The B2B Revenue Executive Experience
The B2B Revenue Executive Experience

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B2B & Public Sector Lead Generation w/Mike Farrell


Your top SDR has spent all night brushing up on B2B sales tips. They make their way to the first prospect, who happens to be a high-ranking military official. Little do they know, those B2B tips are no good here. This is a public sector institution, and they don’t play by B2B rules.

Green Leads CEO, Mike Farrell, explains.

What we talked about:

  • B2B vs Public Sector: dos & don’ts
  • AI risks & opportunities
  • Content syndication
  • Outsourcing SDRs

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Are listening to the bb revenueexecutive experience, a podcast dedicated help, an exec ives traintheir sales and marketing teams to optimize growth, whether you're lookingfor techniques and strategies for tools and resources, you've come to the rightplace. Let's accelerate your growth in three to one: welcome everyone to the bto be revenue executive experience. I'm your host chat sanderson. Today we'retalking about, b, to b and public sector lead generation, the ins andouts of content, syndication ai for outbounding, and whether or not youshould outsource your sr team, a lot of topics, a lot of information for youtoday to help us we have with this mike farrel, ceo of green, leads michael,thank you so much for taking time and welcome to the show it thanks. Chet,it's good to be here so before we jump in, we always like to ask something toget her. Get the audience chance to know you a little bit better and theone i kind of default to is understanding something you're, reallypassionate about the people. That maybe only know you through the work worldmight be surprised to learn about you. Oh gosh, pretty i'm a pretty boring guy, but noi'm a i'm a big baseball fan. So i drive my wife crazy because i it's alli do get the end of the day is watch a game at night. So is that something you've done yourentire life, something from child yeah yeah? You know just played baseball andalways always a fan, so other sports too, but baseball's numberone, okay, excellence. So let's jump into better, be lee gen. So i'm curious,you know that's a very specific focus and not a lot of people like actuallydoing it. They would love it if leads just showed up on their plate.Curiously, how this became a topic of interest for you and what it is aboutit you find so enjoyable good question. I spent my first twenty years in the in the computerreseller channel and then got into the legion business abouteighteen years ago and get to work with a you know. For us, weget to work with a lot of technology, copies companies that you know i'm familiarwith work with my first twenty years we career. So it's exciting to help people grow theirbusiness, go their pipeline. So it's it's enjoyable from netta pointexcellent, and so when we talk about this, we talk about leggin. A lot ofpeople will separate out, b to b versus b deceivers public sector. I'm curiousfrom your perspective, one of the big differences between b tb and publicsector league generation, specifically that listeners should be aware of great question. I have a public sector background fromagain my first half of my career, you know: selling into federal state andlocal education accounts, even hospitals. So the difference is there.You know a lot of times, there's...

...different language, clearly andgovernment. There's a lot of akram. You got to know the alphabets of the of thefederal government and state local government, there's, there's contract regulations and so forth. You got toyou have to understand, even when you're doing album. If here's trying toset appointments or generate leads, you still have to understand that. So youhave to know the language have to change. I traine up all my folks, andyou know if you're calling into the federal government and you're talkingto a military person, you don't call them, mr smith, you call them kornielieutenant or whatever their rank is so so something is simsim as that youcould lose a lot of credibility. If you do it wrong, so you have to know thelingo. You have to know the market and if you refer to the public sector as acompany right, that's that's not a good thing. They don't take that very kindly. Youknow that you have to understand the public sector. They have a differentmission, their public servants. They have a mission to whether it's a state agency or federalagency, or it's a it's a college university. They have a differentmission, so you have to you know that their business goals, business andquotes right are different right. So you just have to understand that whenyou're going after whyou working in the public sector, space versus the the b,tabbas okay, and so when we think about an now, there's a big push for people.You talking about ai henley generation and how i can do you know i can scan awhole bunch of stuff and come up with some truly personalized content and insome cases some people believe it's difficult to tell a difference betweenthat and and a regular human being. I mean i may be an email, but every timethe robo tyler starts talking to me on the phone. I know i'm talking thatisn't human, but but it is an emerging side of the of the equation, a d, i'mcurious. When you work with companies, how do you help themunderstand theimportance of of the risks associated with and wore the optimal way toleverage ai in terms of league generation? It's great. I just had totwo crit calls this morning talking about our intent platform that we useto really cultivate and harvest intent leads with this technology. You canbasically find people that are putting a digital signal out there that they'resomewhere in the buyers journey. We don't know where, until we have aconversation, but you know they're showing interest in a particular topicand it just instead of having a cold list of accounts in person is to go after and make phonecalls to and emails to. You can boil that down to you, so you can prioritizesome hey. This twenty percent is, should a digital signal of some sort,that's the ai n, the machine wearing that the intent can can provide us andevery you's still going to get that...

