The B2B Revenue Executive Experience
The B2B Revenue Executive Experience

Episode · 8 months ago

Building Brand Strength Through Search Engine Optimization w/ Ken Knorr


Back in the day, having a good SEO meant writing, publishing, backlinks, and never thinking about that strategy again.

Things have changed since then!

On this episode of the B2B Revenue Executive Experience, I chat with That Company CEO Ken Knorr, about all things Search Engine Optimization. Ken tells me all about how the pandemic and social media has changed the landscape for marketers worldwide. We touched on:

  • Marketing opportunities as we transition to a new normal
  • How social media affects Search Engine Optimization
  • Approaching brand social and search strategy all up
  • What role brand awareness plays in rankings on Google

This post includes highlights of our podcast interview with Ken Knorr, CEO of That Company.

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You're listening to the BTB revenueexecutive experience, a podcast, dedicated helpin executives, traintheir sales and marketing teams to optimize growth, whether you're lookingfor techniques and strategies were tools and resources. You've come to theright place. Let's accelerate your growth in three two one: welcome everyone to the B tobe revenue executive experience. I'm your host ChadSanderson today we're talking about how to build your brand strength during apandemic. What effect social has on Seo and many other topics related tomarketing tell us we have with us Kennor, CEO and founder of that company.Can thank you for taking time and welcome to the show Eg. Thanks forhaving me, I'm oin figur man awesome. So before we jump in, we always like toask a random question. Just so our audience gets to know you a little bitbetter and curious to know something. You're passionate about that. Thosethat know you largely through your professional persona may be surprisedto learn yeah. So I am a woodworker and I love to build on on the side. I lovebuilding furniture and I think most of my employees know that, but I don'tthink most people that that interact with me professionally know that I findit amazingly relaxing to take something physical and to to turn it into you, kN w somethingbeautiful afterwards. It was. It was funny during a company meeting, notthat long ago. Somebody actually compared me and my management style tosand paper and actually a very good way n. The way that I am I'm in your faceand I'm rough, but it is all about taking you and molding you intosomething better and learning. What's inside of you and bringing that out-and I was like wow- that's exactly what I do and woodworking I love the term- Idon't know if you know hat woad turning is but Tawe gonna put it ONA thing andspin it. I love taking a block of wood and seeing something in there thatnobody else sees ANM making it i'mabout that that's awesome, love. It love thedescription and I'm glad to know that it relates to your management style aswall. I didn't know that is employy pointed it out and I'm like wow, that'sa huge compliment, because it's also a passion of mind, and I do. I try tomold make things perfect, so we're barely into twothousand and twenty one right and we're still everybody still dealing with andthere's light at the end h time, but we're still deing with the pandemic andstuff like that, and the changes that's made to the business landscape acrossdifferent industries, but would love to understand. You know with yourbackground and your experience, insights or opportunities, marketingopportunities that you see during this kind of transition to a new normal yeah.So it's kind of the same as it was... the beginning of this. My my mindsetwas that was the time to actually grow it. I think you've got companies stillout there that are kind of hunkering down and so there's an opportunity toexpand your your market share and I'll. Go back to the example that I like totalk about is proctor and gamble, and proctor and gamble prior to or aroundthe Great Depression, was in a very arguably the greatest financialcollapse of the world in modern history anyway, and and they they brought. I don't know ifyou know a story about them, but they were just a average everyday company at that time,a small business that was, you know, struggling to do whatthey do and they all of a sudden had you know all their orders and stufffrom grocery stores and everywhere else were just coming to an end or being cutback and as they came into the Great Depressionand they decided to take on this new marketing medium at that point, whichwas radio, was Tien on new and they developed and started sponsoring veryheavily serialized daytime dramas. Okay, and when I say serealized daytimedramas, Meanin the daytime drama on radio would continue the story tomorrowright they were the the name behind it because they sponsored all these andthat's where the term soap operas came from was them. They literally built their entire brand.On marketing to lives at home housewives at home, that would listento these dramas every day and then associate it with their products likeivory and suds, and all of these other things- and they are now one of the largest, if not the largestconsumer products brand on the planet, and that was their launch came out ofan incredibly bad time, and and so when we talk about what our marketingopportuntes marketing opportunities are, there's no better time than now, and ifyour competitor are Gon, Ta Hunker Down, don't match them. In fact, outmarketthem take market share, B, Brave B, bold go out there and do it and youknow prem pre show we were talking. You know, you've had a growth here, we'vehad a growth here. I would not have called that at the beginning of thisright. I don't know anybody knew what was going to happen at the beginning, OF on this right. I and then you say, there's a light of the init tunnel andI keep saying that's, not a train, that's on a Trainin that absolutely we hope it's not, althoughno, I In't know what O thosand and twenty was going to bring. Who knowswhat Ta Twenty One's going to bring yeah? I think it's a you know it's the so many people, Wou d, Say there'snowhere else, but up- and I can. I can definitely appreciate that sentiment, but there's always up is always there.So I think anybody that is going to...

