The B2B Revenue Executive Experience
The B2B Revenue Executive Experience

Episode · 2 months ago

Don’t Be the Seller Who Scares Away Buyers w/ Kerry Cunningham


You try shopping out in the real world again for the first time since before the pandemic made the whole world play a game of The Outside Is Lava. You’re about to head into a store to finally treat yourself to that fancy air fryer that your friends’ and family’s screams assure you you can’t live without. Then, you see the salesman at the door salivating and rubbing his hands together like some cartoon villain, so you leave. You’ve just experienced buyer resistance. How can you make sure that your reps aren’t the salesmen in the doorway, chasing off your buyers?

Today I’m speaking with Kerry Cunningham, Senior Principal, Product Marketing at 6sense, who says the key to overcoming buyer resistance is understanding buyer behavior — and he shares a ton of behavioral insights in this episode.

Kerry covers:

  • Why the buyer is more in control than ever (and can smell BS a mile away)
  • How to find the right buyer at the right time
  • The trouble with traditional website metrics for analyzing buyer behavior 

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