The B2B Revenue Executive Experience
The B2B Revenue Executive Experience

Episode · 3 months ago

Why Video Delivers a More Human Customer Experience w/ Darin Dawson *Recaped


As we approach the 250th episode of the podcast, I want to take some time to look back at all the ground we’ve covered together.

To that end, I’ll be periodically resharing some of my favorite episodes — this is one of them. I hope you enjoy it!

Like most, your company started pumping up the volume on your digital channels last year. You may only be getting 5% on your emails, but you just need to send more, right? Well, what about that 95%?

You don’t need more volume. You need more value — and video can help you deliver it.

That’s the core mission of Darin Dawson, Co-Founder and President of BombBomb, a human-centered communication platform enabling users to send video and rehumanize customer experience.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why video works to rehumanize the customer experience
  • How to use video effectively
  • How video cuts down on volume and delivers real value, instead

Now that you have the tools to rehumanize your customer experience, are you ready to dive into how AI is revolutionizing content marketing or how to get the most out of your CRM? Check out the full list of episodes: The B2B Revenue Executive Experience.

Welcome or you one O the B to berevenue, executive experience on your host Chat Sanderson as we approach thetwo hundred and fiftieth episode of the podcast. I want to take some time tolook back at all the ground we've covered together. To that end, I'll beperiodically re sharing some of my favorite episodes. This is one of themand I hope you enjoy you're. Listening to the BB revenueexecutive experience, a podcast dedicated help in executives traintheir sales and marketing teams to optimize growth, whether you're lookingfor techniques and strategies were tools and resources. You come to theright place. Let's accelerate your growth in three to one for fightingyour ideal. Customer fits and moving up market from BC to be to be, andeverything in between and, of course, my favorite topic customer experienceand maybe even a little discussion around customer experience in death.Who knows so to help us we have with us, DARENA and CO founder and president ofBam Bam a human center to communication platform that enables users to simplepersonal videos to leverage their best asset themselves and he's also authorof rehumanize. Your Business darent thank you for taking time and welcometo the show. Thank you. He had to appreciate you having me just quickcorrection. Now my cm wrote that book. I don't want to be taking anybody's. OhIt's our book, but I did not write out even okay et son, but did you know Inever want to take? I there there fantastic. I can't spell so I just hadthem. Do it the grave. I appreciate that and I've had ethen on the show. SoI hope I hope he will forgive me, but it is definitely one that's worthchecking out for everybody. So please pick up a copy and then you can shootething in a note, telley screwed up and tell him chat, screwed up, it's allgood. So before we jump into the topic of the day, we always like to startwith the question to kind of help our audience get to know you a little bitbetter and would love to know and maybe in quarantine and coved, and all thatmaybe maybe found something new, but always surprised to learn what you'repassionate about that. Those that only know you through work may be surprisedto hear about. Well, I do I'm a history guy. I love reading history, so I Idon't know if I picked it up during cove. I definitely been reading a fewmore books on that, but you know for me really: The is tied in to work, but I'mone of mine re humanized shirt today. I think that's either. At the reason westarted. Bom Bom, Fun story that maybe people don't know about and his Intergirl that counter Ni is that kind of want to go, live in Africa and supporta community there. He went there on a trip and met some people that werestarving frankly, and so there are a whole idea was to create a SASS company,because that was reoccurring revenue if we could get that to like a fivemillion dollar business or even less he ould go up in Africa and I'd run thebusiness and you know we could. That was a thing, and so we made ourbusiness about re humanizing a planet because it's the goal for Bom Bom isthat is to help people who are being the humanized and so Bomba. We supporta community in Africa that same..., but we realized it wasbetter to grow this business that could really help that more than kind ofliving there, and then we also help local on profits. Right, like wesupport a community here, it's called dream: Centers. They provide freehealth care for women here in Carlo, Springs, Colorado and then Mary's home,which provides a home for homeless families, so that is bom bomb's, bighardish es goal. I mean I want to rehumanize your business with video,but I want to do that, so I can actually help these people that arebeing dehumanized all over our world right now. So that's kind of our thing:that's what we do for fun, then that that is that is noble, purpose, feedingbusiness right there. That is, I I mean. I mean it's just we love it. It's whowe were, and we just the reason, we're in the videos we think it's better tobe face to phase appeal, because humans are different. Like we're, you know wehave intrinsic value and that's where the genesis of the idea came from backin two thousand and six and we've it was. It was to enable those things andwe've kept with that and so a Bombon. That's why you come to work every daybecause we're trying to rehumanize the planet, don't forget it. So not yeah! That's awesome. I mean I've heard a lotof people talk about noble purpose behind a business, but that has to bethe most closely tied and Genesis Story. I've heard that hat's off. That'sreally that's awesome, that's very crazy, very cool! We at t we had thefolks of Bom on last year as fun. They they adopted will not. We had thecommunity adopt us. So we have these kids that live in Africa, adopt bombombers, it was really cool and so and it's kind of like a pen pal thing youknow so the kids got to choose what bomb bomber they wanted to partner with.It was really a fun thing, and so it really galvanized this idea of whatwe're trying to accomplish, and so it was fun yeah that that is awesome. Andso I why video e, when the Genesis for the star back two thousand and six andyou were looking for and at first, I guess I should ask- is he living inAfrica? NO HE'S NOT! We he's bet couple times. No, we've yeah, our friends have come overwe're super close to them, but no he's not he's living here in Colorado likefive miles down the road. Again we figured out like wait a minute. Webuilt this business more than five million dollars. We could really dosome damage right like right right and so what was the when the ideastarted? Was it around video? I mean I understand the human rehumanize, butwhat was it about the video component that seemed so compelling yeah? It wasthis idea we're both in sales of marketing, and it was, you know, Ithink, entrerons they solve problems that they see, and that was us. We wereon funereal. We've done several different businesses. This isdefinitely the best and biggest, but that that problem we saw was. How canwe be in front of more people more...