...person on the phone and have aconversation with them and they're not branded yet with the clients messagingor anything. But you know that it's probably more of abetter conversation for for you to get the appointment as wellas for the young client to have that meeting and try to advance it into pipeone. Okay and there's a big i mean the the privacy aspect, perhaps his big bigthing right start with gdp r, a d: now we got consumer privacy protection actin california, there's a big one in canada. Each of the states are a lot ofthe states, have provosty legislature on their books. That's going to make ita little bit more challenging, i think, for people to get created when it comesto lead gen and then not to mention google's announcement that they'rephasing out cookies and and the explosion we're seeing in the customerdata platform solution space and i'm curious. What impact do you see all theprivacy stuff and then the and the fact that a lot of companies, if theyimplement a customer data platform or a cd, will actually have their own datarather than aggregating it from you know, third parties, what kind ofimpact do you see that having moving forward? Oh wow, i think it's going toit certainly will have a impact. I think you know it's somethingeveryone's going to plan, for you know s talking to people in the industry orover cruder friend of mine in the space and the sdr bdra, whatever acronym peopleuse for the is just that category of employee, whether it's foran out source farm or for you know, direct hire, is exploding, never seenthis kind of demand for this. This outbound person before and i'vebeen doing this for eighteen years in this outsource space. So i think that'sjust going to increase even more because you have to rely on the sdrbdra to really drive those customer engagements at a firm believer anddrive again bound in bound a man to your website and downloading content.That way, so that's also another thing that everyone should be doing to planfor this, but i think it's a it's going to be accelerate the in bout and theoutbound aspect, the alban aspect, and more so in terms of the the calling and help on me mailing.Okay- and you know, when we talk about you know, the largest chalce is so muchgoing on. I mean finding good talent, the date o the privacy, the you know,the belief that people it's hard harder for people to connect these days,although i haven't seen that statistically, but there's this beliefin that, if you had to narrow it down and say hey this company, you knowcompany a this is the largest challenge. You really need to keep your eye on theball, about to ensure your organization or team is effective at prospecting andoutbounding. What would that be help us...

