The B2B Revenue Executive Experience
The B2B Revenue Executive Experience

Episode · 11 months ago

What It Takes to Build a World-Class Silicon Valley Sales Team w/ Ken Grohe


From COVID research to autonomous vehicles, AI is changing the world.

So, it’s no surprise that some of the biggest deals happen in the tech sector.

But you don’t have to move to California if you want a world-class sales team fit for Silicon Valley.

You just need to listen to Ken Grohe, President & Chief Revenue Officer at WekaIO, who shares the secrets to Silicon Valley selling in today’s episode.

We discuss:

  • How to get your team members selling when you aren’t in the room
  • Why appearances still matter
  • Ken’s unique title

This post includes highlights of our podcast interview with Ken Grohe, President & Chief Revenue Officer at WekaIO.

For the entire interview, you can listen to The B2B Revenue Executive Experience.

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You need to prepare your champion tosell in the room that you're not in. You're listening to the BDB revenue executiveexperience, a podcast dedicated to helping executives train their sales and marketing teamsto optimize growth. Whether you're looking for techniques and strategies or tools and resources, you've come to the right place. Let's accelerate your growth in three,two, one. Welcome everyone to the BB revenue executive experience. I'm yourhost, Chad Sanderson. Today we're talking about what it takes to build worldclass marketing and sales organizations for tech companies in Silicon Valley, as well asthe impact aim machine learning or having on business. To help us, wehave with US can growing president, chief revenue officer of Wekka and prior tothat also was owner of sign, now in the number three e signature company, after Docu sign and Adobe sign, which I'm sure everybody living in thevirtual world knows all about. This today, can thank you so much for takingtime and welcome to the show. Thanks, Chad. Long time listenerand observer and Fan. I'm glad to be first time on the guest I'mcalling you or talking to you this beautiful zoom link here and Santa Cruz withthe silicon value. Most people are it's about twenty minutes just south, rightaround the ocean. Awesome time, but thank you for having me. OhIt's my pleasure. And so let's start with those that may not be asfamiliar with you as I am. I like to start with a customer thatquestion. That helps our listeners get to know you a little bit better.And it's been one heck of a crazy year and I'm curious when you lookback over the last year, what's the largest lesson you've learned? You needto prepare. Sorry, we'll talk about this later. About half my timeI'm buying things and half the time I'm selling that unique guest. How youneed guests with the president title. So you need to prepare the people you'rehaving your cultivating your champion. I'm sure everyone knows what champions are, soI won't go down back. You need to prepare your champion to sell inthe room that you're not in. Yes, and I tell my sales people allthe time, if you don't have five champions with five piece of materialand over case of at least five times you don't have them one, butthe biggest piece of material I would have is have your business proposal, haveyour your full case, specially covid times, because back in March, I remember, my boss came in and said shut down everything, rock talking everything, don't spend money, don't hire. If you have an offer, letterout, if they haven't signed it, take it back. So my pointbeing is, and things have got a lot better and progress since then.But my point being is you have to arm your champion to sell for you. None the same. We you do it, but the way that theywould do it, because it's just impossible in a zoom world where you coulddo it all in everyone's in front of you all the time. Prepare thatfor that subcommittee and in relish it if you could. Hope that helps chat. Yeah, I know, perfect. And so your veteran executive would companyfrom bear crew to to to delium see, just to name a couple. SoI'm really curious. What was it about whack of that drew you tothis opportunity? Well, I'm a proud dad of three daughters and so legacyreally matters to me. So I wanted a clear path to an IPO.I really think that's cool. When I was at Baracouda, they be ableto go public and actually go private. And but in this particular case Ithink the world needs a, I guess, a modern data platform. So littleway that vmwhere went to market, and I think the path is prettyclear for us to go to an IPO and the next few years excellent.And so all right, it's an interesting title, the interesting role, right, president and chief evinue officer. And so when you look at building upthis organization, it with that I on IPO. What are the primary areasyou focus on to build the type of scalability and make sure the revenue engineis scalable that you need to achieve that goal? Well, thanks, Chad. Yeah, is a unique title, having presidency Ro. Why would youdo that? Well, I wanted to own the full customer life cycle.I wanted own what they were clicking on the website, literally on, youknow, decision point one and then all...