...often with the message, a sales message.Frankly, like you know he had a hundred and fifty customers. I was running asales team yeah. How do we leverage time right as a resource, and wethought well Gosh if we could send this and we knew that you know, I think, assales people, we have abilities right, like you're good in front of people,you have passion, enthusiasm for what you do and those things T it's transferof passion, enthusiasm. They usually help people buy from you and we wantedto deliver that. We knew the email wasn't. Email was the thing. This islike two thousand and six, and so how do you do that on email like well,video video could do that. How do we do that with vo email and I conero LeTogether this, like we hosted it in a server in a closet, I mean youtube wasprivate at the time it was tough and it was just a video of him saying I'mConegy, you know if, if I can help you in any way, call me in my personalnumber and he play it in. The number is crazy, dumb sent that as an attachment,which is a big deal, because that's why I was so short because there was anattachment- and this is two thousand and six mean I mean okay forperspective youtubes private, I phone Gen, one, no, no camera in it. An was a big deal. We were too early chat is very earlyfor video. Okay, like now, everybody is trying to do this, but we weredefinitely old school and anyway, he sends out- and everyone was like thisis amazing. How did you do it? What service did you use to do this? We'relike wait a minute. This is a business and it was funny because because again,we're always trying to find the business that fit the rehumanize likethis one's it. This one could do that this one's got legs, you know, and sowe had careers. So we coupled together some cash, threw it in a trash, can lit it on fire.Exactly like that's how it was back that I mean I felt like that, becausewe hired developers at this was before this is all like. So like you do this,and you do this, and you didn't that wasn't like that! Then it was likeventure capital being like we're going to fund that stas start up for the zerorevenue like no right. There was no clean development line, so we reallyblew through, like a hundred grand of our own money, then got another friendof ours to come in he's our third co founder, Great Dude, Kevin debble. Hehad exited a business, he had some cash but more importantly, he had randevelopment for that company. So he helped this for million our firstdevelopment team and really because he loved the idea and got it going so someof the fun that's awesome right, like we definitely torched a hundred grandpersonal money, easy like like vapor, my wife loved that she was like. That'sall I'm sure she loves hearing. That story loves the finally look back at that. Iwas married kind or was it you know we were about that our first child, youknow he's saying God, it's fun, a yeah...