...kind of make sense of the noise? Well, so many mistakes i see start with.It really starts with the list right. What's your ideal customer profile allright how to get that list of akas? And then you know what are those right,personas and start ups, a lot of times? Don't know right there. You don't knowyou don't know until you start talking to people yea and when you have a newcategory of product, you're, puttin pitching, but but even for mature companies. It's allabout the prospect list, the accounts, as well as the personas. You knowbecause it's, whether you're generating top of the funnel leads or you'remaking oupo phone, calls to to get a appointment or to promote,promote an event or something like that. You have to have the right. Email dress,the right phone information. The people are getting accustomed to getting inthis ovid world to getting called in their cell phone for b to b calls youstill get a every once in a while. You get a resistance from it, but you knowit's pretty. It's pretty much. People are used to it now, so that data thatcontact data is is really what it comes to a it willdrive the conversation we measure. One of the kpis we measure is theconversations how many dolls it takes to get a conversation right and thatwill differ for the persona right in the level of that person, the level ofthat persona, and it will differ in certain industries too, but the numberof dials takes the conversation that drives the efficiency of any kind ofalbum effort on in terms of a calling effort versus an albo emailing effort.But you know, and with email it's the the open rates and those kind of things,but the data is you got to spend time at data? If just you can't have as it the data it's the comparison i alwaysmake. Is you know a lot of teams will tell us when we're training them. Youknow hey. I don't have good data, i don't have to dada's like yeah. Youknow what i ride a harley davidson and nobody puts gas on my bike, but me, andso, if i'm, if i'm going to be responsible for the gas in the engine,which is the data if you're prospecting, perhaps maybe we should take someownership of that and it is the key. It is the key to a lot of it. So iappreciate that appreciate that synopsis. So, let's kind of shift herea little bit, we want to also talk about. You know, content syndicationfor the audience. I was like to start a little bit macro. How about adefinition for content syndication what it means to you. A lot of people willgive us different things. So love to hear your perspective on that sure theway we approach it we're our howtown content. Syndication business, which ishalf of our business, is persona base. Again, what's your idealcustomer profile, where are the personage or going after will buildthat audience will engage that audience,... email and drive them to a landy pagewith your content, and you know there has to be some kind of compellingcontent. Ebook wahta er recorded weben er. You know undemanded something,that's compelling right and some kind of messaging that is going to piquetheir interest and you when they download that piece of content. Maybeit's just a download with the contact information. Maybe it's hl is a isgoing to ask a few questions. Few custom questions that can help you inthe sales process, but it's still a top of the fall lead. It's not sales ready,but they're opting in to be in contacted by you, because you gave himsome piece of content that they they found value in okay, and so, let's talkabout you know the content, syndication and the value that you provide. Ifthat's kind of change by the persona right, so how much work would you dorecommend or how much time do you recommend that an organization put into creating that fer the personas or? Isthat something the sdr should do so they're more familiar with the personas?Or is that that marketing, a kind of? What's your thought processon the optimal implementation for contents and syndication strategy? Imean the content absolutely has to be done by marketingin marketing. Con merken can engage agencies to help them develop contentas well. They don't have to have the insight. You know talent and a pole,surprise winning. You know right right, writer, but yes, drs sdrs can be a curator of theirown content. Maybe it's you know public available content or there you knowthey're, obviously, and trying to get drive. Some engagement byyou know in their in their outbound cadence some way, so you have to addvalue or find a trigger. That's personalized to that persona to to getthem to pay attention to you. So obviously, video with piard and loomand other applications, i'm getting a lot of i'm getting a lot of those thatkind of little video snippets, yep video, protecting you in an email nowand that can be valuable. Then that can be more driven individually by by the sdr br right so and it doesn'thave to you know, i think, that kind of authentic. You know everyone's used tovideo and on their iphone now, so you know that little authentic snipped andit doesn't have to be professionally done. But i think, if you know, whitepapers, e books, case studies, you know weben ires, that's all going to bedriven by marketing. You know the the higher level the higher level contentmarketing has to own it and they have to be collaborating with the salesleadership and make sure they're on point with what the clients prospectsare looking to hear from right. What's going to deliver value to them, oexcellent. So when all right, when we...

...put all this together, when should acompany think about outsourcing the rest or teams? What, when does thatmake the most sense for an organition is? Does it differ by age by size? Helpus understand that a little bit, there's kind of two two methodologies.We have both an outsource str model and a paper appointment bottle. The paperpointment model is really reserved for more mature companies, with with somekind of brand recognition they're in the adoption curve, and it's just scale right, speed, scale,feeding that sales team as much pipeline opportunities you can and ifthey've obviously invested a huge amount of money into a large sales team,and you just got a it's a combination of you know. The top of the funnel leadnurture process takes a little time, but you you, so you got to use multiplechannels in that that appointment generation is going to be a quicker way to get sales of planes, butthe startups is where we we really focus on our outsource str,where you know we'll give up. You know, elsin out, o nfd a full time equivelent.We typically do to half time people you know a month is a hundred a d sixtyhours. So you pick a give it give someone. Eighty hours of two people-and that's you know could be when someone's just got: seed funding or anb round of funding in the text base does a typical time where they have todo that and we we co, exists with some companies when you get to see round,runny or greater, we co exist with an outbound appointment, settingappointing generation effort with you, major public companiesthat have largest or teams as well. So it's you know, there's no wrong time to doit in that early stage that early stage company you're really helping them yeah.You want to generate some appointment, so you get some pipeline but a lot oftimes. The goal is to really learn about your your target account and see.If you have a you know the vcs call it do you have a product market fit. Doyou have a you know? Is your product viable to go from around to be round offunding? You know, and you got to be able to tell that you know theleadership of the companies. Ceos cr c m z, s o the cro. Whatever the title isyou got to be able to tell that story to the investors right, oh yeah. We hadthis call. This is this is some pipe line. This is why it's working or orit's not you know it's not working yeah. We got to re, go back and kind ofreinvent yourself and reinventor do some tweak to the product or what not.So so. It really can be helpful for the early stage company in that regard, butyou have to have the right expectations and the right. You know you got tounderstand where you are right. You...