...the way through after they buy it, and the repeatability and get to a high MPs. So to answer question, I spend most of my time on and I don't really like the wordfunnel. I prefer the real the word fly wheel, because I think itleads towards it. I have a higher ticket product here at WACCA, butI spend most of my time working on organically what customers see, the userexperience. Then nurturing existing customers. You be you'd be surprised. Everyone's alwaystrying to get to the net new which is great, but there's a lotof people that have you know, your company has dealt with throughout the years. For eximpt, we have a fiftyzero person database record size on our crm. How do you nurture those? And then, more importantly, will probablytalk about this and you'r ensuing questions. How do you nail the PERSAUNA?How do you know who exactly is buying from you and speak to them intheir phrase over and over and over again? Because that's what a really businesses for. Consulting Company, a business has a repeatable emotion that goes over andover. You got a nail the PERSONNA. You get to be able to nurturepeople who, for some reason that time he wasn't there. We'll talkabout band later, but on the key on Bant isn't there and then againexercaly matters. I live in a world full of sprints. Versus Waterfall,and I live in a world where it's more web properties versus carbon based lifeform, although we vers both and I think the synagist of all three certainly helps. Okay. And so when you look at and put together those sales andmarketing teams, what do you see as their commonalities, the rescipe for success? We've all worked in organizations where there's this seems to be this friction point, like marketers don't really know what sales people do and sales people really don'thave a understanding of effective marketing communication. So I'm curious when you're looking atbuilding this team focused on that rapid growth, what do you see is their commonalities? Are the things that you're focused on in order to make sure thoseorganizations are successful working together? Well, it's funny to mention that that whenthis position was recruited for, it was for a cro which, just tobe clear, is I've been a VP of sales forever, but I thinkthe fancy title went from VP of sales chat over to Cerro what around twothousand and two thousand and fourteen, and maybe the paygrade went up a littlebit. But specifically I changed the game and said I'll take the job,but I have to be president. Why? I want to control the inbound.I need to control the enbound. I didn't want to depend on someonewho didn't understand the PERSAUNA and that we're crying to go after. Specifically,it's a newer title, and I'll talk about this a little bit. Wekind of endear ourselves to a chief data officer. CDO and I know youmight laugh at that, but then you know who wouldn't have laughed at therole of chief people officer seven years ago, or who on the chief revenue officerfor a VP OF SALES? But the INTR question marketing, customer success, and I called own the number our sales all rallies around the chief dateofficer, which is someone who's between a data scientist and it. And weall know the goodness of it. There's also some badness of it. Asa move that fast, it's pretty rigorous. Good News. It keeps US safe, he keeps he set a breach. I know there's a big breach ifyou week. Still we're all talking about but then on the other side, the data scientist, the people that are literally currying covid with vaccines orcovid resiliency or major breakthroughs and some other initiatives. But if you can synergize, you know people coming typically for Mecademy of the HPC world, high performancecompute and the connection with it. The chief data officer is opera sauna andit's someone who can navigate the terrain and do both of them. So theyanswer question. Marketing cares about the chief date officer and the user experience.For our company, sales obviously targets them and works with them, and thenour customer success people want to make it so that's easier. So that's therise for the next decade of a certain job title that certainly get help allof life do better in all of the world. You better perfect. Andso let's go back to that fly wheel for a second. When you havein the minute you have one person in a room, you can do somethingconsistently. The minute you had a second person of the room, it consistencyof behavior and execution becomes a bit of a challenge. And so when you'rebuilding out the organization, how do you get them all aheaded in the samedirection and keep them in alignment so that... were generating the most consistent behaviorsfrom employee to employee, rep to rep to maximize that that buying experience orengagement with with your customers. Awesome question, Chad. Let's talk about a linemanforever. You could worry about alignement twenty four hours a day and he'sstill wouldn't get there. If you get alignment. We just came off atthis morning and it's kind of weird week. Some people are on, seeple areoff. I told everybody. If you're on this week, which withyou and I are, obviously are investing yourself, so to specific we doa lot of what I would call game ready environment. What I mean bythat is we might run mixtapes. Yes, sorry, I'm a child of theS mixtapes is you know, across our sales team, teams, therea couple inflection points that really matter. A couple sales pitches that were reallywell are, a couple use cases really well. Are a couple essays dida great job in a demo. Let's take those and sort of date myselfin a digital world. But take those snippets, those seven minutes, sevenminutes snippets that really nail themselves and replay them in mixtapes and marketing list isthose stales, list of those and customer success, and it's kind of abadge of honor that you get on a chance to do that. So beingas customer centric as possible, showing those snippets of what really worked and sometimeswhat didn't work right. I think creating a safe place where some marketing messagesjust don't get bought in or some sales pitches marketing roles are all eyes andsays, why are you talking about a a use case that has nothing todo with what we've decided? I mean that doesn't make sense. So Monday'sare big for us. It's not your typical Fridays. We go through,okay, where's the forecast? But a Monday's are big. It's game ready, role play. We go through as is into the basically, here's acustomers environment, here's our customer work up or put your own product in there. How's their life different? House Change Management Different? How's workflow different?How you getting your champions? You getting everybody across their environment to buy inwith all the changes? Because I was bussed to have Scott mcneli on mymixtapes a couple weeks ago and he goes Canon. Your team's blessed to sellrevolutionary technology. You've got arm them with the tools so they can convey thatwhen you're not in the room. So it's having a game ready environment wherethere's a safe place. And then you've had other guests probably say this inthe passage Chet. If you fail internally but you get ready for the realgame, you've actually increased the odds and during the next game. So Idon't want the first time someone's using to talk, track or listen to acustomer to be with the customer and the field of battle. I want themto be ready for that. The message by the time that comes up.Hope that helps. On just sharing the game readiness cross functioning across the marketingsales with us. You will know. I think it's critical right if you'renot if you're not finding ways to drive that understanding consistency of behavior from Reptrep, I mean we mentioned Gong Right Dono, as we were as wewere warming up. Gung's research shows that it's the consistency of behavior is thething that sets those organizations apart. If you're not doing something in a wayto drive that understanding of the customer experience, a highlight and bring to life yourICPR ideal client persona or a profile. You're doing yourself to service. Itbecomes chaos. So so hearing that you do that on Monday. Ilove the idea of the mixtapes. I grew up the same time, soprobably still have a couple of those in a in the closet as well.And so let's talk about Ai and machine learning. Right. These are hotbutton topics for a lot of people out there. I think every person youtalked abrobably is a different opinion on exactly what they mean. But how isthis changing or evolving your approach to building teams or focusing on the come you'reenabling the teams? Well, it's great. Yes, I think any crow orabove who wasn't working on AI methodologies to get more personas or more ICPsat bat than they're doing just service. So I want to is a questionin two different ways. One and functioning my job, then one about whatwe're doing for in pack for basically global civilization. So first off, youmentioned gone. I met with one of our board members, was also aboard member at Gong. Everything we do is default by gone. So wetook is a write of passage. We asked. Obviously, for external guests, you know you're being recorded. We can opt out of it, butit gives us a good environment to group go through it and for newer people, what a great way to come on board and see, you know,ten or twelve gongs to review right away.