...look at today's marketing environmentand and be afraid now, entrepreneurs, business sowners, wereall kind of risktakers. Anyway, at least the great ones are and yeah now doubledown, don't hunger downdouble thewm yeah, there's opportunity if you're willing to you know, take therisk and put in the time and the effort in the focus now compared to what pandgwas doing back in the day with the radio so e, as were ing a you know,much more complex technology kind of situation, and so there's a bigcomponent to marketing that comes down to Seo and so would love to just aquick overview in Laman's terms for those that are listening. That may notbe as familiar with SEO and how it's realized. But we love to just kind ofset some context around that sure Seo Search Ingin optimizations the idea ofhelping improve your rankings on the search engines and what we call thenatural or organic results. That's the whe. You do assearch the en youreobviously hit with some pay dads and things like that. But it's stuff downbelow that that you we talk about thise organic rankings and whether or notwe're going to be. You know ranked first, second or four thousand. Youknow obviously moving up on that list and being closed to number one or beingnumber one. Is A game changer for a number ofcompanies and bring them a lot of opportunities, wherther led generation,presales or whether it's ECOMMERCE or whatever being in those top positions,definitely has an impact on a lot of businesses. So it's changed a lot overthe years it used to just be well. It was a lot about backlinks and it had alot to do with other websites linking to you. It still does to some degree,but not as much anymore, and I has to do with the content. That's on yourwebsite. I think that when we talk about, you know successful sceostrategies, they involve a lot, but I think probably one of the things-that's that's surprising, to most people now, even if they've beeninvolved in doing somesouo or they work with the SCEO firm or whatever. Is thattoday, what we call rank brain which is googles, AI technology, it watches user,behavior and usyour behavior has become much more of a ranking signal, aranking factor than ever before. So it's. In short and I'll just give youthis, so you understand it from a really layman sterm if you were to do asearch for whatever keyword, doesnat matter of phrase, and you see theresults that come up. If you look at the first result and you don't like itor it doesn't really interest you and you move on, and you click on thesecond result. And then let's say you, you didn't really like the secondresult. Once you got there and you bounced out and came back to the searchresultand you moved down and you clicked on the third result, and thenyou came back out and then you clicked on the fourth result and when youclicked on the fourth Rirsall, you stayed in there. You didn't come backout. BWHAT. Did that path? Tell Google well! The first thing it said to toGoogle was that the number one result which you didn't even click on was notinteresting to you, and so Google...