...all right so now fast forward. We fastforward to today- and we've definitely had I mean the last fourteen months-have been quite a ride for all of us. Have you seen a huge optic change inthe way people are approaching? Video responsiveness to it? Maybe the hasthat has changed over the last say twelve months in terms of way peopleare using it or leveraging it or engaging with it in some ways. Yes, insome ways know I think that the pandemic creatednecessity to the original need of being face to face more often and then in aplace where you couldn't be for us. It was like we D have enough time to beface to face all the people we needed to be, I think, with a pandemic. Itcaused a problem of I need to be face to face by can't be so we're going touse zoom to be face to face, but like how can I deliver this and again timebecomes as interesting constraint? It's a constraint not like it's a constraintthat a time and distance like I want you to get my message and hear it andreceive it on your time. But again I have all this freedom now, like I can working from home like my days, aremore compact. I might I might work later at night, so there's thisdifferent, so the person you might be trying to contact what are there what'stheir difference difference in times that makes sense. So this Ye sikernessvideo really caught on more in the mid market right or enterprise companieshave, I had an immediate need for that, so we really grew in the last two and ahalf years really even before the pandemic were really growing there, buteven more so now growing that in that sector we were very much before wecaught SB, very small business realist or Solo preneurs right real estatemortgage title huge for US Financial Advisors, these folks that needed tocommunicate in a personal way to it their people, you know their sphere ofinfluence or database or whatever it might have been, and so we really havepivoted in the last two and a half years up market from this vs b thingwhere that was the need. It was a great tool for that because it was thisrelationship builder. You know they referral based. I need referrals more.It is a big part of their business, and now we saw, though the pandemic mordrove this need for a synchronise face to face right, I'm not going to jump ina plane, we're not doing the dinners any more. So I think Bom Bom, you know,helps that need right now and I think that's not going to change. You meanit's growing right. Yeah, it's definitely grown. I mean and what'sbeen interesting is all right. So for the first time I want to say in recorded history, butI don't know that that's true, we have a true global shared reality right.Everybody has has experienced this pandemic in one way or another. It shutthings down. What we've noticed is that that time component that you thatyou're talking about which is critical, we actually just had a meeting theother day where we're talking about you know how much time I'm saving notrunning from here to the airport, going through security sitting and waitinggetting on a plane flying somewhere...

...finding a cab grabbing my luggage. If Ichecked it in right and then spending all this time in a Tel, I'm not wastingthat time. So's right, I'm actually seeing more impact to the business. Thechallenge becomes. How do you continue to maintain those connections thateveryone was used to doing when we press a flash when we used to go outand have you know, drinks together or go to dinners, and I think everybodygetting used to zoom is one thing I like the asynchronous component of itnow when we talk about going up stream when ye go from vs and go up marketkind of how have you guys have you approached that? How has it changedanything for you or the business? The way you position it were the use isthat even that you've seen for the way people are using the video it was, itwas tough. I mean the toughest thing is that you have this internal biasmindset toward this the right. We were very, very, very good at this, like weunderstood their problems, we, but those problems are different market,and so I actually, we hired a firm to help us walk through that and consultus through just the vernacular in really working through my executiveteam, like we need to lead here and not use these words anymore. It's where wehave vs and Snbiorn and let's adopt this and make it a part of the culturethat was very difficult, took a year and a half were still doing it right. Istill like that. That's our old bias. You know applying these ideas thatwe've, because we've done this for a very long time now right, right and sonow now going up market thinking through these critical moments, ineither a sales process or even on a customer success process, even theexecutive process where, where we need to inject a human, I think in theasynchronous way- and I think it's a double back on Yo ask were the some ofthe things we're seeing you know used to be maybe say we were. I was tryingto get you to have men with me and talk about what we did. I'd have a mean withyou, you'd arrange another meeting with these other people, maybe like there'sthis step step step in our sales process. I think those things are nowbecoming like more, not like you said the video and that video can instantlybe shared with that other buying group or whatever it is, and it's ssinglecollapses that that time so we're seeing that happen using this in that way. So I think, aslong as my one issue that I see more and more here, is that we're usingvideos a as a video voice, mail right like a we're just repeating whateverthat script was in the text. Email right, I think that's horrible, likelike we need to be more valuable there, like you, have the opportunity and thiswhole thing where the V needs to be one minute. Maybe maybe it needs to be aminute, but if you're delivering value, you believe the value that you'redelivering and you can use passion, enthusiasm because you're a salesperson after all, let's deliver that and then you know ask that it besshared to other people in the community... their environment. Not who elseshould I talk to you? Well, could you share this video with them? Maybe it's a screen share. Maybe it's!What is the value you're, bringing? I think, that's so important in the salesprocess, so I think that's how video should be used, not just whateveryou're saying on the phone or whatever you're saying in the text email right.So I think it's just on that's a mind shift. It is a definite mindshift. Thisis where we're like preaching, because we believe whatever I ever our we'vebeen doing this long time. So whatever our core compense is be the guideguidance to success like we want to, first of all, you're afraid of being oncamera. Everyone is so we got to get you over that. Then we got to tell youwhat don't do this do this and you know in the customer. I love customerexperience in this context because there is no better accustom experiencethan the human experience people I want. I think they want to experience you inyour business and its human ness and it's brand okay, but the brand shouldbe your people. It should be your culture, it should be breathed outthrough them and when they can't go and and see you at a trade show. Well, how can we get excitement around our brandpassion for the brand? I think people still if you believe that people stillbuy from people they know like in trust. You should think about using video. In that context, I thinkto make sense. I now jumping through a lot of well. No, no, it's Grit's great.I mean it's great when you think about the customer experience angle of it nowI love the topic of customer experience, but I almost I also felt, as we weregetting into the pandemic, it kind of became a buzz word like people wouldtalk about it, but they didn't understand everything that would gointo it or how to optimize it. You know stuff like that, but I feel like nowwith the panem. You really don't have a choice like you can't this Frenching onsomebody of your byou need to have a chief customer experience officer. Youneed to think about that or that needs to be a part of someone Ensol at thesea level. I believe that yeah absolutely I mean, because how else youcan't have your people take them to a well take him to a baseball game or afootball game, or you know Shmoos that way this. This really is about thattouch. Point the touch point of making sure it still remains human to humanand so that experience between them re turned off contract like that's therenewal of it right focus on the sales part of it, but like okay. What's theon boarding feel feel like what is the C S M curly business review feel like do I, like you like me important, but the machines won't beable to do that. I'm sorry like, I know, because a lot of people are like Ai,I'm like yeah, you right, there's a place for it, but not here like thatright here, like ye and so do you have...