I'm also been customer number two ofZoom. Stanford was number one. When I was at barracure that wasnumber two and actually my daughter is in turn for zoom. So we believein recording through zoom and this is nothing better than watching someone in action andthen, if you're a little behind or a little bit new in the environment, watching at night, getting yourself better, watching the zoom recordings of the gonerecordings. And there's some great transposition transcription services through Gong. In fact, I'm actually advising coupan called copilot that actually allows you actually do real timefeedback using ai in the actual going itself. So imagine that you're you're watching inusing zoom, Gong's recording it and then, if you're an stry Iwish I knew what to say next, boom up comes to which is neat. But we can talk about that. So that's how we're using AI,just to get better. More practice, more, more practice swings, thebetter. And then, but more specifically, on Weka. We're in the middleof AI, we really are. Without getting into a proper names orpreaching NDA, we were involved with the vaccine development, which is huge becauseif we have the world's fastest file system, which reckusplus to have, and it'sprobably the best race around. So no offense, not the inaplis fivehundred, not five hundred, not the Boston Marathon, in New York marathon. The biggest race may be known, at least in my generation, washow quick in a vaccine gets out. So when? Don't you think theworld's fastest file system had a big contribution to that? And then I'll talkabout use case that we can talk about publicly. This is very sensitive inthe first case as the vaccine rolls out, but covid resiliency is almost more importantto be really specific, be able to seek sequence all the genomes andbe able to tell who do you give the vaccine to first? Right,what's the waves? So you maximize it. We're all hearing on the nightly news. I think everyone's watching the news more than ever. I'm my wifeand I certainly doing our two of our three daughters are with this tonight.We will be watching that. How do you have maximizes the quality of LifeChad is the best it can be. So you take your first responders,certain healthcare workers, people work in pharmacies. So you've basically set up a strafficationso everyone gets their fair shot, notwithstanding politics, but based on realgenomic research. And we'll talk about a company or an organization good genomics England, which you've been working in this forever. Give you get vice to the UnitedStates and, believe it not, other global responsibilities outside in China onhow they figure the best way to get back to the new normal or theold normal as soon as possible. But AI is everything we're doing, andI'm glad you brought up gone. We obviously zoom and I'm Brad I thinkWaka dot I always going to be one of those name brands that come outreally quick as we come at I cod it not. And so in thisenvironment where we're so much more virtual, there's this cross section of a machinelearning, there's all these tools to make us hopefully, if we're investing ourtime make us more effective. What skills do you feel our most critical foryour sales leaders or just sales leaders in high tech? Well, I'm goingto switch gears a little bit. I think people underestimate I think people knewin the market place get this, but in the mid career and end createif forget about this, I'll just be very, very upfront with it.The linkedin profiles everything, how you conduct yourself during the zoom. I'm famousfor that. If I'm having a meeting with Du Pont, Du Pont ison my backdrop right so I always have to connect a little bit of theempathy. I'm always exactly eye contact, exactly on the screen with their logoin the background or something about their use case or an assist to be sothat certainly helps. My linkedin's always up to date, because I think otherpeople bring this up to you, Chad. But before you get a order,don't you think someone in that company or their executive or their boss orboss's boss or procurement, worstcase, is checking you outs? Think that?Think if you were in the right to this, I mean at some pointyou like well, I'm gonna give someone a four thousand all order. Isthis a new be is this you know? are this someone that's adding value acrossit's? So what I would say critical is be ready, be prepared, update your linkedin profile. And then a quick when I had this onnya podcast earlier this week, was participate in, actually post in, linkedingroups of your persanas. So if you're...