...questions, whether that should benumber one or not. In essence, if you're familiar with he, the idea ofcrowd, funding, lots of people, imagine crowd sourcing or crowd infromatics,where Google is analyzing, literally millions of users in their behaviorsand they go hey. Lots of users are just not clicking on that. First result: itprobably doesn't belong in first and so it'll derank you based on useurbehavior, and they did click on the second, but theydidn't stay. They did click on the third, but they didn't stay. Theyclicked on the fourth and they stayed. Maybe the fourth needs to move up souser behavior is duiding a lot of what we see now and search engine results,and so you know paying attention to youranalytics was never something an seo person used to do. We never botheredcare wed, look at and go. We got number one ranking we're happy, but now observing usour behavior retainyou know what we call bouance rate time on site. All of these pieces are nowsuch huge factors in Seo and most SEO. Practitioners, just don't pay attentionto it and they don't understand why they're doing what they're doing youknow acquiring backlinks and building content and all that, but they don'tunderstand why they're not getting their success, and so I think that's an important distinctiontoday on what's going on in our world the best yeah Wenl, a lot of that willdepend on the content right thet. Do you do you present? When I jump say Iclick on litle third link and I jump in there. Did I present something that wasgoing to capture or connect with the individual? Who might have you know Imight have shown up because of their search terms. So there's a correlation,I think, between the content creation, the execution of it all that I thinkfrom what I've seen some people struggle with right. It becomes verydifficult for them to understand how to how to kind of don't want to say gamethe system, but come up with a content strategy that that takes into accountthe USOUR behavior or that is flexible enough to still be sticky dependentupon changes in search terms. How do you work with companies to help themkind of figure that out and understand it yeah? So that's a great observation, Chad. We wetalk about. There's a single word for that its engagement right does. Doesthe the user engage with your content? Do they do they read it? Do they scroll?DO THEY CLICK? Is there something to click on? Is something interesting toclick on? What am I you know? Am I getting engagement with the user andWeb content? We've known this for a long time is not read in the same waythat other content as read. So if you were to pick up a book and you thinkabout how your reading habits of a book are it's you're, literally going toread, read, read, read, read flip the page. Read read, wait a second back up.Let me reread that again for clarity and understanding, Reed Rad rage,you're reading through everywhord in the newspaper different you're, goingto you're, going to open up the look at the front page of a newspaper. I knowthis is old school and some people like what's the newsparer put in a newspaper,you you look at the front page of...