...stats that you can share with theaudience, but I don't know if it's prer pre pandemic or during panamic, or juststats on effectiveness of using video the right way, not as a voice mail, butanything that you can share to kind of illustrate it for us. The one thing Ican offer you is that we did. We just have a large customer and beforethey're a customer man we're going to pilot, but we ran a control group andthe pilot group and basically the control group. You know three times theemail sent created: Twelve twelve percent less pipeline than the pilotgroup using video so saying you know, the pilot group sent three times feweremails, but created twelve percent more pipeline, so less valley, young, andwhat I mean by volume is this when we, when you- and I maybe get off of thistime together and I go into my inbox or in my linked in or tax or whatever,what will be there just a just a pile of stuff right likeokay, bon bon bum, bum bum like I'll, have six and you know easily thattrying to and they're all saying the same thing. So what this tells you isthat what I call digit last digital pollution, because this is digitalpollution- guys, like I'm sorry this much in bound for a cold out bound orthe fifty phone numbers. I get that I don't know I never. I literally neveranswer them anymore, where's. The last time you answered a phone call fromsome of they didn't, say, wife or like best friend like it just doesn'thappen then linked in is just polluted. It's just being polluted Rubein. I gota text yesterday for Free Hulu for a year m. That sounds right. I don'tblame, I don't believe you. So what this tells me is that humanconnection, you can actually dial back so because, what's the end of it sadlike, is it like it's, the payless is like nuclear. It's like we're justgoing to send more emails, more Linkin or text it because we're okay with afreaking five percent, open right or two or whatever, but we forget aboutthe ninety eight percent that hate you yeah. What I you we send them like ten,more okay, they didn't open it, send ten more and call them. I don't know wegot to figure out a different way. I don't know that this is exactly thesolution, but I can tell you it took them less volume to create a betterpipeline and this is an a sales context, but but I also think that- and I get myown biased but quantify to me- please the telephoneright now in your business for quantify to me email. We have to find a different way tocommunicate. That's more human human, transparent. I think I think in myopinion and we're jump around a bit..., but when you look at what TimCook as saying about privacy, Google, you know three days ago to have saidwe're not going to let you track people through these websites anyway, in ayear we're going to be out of that business. I think that video is the isthe next authentication of real people like because if you open your emailright now, do you actually think that that person sent it or was it sex? Well,you could yeah. You can tell the automated crap so easy exactly anthat's getting. You know used to be at work, but we're getting we're likegetting very tuned to it. Now and now. There's this deep faking stuff, whereyou know, President Biden said that, but was it him but like but and he getsa share was actually what he said. They just took his words and made his facesay it. So I think there's something around or videos going to be theauthenticated part of communication. I will know it is for me and from thisperson to me when it's the video- and I think you know we're into- we call ithuman center communication. Really. That idea is the idea that therecipients needs are more important than the senders. That's what we meanby that, and I don't think right now. We mean that right now we are. We are a gun Ho on. Igot my quarter of the meat. This many outbound touches, but a little you knowI got that a number. It's all about me if we flip that, just just once, I begof you listening to say what you know, how can I help the recipient right nowthis? This is empathy people and we need more of that in this world than weneed anything empathy for the person in the other end. What are they trying todo? How can I? How can I help other people succeed? Man, if you send thatmessage, I don't care what medium you send it. I think you're have betterresults, yeah when it's all about it. So I'm sorry! Well, no, it's and it'sone. I can get on to I mean I'm right there with you, because have you seenthe social dilemma on Netflix if you watch that movie yeah yeah, so my andby the way my wife is a he school counselor of the goodness of her hardI've been trying to get her to quit that job forever. She does it so loveit. It's rough, it's rougher than it's ever been and to that end of thatsocial dilemma, Dude like we are, is bad out there. Okay is yeah, it's badand business. It's just you know yeah we're in I mean webasically we're in this world where everybody has their own reality andit's and I can- and I can duck lip my face and put it on his crowing, makelike running through all types of filters. I could do a tick tock orwhatever and and it it seems to create this fake sense of reality. This fakesense of your life, which has true negative impacts on how we interactwith and empathize with other human beings. That's it so o o we're seeingthe negative shift. Yeah, Oh yeah! No one is considering the negative effectsof all this if it has a five ten...

