio station here in Nashville and he enlisted me to be one of hissponsors and I did- and I spent twenty one consecutive years, sponsoring hisshow and he invited me to join his mastermind group and I'm like I don'teven know what a mastermon group is. This is decade to go and he said justcome to my office. You know Wednesday morning, seven o'clock I'll show youthe guys that introduce you to the guys that I've invited to Bein themastermine group and I think you'll enjoy it. Well, I didn't want to gojust to be honest with you te Jus such a hard charger, and he is like allabout authenticity and CCOUNTABILITY and holding you accountable to what yousay and I knew him for years. I knew what his reputation was about that, butI said I'll go so I did and fell in love with it and the reason I fell inlove with it is because nobody in that group had a dog in the hunt. Nobodythere had any business correlation with me outside of Dave Dave and I've donebusiness together, but outside of that, these people were nonbiased and peoplethat are notbiased will tell you the truth, because they don't have anythingto gain or lose as a result of what they tell you n. So I would start going,and I was very timid at first about sharing, because I didn't know aboutthe confidentiality and I didn't know if they would laugh at me, because Ididn't know the answer to this, but the more I got in there, the more I foundout, they didn't know any more than idid about it and I'm like Qayit gave me permissionto be able to let that facade down. Let my guard down and be transparent andvulnerable in front of ten guys that could really move the needle in my life.So we spent the next dozen years meeting every Wednesday morning for anhour and a half in this mastermine group and when I retired ten years ago,when I turned fifty for the third time my wife said I've retired more than thelaw alows, but I retired for the third time ind, Dave and Dan Miller. DamnMiller has forty eight days to the work you love and damn was a member in thegroup, and they said what are you going to do now and I said nothing, I'm goingto move to the Cariben and I'm going to hang out wone as little tiky huts downthere and I'm not going to do anything and Damn Miller looked at me and hesays the most selfish thing. I've ever heard. You say in my entire life and Isaid what do you mean I've been working since I was eight years old and he saidwell what you're saying is. I got enough for me good luck to the rest ofyou you're, fifty years, all old you're going to ride off into the sunset, andI say: That's not what I mean and he said no, you need to coach, I a I'm,not coaching, anybody, I'm like I'm tired and they said No. You need tocoach, so I went to on trade leadership mastery and I went t out to thesanctuary with damn biller and did innovate and I'll be honest. Shad. Ifell in love with the coaching practice and I started coaching a couple of guysand quickly found out that I couldn't scale coaching and so I started doingpodcast interviews promoting our business and hit just blew up, and sohere we are today with nineteen mastermind groups were in ninedifferent countries and people are coming to us saying hey. I want my lifeto be better. I want to have this accountability, I want to be able tomove the needle. I want people asking me the tough questions, and so now wemeet virtually ten people in a group and we are taking people's lives to thenext level. So it simply is this: It's those board of directors they careabout you that can help you that can encourage you can hold. You accountable,give you resources and take your life to the next level and we're just havingimmense success with these groups. And so is. Is this your version of themastermind approacher? Is this one? That is? Is it tied to something thatyou sendo? We Cretectet? No, no. We created everything that we've got andthat's where the mastermine playbook came in people started, calling me fromaround the world that were thought...