...newspaper and headline headline,interesting headline, read, read, read, read, read skip to a three splip, thepages finish. Reading the article lose interest back to the front page againheadline headline interesting one: that's a more similar behavior to howweb content is consumed is consumed when they come on to the page. TheySkim for headlines, they're. Looking for something theyre searching ten gotthem there. They were searching a phrase. They la Google showed it to h mby the way. The very first thing that you got is a title tag. That'sdisplayed in the search result and those titles are Ns Ande your headlinesand those ar the headlines Yaure competing with everybody else'sheadlines, and so is your headline engaging to get him to click in thefirst place and then, when they do click and and they come onto thewebsite- are they they made it to the page? Was that headline something thatdrew them in and now you're using htos and other like paragraph hetders andthings like that as they skimm down through this content,they're looking for the next piece and they're looking for that click righttheyre, they will click if they find something th t that will drive them andengage them. Do you bury everything in your menus? Do your menus make sense is,are your calls to action, even within the page or your calls to action,contact US button in the menu, which is not a really good, callf action, youknow. Maybe I want to do a contextual call, the action for more informationabout how we can help you with whatever the pade subject is. You know, Clickhere, giveen, three year old instructions, you know like your manyear old, give them it really simple and in their in their pacen and Creatineage, ind content. Then I guess the the really important part chat is that arewe even watching this e? Do our door wer using tools out there that will?Let us see that engagement. Do you you know. Do we know that like, forinstance, there's heat maps and what we call scroll maps there's tools outthere they're not very expensive, for you to put in place that you can sayyeah, I'm driving a lot of visitors, this page but they're, not evenscrolling a third of the way down the clicks and the calls the action that Ihave down at in this section of the page. Nobody sees them, okay! Well,what do I got to do so? First things awareness pay attention to use ourbehavior most people aren't most people are not using tools to even look at it.Most marketers just stop short mand. They write ther content and they put itup there and they catch ranking and then they quit and they they go well.The Way to get us from position you know for to position. One is: Let's go,get more backlinks, no missing it! You're missing that US Er BehaviorAngle: You don't even realize going on Oll. You know it was interesting. Thisis not new information right, brain's been around since two thousand andsixteen it's becoming more and more a major factor, but there's a company outthere that does reporting, don't know if you're familiar with a company CalleSM Rush, but sm rush did a ranking, factor's report back in two thousandand nineteen, and they said the number... ranking factor and there's aquestion. Instead of a factor is a causation of correlation and there's athere's, a difference there but, and the number one rinking factor wasdirect visitors. NONSEARCH visoners, in other words, people that were goingdirectly to your website. They were, they found a clear correlation betweensites that had high traffic and great rankings, and the high traffic hadnothing to do with the rankings, meaning that people were going therebecause a brand awareness and when you see that that correlation and you gowhat. How is that possible? It kind of goes into how like what effect e socialmedia have, and that is your brand recognition if you're third on the listand a person IV a search and they go. Oh, I know that company. I have trustand value in that third, one I'll click on that one I'll skip the first twothat behavior will move you up on the Lis. Well, let's, let's dive into thatfor sine, because there's the user behavior piecis fascinating. To me Imean anybody. That's watched the social dilemma or any you know paid attentionto how a lot of the social media stuff works, and I forget to forget the nameof the author, but there's an awesome book called the surveillance economythat we're now in and user behavior is the product. How does Social Amediaaffect the SEO? I want. I want to go a little bit deeper Ini, a lot ofdifferent wangs one. Obviously, what we're talking about USOUR, behavior,brand awareness, trust value B, number one factor or your selection of a cardealer is referral. In other words, somebody else said something: Hey look,that's a great dealer. That's a number one factor of how people make choicesis ar Sol referral. Social media is that,if you think about it, social media people are mentioning or reviewsthey're saying negative things about a companyor, they're, saying positivethings about a company. You know when you see an ad, that's running in socialmedia and thert's, followed by a bunch of Commens, and you look at thecomments and you know they're, saying scammers and whatever you put somethingin your head or if they're saying yeah. This is awesome or check this out oftheir tagan other people, whatever social media has that effect on fre priming t e engine Ifpoel forsearch. We can. We can set aside the fact that Ar we know some basics, thatyou know some social media create back links right so tutor when we lusia linkthat crates backlings facebook less important. So because a lot of facebook,communication and links are actually hidden from from Google. They can't seeit if people aren't publicly sharing everything. You know Pintris to helpyou with backlings and stuff like that, but set aside the backlinks picture fora minute, it's that priming of the pump of the obbor brand, so that if I'm inthe marketplace for something and now I go out and do a search for it and thatbrand now shows up in the search and I'm familiar with that brand, because Isaw it in social media or I saw a friend talking about it or whatever.That has a massive impact on unuser behavior and it could even besubliminal to some nigger, meaning that...