...know: thou start up companies if you'renot in the adoption curve. Yet you got to understand you you're evangelical,you're, trying to define a category sure absolutely all right. So how aboutfor the ance an overview of green leads and how you found yourself there sureso greatly just start in two thousand and seven, the the two founders are good friends of mine linda's and iwould work together for four different companies and mike i'vedone since college, and they actually were both work. For me atmy prior company and after i left that company after fifteenyears i had a little sabatical and then i connected with them for lunch, and herei am. They wanted me to come on board and lead to ship so but green legs. Wewe do, as we just talked about the sdr outs, our stur model for startups, andwe also have that an appointment generation at a per appointment basisfor more mature companies and part of our business. That's growing quite abit right now is the content, indication business. We do thatglobally, the appointment generation we do in the us and europe we have staffin both locations and the content indication we do globally. You knowthrough a ebal, you know email mechanism and then another piece,that's grown quite a bit is event registration. We can do that via emailmarketing is, but we also a telemarketing operation in thecaribbean and south america, so near shore low cost way to deliver thoseleaves at a competitive price without going to either india or or the philippines,which a lot of other folks will do so. So it's about fifty percent of ourbusinesses, the legend content indication, theother, fifty percent of the star business awesome all right. So, let'schange direction here, a little bit. We ask all of our guests two standardquestions towards the n v interview. The first is simply as a co that makesyou prospect for a lot of people out there. Selling stuff- and you knowyou're in the business of prospectives- are really curious to hear your answerto this. When somebody doesn't have a trusted referral into you, somebodythat you trust as to say you should talk to this person, what works for youwhen somebody's trying to capture your attention and earn the right to time onyour calendar. The fails, there's lots of fails out there. You know i get youknow you got how many fifty emails a day with people prospecting you and thefails. Are i still get a long email and it's talking about them right. Thefirst sentence out of the in the email is talking about them. Yea they haven'testablished any connection with me with what my business needs are right. It's kind of equate that to a face toface or a phone call rap, you know throwing up and show showing athrown itright. Now it's a email version of it. So there's a lot of you know a lot ofmistakes from that standpoint, but i...

...would say if you do a littlepersonalization find something that may be topical and you know look i getgreat here, don't say: oh we went to college together. You know we went tothe same college. Well, you know that. Doesn't not that i'm! You know i likemy old college, but it's been a long time right. So so you have to findsomething relevant to the moment. So i think the subject line with that kind ofpersonalization will catch someone's attention and you'll get theopportunity to get ten or fifteen seconds of some one's ability to read the firstparagraph or what you wrote and without hinted the leap button. You know alloitall right last question: we call it our acceleration insight. There's one thing:you could tell sales and marketing professionals, just one piece of advicethat you could give them. You believe, would help them a hint or exceed theirtargets. What would it be? And why now your metrics? No, your metrics, it's anumbers game. So, if you're in the sdr, where all this, how many douses take toget a conversation, what your conversion from conversation toappointment and from a quota carrying sales person,you know again, no know your metrics, how you advancing things from eachstage of the pipe line. What are your percentages? You know why? What's goingto be the triggers that advance those things and this you know skill, you getsome people that are there's highly skilled and they're going to. They maynot have to watch the metrics, but that's the ten percent right, the otherninety percent. If you really have to know your metrics, and so you can keepon track and don't ever fall behind and you so many times yousee in sales, some of that they close a lot of business at the end of thequarter and they're like who yeah yeah, i made my number for the quarter andthey look at the review mirror and they got a empty pipe light. Hou knowbecause they, just they just drained it and they didn't invest along the wayand keeping the pipe line fall right and it's hard to do. That's one of thereasons why the sdr medir function has grown significantly over the pastfifteen years, absolutely yeah and it's it is one of the canons for four salesraps, but hopefully with the increase in str and their and theireffectiveness. Well, that that will solve the problem. So, michael can't,thank you enough for being on the show. Where would you like his to send peoplethat are interested in learning more about you or green leaves werediscussing some of the topics we've touched on today. Sure my email is mikedot farrell, it's f, a r r ell at green leadcoloured spells his name wrong. Soit's farr, elo and green lead is www, green lescom, excellent, excellent!Can't! Thank you enough for being one show. It's been an absolute pleasureall right, sid appreciate it all right,...

...everybody that does it for this episode.You know the drill be to be revizor with friends. Family co workers feellike what you hear. Do it's a favor and write a review on itunes until nexttime we a value selling associates, which we all nothing, but the greatestsuccess. You've been listening to the b to brevenue executive experience to ensure that you never miss an episodesubscribe to the show and itunes for your favorite podcast player. Thank youso much for listening until next time. I.

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