...leaders and they were saying nobody hasever scaled mastermind groups. How are you scaling mastermind groups and I say:Well: That's a process. We've developed the systems in the processes, we'vedeveloped a mission, vision and values, and everything that we do has a rhymeora reason and they said. Would you coach me- and I said now- I don't want tocoach you to do that, because it would take too much time and they said No. Wereally want you to coach us, and so I just dew out a number to run them offand they said: Where do we send the money? So I did that a number of times andthen my daughter is te Coo of our company and she walked in my office oneday and she said dad there's great value. In mastermonts I mean we werecreated to be in community, we're not created to be in isolation becauseisolation is the enemy to excellence, and if we really want to take our liveto the next level, we've got to get people around us and you've done thatmasterfully. Why don't you create a playbook? Why don't you train and teachother people to do what you've done, and so I put her off for several weeks.I say I don't want to do thats going to take a lot of work to do that so anyway,she taught me into it. So I went and hired a product developer, we hiredcopyriders and videoographers and we got our whole team together and westarted going through step by one step by two. We all the way through theprocess agos everything about Master Migros, even if you've never heard of amastermind. You could take this playbook and it really helps you scalewhat you're trying to do, because no offense anyone. You don't be offendedby what I'm about to say, but because I'm a coach to I coach people, butcoaching is not a business. Coaching is a job. You got a high paying job in oneday, you're going to turn the light out D, You're, going to lock the door andyou're going to walk away and there's going to be no asset there to sell andYoue going to have exchanged your time for a great amount of money. Butthere's it's not a business right, and so I said I don't want to do that. Iwant to build sones because I' built fourteen businesses and I've always hadan asset there to sell, and I said I don't want to just walk away turn outthe light one day and there's nothing here to sell. So we started doing themastermin groups. Well, today, I can leave ind go on vacation, which I justgot back from a two week. Vacation celebrating our fortieth anniversary,we had new applicants and I had more money than when I left, because thegroups never missed a beat. I teach you how to enlist facilitators so that youcan do revenue share with them and then you can go away and you've set theframework up the themes, the books, the questions, the way you run the meetingsand it's more like a franchise, and these people are absolutely sold out.We've had people meeting five and six years in the same group, and so nowwe've got recurring revenue, Thi's very predictable that you can build abusiness around and tnow were scaling that and we're about to launch oursecond division with fifteen, more groups in that division and I've justcreated the framework and that's why we created the mastermind playbook to helpother people that are podcast host and coaches and thought leaders, say hey. Icould have two or three groups and I could generate sixty to three hundredthusand dollars a year with a minimal amount of involvement, weekly frormyself. So a lot of people. You know: We've developed a seven figure businessand it's a primary focus and other people are starting to do that as well.And so, when you think about these groups, let's say let's say somebodywants to start. One of these are these groups that get together give me giveus a little bit more each other groups, your together once a month once a weeka this is what I a Ta is a great question. You can tailor this everyhow,you want, we've scheduled it and set it up to meet weekly because Chad, I don'tknow about you, but a lot of life happens in a month. If I go a monthwithout talking to a trusted advisor, I've probably already solved theproblem, and I've moved on to the next thing. In the way technology is today,it disallows us for putting off things too long, so we've got to deal with itpretty much immediately. So for twenty one years, every week I've been in aweekly mastermind group, and I...

...attribute the vast amount of my successto this group, because the isolation, as I said earlier, is our enemy, and ifwe really want to be the best, we need other perspectives. You can't think ofthings, but one way and when you get other perspectives around you, it'slike. I didn't even know to know that I didn't even know you could do it thatway, or I didn't even know you could see it that way: Jeff Hoffman, the guythat started priceline. I saw him at a conference and he was talking aboutbeing in masterminds. In the value of it, he was talking about reading thingsthat don't have any relevancy whatsoever to the things that you'reinterested in- and I said the reason is, is because it gives you a differentperspective, absolutely right, one hundred percent that there's so manyopportunities out there before us, but we don't even know they exist withoutthis level of involvement in perspective from other people. So forme I can't get enough of it. I'm actually in seven groups a week everyweek and have been now for six years and so and then I'm involved in anothergroup outside I just joined another group. Personally, that's going to helpme with JV deals, and so it's a specific nastrmind, but the ones thatwe have are personal, professional and spiritual in nature. I want to coverevery area of your life because for me I came home with a pocketfull of moneyto a house full of strangers years ago and I'm like yeah. I may have a lot ofmoney, but I don't even know my kids like I should right there's so manypeople today that are doing that. I want to hold people accountable forreally investing in their family, I'm Christian by faith, and so I think Godhis really given us a family that is our first priority, but most of thetimes we alter them. We offer them at the altar of money. It's like. I needto make more money, I need to make more money and then you come home. One day,you don't know your kids. Somebody else is taking them to the ballpark andpiano recitals and you're missing these things, you're traveling, all over theworld. You don't even know your kids. Listen, you only get one go throughwith those kids. ICAN start more businesses. I can make more money. Ican start other companies, it doesn't have a memory. Your kids do, and I wantto be sure that you're not going to miss that, because when they get theirdriver's license for all practical purposes, Tare Gone, we have sixteenshort years to really breathe into those kids. Now my kids are thirty,seven and thirty five and we have great relationships. We work together, but ifI hadn't invested the time they would have went on their merry way and Iwouldn't have had the relationship that I've been able to foster today becauseof it. That's what these mastermind groups do? They hold your feet to thefire and they help you really understand what's important in life andI think that's an invaluable asset M and people have to be willing to bereceptive right if people are going to be completely umbiased, and we tell youto subject yourself to the scrutiny of someone else, yeah and they're notwilling to do that. Then you're going to go off on a tangent and I look atmaster minds like guard rails. They keep me in the center of the road andwhen I swerve one way or the other, if they don't know me well, they can'thold me accountable. They don't know the way I do life, they don't know theway. I think they don't know what's important to me. So, who are you askingit BIS SFROM if you're, not in a group every single week with people that youtrust that are not embiassed and I'm just telling you mam, it opens so manydoors. Procrastination is our biggest enemy and we do things like BrianMorin's twelve week here, every single day we're doing these tasks toaccomplish our goal, and I do exercises to help people really get Clareto andreally help understand. What is it that you even want? I wrote a document yearsago call. What do I want? Most people, Chad, don't even know what they want inlife. They just want bigger, better Shinier, faster and then, when theycatch it. It's like the dog that caught the car and O didn't know what to dowith it. They don't even know why they want it. A lot of people said I want tomake five hundred hozand dolars a year. What would you do with five hundredthousand dollars a year if you had it and how healthy would that be? For I'mnot saying you shouldn't, I like to make a lot of money too. I don't wantmoney to be the only motivator, though...