...the ads have been even about Bau. Youknow so you've heard all these crazy stories, I'm sure out there you I wasjust talking about whatever and then suddenly the ads started following mein facebook right now, Dude I've had the ad in front of you the whole timeyou just haven't been paying attention. You've been oblivious to it nowsuddenly, because you are searching for it now you see me and yet I've beenthere. The whole time or I've been you've been in an audience that I'vebeen marketing you for a long time. You just really weren't interested in andnow all of a sudden you are, and now that you've taken notice of me, you can't stop seeing me everwhere yougo on there, I you buy a car right and then all of a sudden, you see tha howmany of those cars are on the road you didn't notice before yeah. That'sexactly the point that that is, I you know, and and sometimes you haven't Ennbought the car. Yet just because you are thinking about that, audiorwhatever and then you're like man, there's one and there's yeah, there'severywhere there everywhere right. So I that is an impact thet social media hasan so for sure. Is that brand awareness brand recognition? It is another angleand social media you've got, I think, most advertises, don't even realize,but that that social media? You sometimes can't count your budget andsocial media as being a direct conversion budget, meaning that I'mgoing I'm going to run ADS and like in paper, click on regular search paperclick. I go. I'm going to spend this much money and I'm going to get thismany clicks in I'm Goin to get this many sales or at this many leans, it'ssocial media a lot of times advertise going with the same mindsit of otherpaper click platforms, and they go I'm going to spend this much and expect toget a certain conversion rate back and that's not social medias angle or play.As is television. You don't look for directconversions and television. You really are looking for brand impression andimpact on other marketing efforts that you're doing when we think about what'shappening at the moment that the person sees our message in social media islike the same as Thi thinking about what's happening at the moment. If theysee our message on television, are they going to stop right then, and call nothey're, not I'm on social media, I'm? Actuallythere probably checking out what my you know. Wife's friend cooked for dinner,I'm using that as a as a downtime of enjoyment. I am not there DU businessunless I'm in you know, you're selling, a product that is like an impulse by aa know, sweatshirt or something that's interesting. I don't know, butgenerally speaking, I am not there. Business tit's recreational time forthe average human they're just absorbing content, and so that brandimpression matters and now, when the person is ready to do business,they'reout doing intentional searches, they're doing whatever now they'relooking for a product and they're like I recognize that product. I recognizethat brand I'm going to do, I'm going to look at them first and that's swayit's about social mo medias bout, lifting your other marketing efforts op!So it's a complex web right, so you've... the so side you with contentcreation, side, you've got the social media impacts and when and where do Ineed to be there? So when you're working with companies, how do you youknow concisely? Give them a clear North Star to approach the brand social andSCO strategy wow, it's so for us. It's very verymuch so it's very, very much a custom approach, so every everybody'sdifferent and be like trying to give you advice about. You know: There's some basics. I guesswe could say in there. If I was going to give you advice about losing weigh.We know that there's some basics there that we should say you know youexercise and need to eat better, but I think it is really more about you too.I mean if you you need to use, lose weight en your five hundred pounds. Er.You need to lose weight in your right now, you're a hundred and ninety, andyou want to be a hundred and eighty. The goals are a little different andand the approach might be a little different right as to how we're goingto get you from Pointa O pointb. So you know it is about taking a look at whatis going to have an impact for you. So I think tha, the short answer and I'mnot giving this short ans errbody be along win. Your answer is lowhangingFrut. First, so, let's, let's go after this stuff. That's going to have animpact to move the needle where we an we analyze. You and you've got organicrankings and you're from an Nessio standpoint and you're out on page tofor this stuff and let's go figure out what we can de to bring page to to pageone or you have no rankings at all. Well. Is that going to be an impact?That's that's a marathon we're about to enter into Sois, not a short game.THAT'S A long game! Maybe we ought to look at you know traditional paperclick where we can see some of that. I amjust money and I get back clicks andI get you know qualified leads or you know, opportunities in front of me.Social Media is going to be supportive, Batd, maybe there's a play there, butwe out to experiment to it. So it's there was an old, an old saying it waswan a maker and want to make her storags up north. He said I know thathalf my advertising is working. I just don't know what Hav well digital. You can figure that out.So you can figure out. WHATH TAP is working, you can figure out which partyou're working so a you know: Adventure and analyze. Let's look at what'sworking, let's work, look this what not work in efficiently move to and everyand so the answer on that is everyone's custom, but and it has to be agiileright, it has to be an antaliterative process. There is no like hey here's,your answer and you can run for you know three years. It doesn't doesn'twork like that anymore, because people are so engaged digitally, and you knowI don't know, let's say a pandemic breaks out or there's you know otherthings that happene that you didn't expect that impacts and ripples throughall of it, so that e that ability to look at the analytics and pivot, Ithink, becomes critical the way to do it. Well, unless I'm missing somethingis you have to understand how the pieces of the puzzle fit together nowand then can be rearranged as the data...