...percent, a what's good enough yeah,it's twenty percent open right, getting a twenty percent response Gino. Whatabout eighty? But what about the eighty? I don't know what is what about it like?What do we think DYEA CARA? Did we even think about the Adit or is all we careabout was our need, which was the ten or the five I open? And then, when youapply it personally like there is trauma being created here. I'm sorrylike so this is this: Is Digital Pollution? That's what I kind ofcapitulate it with this digital pollution everywhere and I want I wouldlove to see that go away yeah. I am. I am with you one hundred percent. Sowhen we think about the business we think about, you know Bob I'm going into to thousand and twenty one and beyond, what's kind of the guidinglight, the big target, the thing you're working on t take the business to thenext level yeah. I think it isn't along these lines that I do think that videoin the future is authentication right. It is, I could see in financialservices where right now, they're very tenant of the use video. I could seethat being it has to bee a video or it's not me, you know how do we makesure that we're not faking people out of their funds, because that they'regetting more advanced to okay? So how do we make sure that it's not adeep fake for my financial planner and sort of some sort of protocol aroundvideo being mandatory for authentication for identity? And that'sright? I see like this privacy thing becoming very much a part of our lives. My other prediction might be that emailmight be very popular again because it's the platform you own, that yeahfacebook. You know they own that. What's the one that you on still it'syour database, I mean that's that might seem crazy old school, but it is goingback aways, but it makes sense. When I read that okay, I can no longer put herad to you after you've been here. Well, I'M gonna go back to email- maybeI don't know but or at least the database that people who have opted into talk to me again. We've got away from that to like who is givenpermission to communicate like that's. Why I become a thing again if you're ayeah, if we're not considering permission in a big way, permissions,that's right around the corner, I don't see how it's not you know, so I think,especially with all the changes, so bout bom were thinking about thosethings. We're thinking about identity, authentication permission. How do wecreate threads that are permitted and secure the ore thing we're spending alot of time on his security. We want to be the most secure video platform, sobar nine, like you using you know, we've nwe began the company. We startedin real estate that led us being a mortgage that led us to being infinancial services. We have a lot of history. There Working Metho thoseprofessions, some are biggest customers or financial services and mortgagecustomers and the security that we've had to go through to get there. I thinkis going to help us in what we're...