I don't want money to be my God. I wantmoney to be a tool that I'm using to live the life that I've designed and wehelp people in these mastermine groups really define what it is that you evenwant in your life. I ask this question all the time if, geographicallyspeaking and financially speaking, there were no limitations. What wouldyou do to borrow nine out of ten people can't answer that question because we don't slow down long enoughto think about. We only give one go through. We don't. This is not a trialrun. This is our real life we're living it. We don't get another opportunity tolive here, carnally speaking on Earth again, I want to live it to the maximum.I want to live it the best way. I can. I want to maximize everything I do, butif you don't give time to think about how you want to live, your life you'llget to the end. You've lived it reactively and not proactively, and youhave huge regrets and I'll just be honest. I don't want to lay on that bedwhen I'm about to die and go. I have a lot of regrets. You want to do that. Iknow your audience Dudn't either yeah that I one hundred percent, I'm withyou, I'm with you all right. So, let's Change Direction here, a little bit. Weask all of our guess two staterd questions at the end of each interview.The first is simply as a revenue executive as a business owner thatmakes Yur a prospect for other sales people who are think they havesomething that may be able to help you I'm always curious understand whensomebody doesn't have a trusted referral into you. What works for youwhen somebody's trying to capture your attention and earn the right to sometime on your calendar yeah. You know- and I read these templates, theseemails that are just standard. You know everything thats, customize andpersonalized to me individually, I'll read it, but when it's just a templeingis for the masses I hit delete the other thing. If they want something forme, I got Seth Goden to endorse my book and people go. How did you get him todo that? Well, I asked well, how did you ask and I've even sent it to a fewpeople he's busy right that guy's busy? He don't Have Im to read a dissertation.You know you send me a biography and I'm like I don't have time to read this,so I said set you're the best. I love everything you do. These are the bulletpoints. I have five bullet pointing at the end. If you can help me, iutappreciate it and here's the big thing, if you say no totally acceptable, I'mgiving you permission to say no well now you wants to do it even morebecause they're giving him permission a it. Ta Summary It's very. I can read itin fifteen seconds and so to get an end to me. Customize it make it personalmake it short. I'm interested excellent, Al Right last question: We called ouracceleration insight. TFERE's one thing you could tell professional people, onepiece of Odvice: You could give them that you believe would help them hittheir targets or exceed them. What would it be and why I'm a veryconsistent person and I've got a lot of grid determination in perseverance?Most people don't have the wherewithal to stay with something long enough tobuild up a consensus or to build up a critical mass, and so for me, I reallyfocus on doing it exactly the way I said I was going to do it consistentlyevery single day same way with podcast interviews or marketing strategies thatI do, but people get fatigued too fast, and I would just say you need to staywith it. A bit longer awesome awesome, Arinan, falisters interested in talkingmore about these topics, we're learning more about mastermined and what you'redoing where? Would you ideally like us to send them yeah, go to view from thetopcom and I'm easy to find? If you want to start your own mastermind groupand you really interested in that program, the mastermind playbookcomexcellent, all right, I can't thank you enough for taking time to be on theshow Tfen an absolute pleasure thanks, a Lod Shad, I enjoyd ot buddy, allright, everybody that does ot this episode. You know the dril be to be Ra,exaccom Shar, with friends, family coworkers like what you hear Leve asser view on Itunes, and until next time we advidy selling associates withyouall nothing with the greatest success. You've been listening to the BTOBrevenue executive experience to ensure...

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