...changes in the insights change, soyou're constantly staying on top of the best opportunities for Your Business?Is that a fair assessment that is the greatest himenbut and they had been butstep number one is first poll just watch bay attention, no seriously we get, and and and sooften and I ther're different leaders in different places. An differentcompanies are in different in different places in their evolution as a companyright, but you need to be setting key performance indicators. You need to bemeasuring it, you need to be watching it and you need to be watching aboutthe parts that matter and you could certainly just focus on outcomes andsay well, we got this. Many leads this month and this many leads turned inthis many presentations. Turning this many sales and maybe their companiesnot even measuring that level, but you certainly need to be observing andwatching and paying attention to what's going on, and you talk about Agil, itcan be what a competitor did last month, that or yesterdday rig give you anopportunity can be what a competitor did yesterday that can blow yourcompany apart. You know- and it can be as something as simple as me being onthis interview and saying something stupid that could also you know, turn turn me into the PIRIA. You know Imean so it is adul. I is, I is a great word and isprobably even more aguile than we realize do'. Doubt allright. So II'ltalk about you talk about Pandamac, it's funny, apandemic. We we talk aboutpandemic and how it's spread across the world right. It is the definition ofviral. It is a rih right. We look at. We want our marketing to goviral and, if you think about that for just a second and you go dang a wordthat I said today, an in a podcast could suddenly be blown up and or wideand could have either incredible impact on me or devastating impact on me isalways out there yeah absolutely a his a short work. Nice, it's a short wordfor it, for a very large concept fora Ye. So, let's Change Direction here, alittle bit. We ask all of our guest two standard questions towards H: inofveachinterview, the first as simply as a CGEO. That makes you a prospect for alot ot of sales people out there than I'm always curious to learn. Ifsomebody doesn't have a referral like they're, not not brought to you fromyour network or a trusted source, what have you found works the best for youwhen somebody's trying to capture your attention and earn the right to time onyour calendar? Okay, I'm going to answer that in a different way. So I'mgoing to answer it in the negative. I will tell you what will not yet youtime, O Makeou and I think it's important, becausesometimes it's some of the best lessons are to know what not to do versus whatto do. I don't know exactly what would attract to get your. You know time onmy couenter, but I can tell you for sure what will get you not on mycalendar I have and and let's just go into the cold calling world oftelemarketing people that are just ing a cold reach and to US trying to get ahold of me and want to talk to me about...

...whatever the worst and will absolutelyget you basically banned from me, and I will don't matter how great yourcompany is. I Wan't do business with you. I won't tell you you won't get mycouenter. I will never a business with you and that is to lie to my gaykeeperand tell him. Oh, I have a meeting scheduled, ith, Hom I'll, take thosephone calls and then I'll call your ass out. She's noke! That's right! I willcall you out. I will say you told my you told my my front. Dest person be ata meeting with me and they's like yeah, I'm like how do you think that our relationshipstarting off on a false hatit's, going to go right? Like really, I mean youthink this is going to work well for you that I realize that you lie topeople that you're. The everything you're about to tell me about yourproduct and how great it is, is not all also a lie. I can't start arelationship in that place. I just can't right, and so I've got problemswith that, and I've got guys that are working the phones for my business. Igot guys that are hustling and working hard and all I can you know say it's:Let's just be real. Let's be honest: Let's provide value, lets dil. We canit's a hard world out there, but if the way you're going to get on mycalendar or the way that you're going to think you're going to get on mycalentars by adothing, to give me some kind of false thing. Well, I'mreturning Ken Scollen I've never called you in my life, it's just not Goinno,be a good start for you with me. How about hat yeah know, and I think it's agreat. I think it's a great insight because people buy from people andthere has to be relationship. It's all about trust, credibility and report.Are you providing value to them? Have you done your homework? Do you reallyhave something that is that you truly believe is going to help themsolveproblems. You believe they have, or are you just going down a list seeing ifyou can hook, somebody and you'll do any unethical thing necessary. Thoseare the individuals that give the rest of us a bad name. So I think it's agreat share for the for the audience. Our last question: We call it ouracceleration insight. One thing: If you could give one piece of advice to salesor marketing professionals that you believe, if they listen to, would helpthem hit or exceed their targets. What would it be and why st going to befocused in sales people and something we taught? I taught I don't evenremember where I got it from and it's the APRONYM CN so you'familiar with cms. No, I don't think so. Okay, so we call so here's the deal. Asalesperson spends a lot of time sales, people, sales, professional, spend alot of time chasing down prospects that they had a meeting with, and they thinkthat you know it was a really good opportunity. It was a really incrediblemeaning, and I think this is a great prospect and the the short part of thisis recognizing that no is good as well as is as good to a sales professionalas yes, as we know that we got to get through a lot of nose to get to theEssis. That's just kind of the math part of dealing with sales, but no isfreedom. Getting a note from a prospect means that I can now focus my time onthe guys. That might say yes, because I jusgot the noe from em theah. We talkeabout overcoming objections and all...