...talking about here in this, where Ithink that's going to be applied in a GR, greater skin to everybody, yeah, absolutely absolutely right. So,let's Change Direction here, a little bit. We ask kind of all of our guesstwo standard questions at the end of each interview and this kind of goes tothe digital pollution that we were talking about as as a CO founder as thebig you know, the big Cohuna that makes so a prospect for a lot of people, andso I'm always case to know when somebody doesn't have that trustedreference referral from somebody. How do they go about capture in yourattention and earn the right to time on your calendar? Well, you know be ofvalue. An abundance will follow. That is our marketing Montre. I reallybelieve that I mean take a second and I just think less is more and how how canyou help? What can you tell me give me an example. A use case be morethoughtful. I think we're playing it. I just see it as I am a number and the numbers game andmore and more that just not going to stick. You know I just get used toclick. Click Click shift, the late subject, line yeah! Well, it's funnybecause you went, you were talking, O stats, the sauce stats, a Ki, and Ican't remember where I saw so. I can't attribute it, but before ovid email,open rates were roughly thirty. Six percent. Thirty to thirty six percentovid hits they drop to six percent open right when I'm talking responsoriaresponse rates are all sub. One percent, but just open rate is six percent, andso you really have to be valuable in the shortest amount of words in thatsubject line, and that's that takes some skill. So yeah, I think you knowif you're running a B, tr team you're going okay. Well, I got what am I goingto do increase and I'm going to just so everyone's going to disagree with thethis. Is a pack like if you're going to increase the volume of stuff, but I'mgoing to say, maybe decrease but just know your identity? Your ideal customerprofile with the problem you solve for them and bring valuable assets and knowthat the time horizon of which that might transact is not today and soright I mean you got to play those that formula out you know and then trying tothink about it in that way. I think that's that's tough for people I get it,especially when you're I have a great asset. In my life we do not havebenchor capital and I I'm running a profitable business that that's bonkers,maybe done over. We want profitability and we can choose to do that, but andwe're blessed for it, but Gosh. I think sometimes you know you're trying to hitthe number and like how am I going to do that. So I'm going to increase thisvolume and I think that's what happened in Covin, okay, oh, we can't goanywhere, release the hounds. I then got saying Ithink, there's this going to be this.

You know in verse thing that happenedthere has to. I mean because we're not opening it. I mean we're okay with fivepercent like Oh, then you know. Maybe we send more, we got to just send more, it's kind of fun to think about, but Ialight so you got to hit the number. What am I going to do, but man thinkabout being more thoughtful? That's how are going to get to me and I like that right, it's theauthenticity, it's the humanization, the B you got to be: Don't don't relyon the Dan Tack Yeah I mean in the text good. But the message is sometimes Imean I'm not. We use out reach, but we don't. I don't blast like it's Um. Wegot to be more thoughtful, but my body are teams on board. Like I don't have aI'm a huge BEDR team either. We think that if we get to the right person andwe've gotten narrow enough on our idea customer profile that will be okay andthat's so far we are so perfect. So right so last question wecalled our acceleration insight and I think I know where this is going to go,but I'm going to ask it anyway. If you could tell sales marketing professionalservices people one thing, you only had one piece of advice you could give themthat you believe, if they adopted or listen to her took to heart, wouldactually help them exceed their goals. What would it be and why yeah be you bereal? The I think it wins. I know it does it's always work for me. I like Itry and be a very real person with open book and I think that's what peoplewant. You know I think, there's a lot of posturing and this going on and the more real it can be ifyou focus on helping other people and being of value and being empatheticagain put the recipient first, not the quota, I think, as a salesprofessionals like if you're not goal oriented, always tell myself peoplelook. If your quota is your goal, that's the only goal you have. It probably is not going to work out.You know that. That's that's like you! Don't get fired if you meet this, andso what I mean by that like, if the, if the volume of things you have to do areyour goals, you have to have something else, and I think that makes you thinkabout. Maybe the other person having empathy for the people you're workingwith then truly believing that you're going to help them, and you believethat, and so, if you're working at a job, that you don't believe that if youwork a Bombombay ou think that I would tell you to quit today and like leaveon Tra. I do it all the time I'm Goin t the Quato know you got otherwise it's not going tofeel it's not going to come across right. So I don't know if I gave you asustine answer, but I think empathy put a recipient first be a value inabundance will follow all of my sales goals. I'm a were because I want you towin. I want you to win now. I want my team to win, and so they know that,like I'm going to do everything, I can that's my role today as a leader helpdem win, but you got to have goals bone.

That's like we're going to buy thehouse, I'm going to buy the car we're going to give this to this charity, butyou know family, I'm going to take a trip. You got to have those goals andthen apply that goal to the quota and then being a pathetic and solveproblems for people. I think it's more than one answer. THERE'S COMPLEX RIGHTAWESOME! Now I love it. I love it. I would I swon say thank you very muchfor taking time to be on show. I know it took a a couple of times to get ascheduled, but cannot thank you enough for taking time it's been great to haveyou on the show. Today. Sat It's awesome man, it's good to meet you allright, everybody that does it for this episode. You know the drill check usout of be tob. REVIZOR share with friends, family co workers like a kids,listen to it. So they're not on screens until next time we wish you all nothing,but the greatest success. You've been listening to the B to brevenue executive experience to ensure that you never miss an episodesubscribe to the show in Itunes for your favorite podcast player. Thank youso much for listening until next time. I.

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