...that, but actually getting to a now isa good thing. So one of the things that'll get you the no quickest is isCNS, which is clear. Next Stup never get off of an interaction with somebodywithout having a clear next step, not hey how about. If I give you a buzz nextweek, give me a call next week to I'll, let you know I'll, take a look at thatproposal. Ju Just Followu Wir the next week, no n! No, no! That's not clear!It's a next step, but it's not clear. Clarnece Stup is when that person saysto me I've just given them a proposal had a great meeting with them. Here'syour proposal and I say: Listen Jis Wednesday or Thursday, two o'clock onWednesday or three o'clock on Thursday work best for you, so that I can follow up with you about this and thatperson, if they object at that moment, to take the next stup. It's a signalsomething's wrong. If they're excited absolutely I'll take Wednesday at twoo'clock that feels a lot better than the guy that goes thed. Okay, so do you need more time thanthat? Do you can I how about the following week on on Tuesday andthey're still objecting? Well? Listen. I don't want to waste your time and I'msure you don't want to waste my time if this doesn't seem like it's a proposal.That's going to work out for you. Why don't we just call it here and be justpart. O is friends. I mean if you're not happy with it, but other than that.My calendar is busy, and I know yours is because it took me forever to getyou to take the first meeting with them. So I tell you: Can I just go ahead andget on your counter, so we have a clear follow up pro on this, so that we cantake care of this D. move forward. You're excited about moving forwardare't you so that clear next stup right will help you secure the objection orfind the objection, r uncover the objection, but nevertheless getting aknow as a good thing. And so, if I can get a know- and I don't have to followthe we spend as sales professionals, we spent way to Dag a much time making thecall back to that guy and en sendin an email to him and going hey, hey, hey or,let's take thet's, get a meening together. Ets. Follow lets followthrough on this. Meanwhile, what we call- and we call them crickets silent on US- We can't hear a thing andI'm wasting all this time. So the clear next Tup lets me go ahead and just lockthat down. While I'm in the interaction with you right now, Jad you could set acleardex Tu. It me I coul Sedo clearacept with you, and if we can't dothat, then we're not going to do business anyway, right Yep, I love it.Nice and concise, yeah sns, Clar Nex step always have a clearnext step. You're just chasing your tail. Ifyou're, if you don't have the next step, already set up excellent, all right Ken.So if a listners interested in learning more about that company or talking toyou, where do you want us to send them sure, so we on a regular basis, put onan offer for people that want to reach back out to US CA. You know to that.COMPANYCOM H, podcast and you'll see whatever our offer is evergreen, so youListento to this three years from now. They'll still be something there. Ithink right now, they're offering a couple of different things, but one ofthe things a're doing is a a jokebook like you can get a marketing on toheare marketing jokes to theyre check... out. So I think it's one of the call toaction. If you, if nothing else, humor yourself right, so you can go there. You can alwaysreach out to me on Social Meniim at Ken nor Kenknorr out on twitter, and youcan find me on on link den as well so we'lhave to connect with anybody whowants to learn more about what we do and if I can help you, I can help youvery excellentl Kan. I can't think you eknough for taking time it's been anabsolute pleasure to have you on the show chat. It was a blast ban. Thankyou all right, everybody that does it this episode. You know the drillll beto be REVIZECCOM shure. The episode with Friends Family Go Workers Yeou,like what you hear leave is Te Review on itunes. Until next time we avevalselling associates which will nothing but the greatest success. You've been listening to the BTBrevenue executive experience to ensure that you never miss an episodesubscribe to the show in Itunes or your favorite podcast player. Thank you somuch for listening until next time.

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