...selling the chief data officers, youbetter be sure you're posting those groups, not like hey joe, that wasa great post, but rather adding to the groups as part of their interest, believe it or not, in your customers. You can scroll a waydown on too interest. They belong to a bunch of different groups. I'min a bunch of sales ones. I'm in a bunch with you, Chad. To Be rerually honest, if I post, I'll call it pay itforward type things, almost like today. I'm not getting any from this andyou not get any from this, but will pay it forward. Someone listeningto me or you will get some words of wisdom in the whole profession getsbetter. I think if you post, you know leading, you know subjectmatter expertise, you know insightful articles to the groups. The people that you'reselling to will see it. Naturally, and I would say that's a bigpoint, meaning like if you Google search something, no one goes to thepaid adds. If you go buy a surfboard tomorrow, you don't go tothe paid ads. You're the first organic one and you probably go to onsurfboards. That is through this out. Because I'm across from the surf youmight go to which everyone is rated the highest by, I don't know,Consumer Reports or surfing magazine or g two crowd or gardener or someone like that. My point being is whatever your peer groups, especially the younger demographic whateverthey've set is the best organically. That's what you have out there. Soyou almost want to have that data posted so your persona or your icepe seesit in the wild and looks authentic. I think we've all had the situationthe past, pre coovid when you were going to buy a vehicle, let'ssay you're going to buy a tesla, for example, and you're like,I just don't know if that was the right car for me. Maybe ifI see it in the wild, will give me a sign and then,Lo and behold these six test last thing around. Your filters changed, andthat's what that's what I think. The person and the executive should work veryhard with a self professional posting two groups on Linkedin so the people know youcare and you're not just like yeah, yeah, give me your money,yeah, love it all right. So let's take a little pivot here andtalk about Wecca for a second, just for those that aren't familiar. Howwould you summarize? What does we could do? What a great tip questionmake a limitless data platform. So it's the world's fastest file system and wetend to solve the world's biggest problems. Specifically, we sourced to AUTOMAS vehicles. So if you see a vehicle outside, it is using sensors up to asatellite. You would think that that those sensors want to send the informationas fast as possible, and it does so. If you're first moving intoom's vehicle, we have supplied that to you here at Wecca, and thatjust shows we are at Thomas Vehicles are going as far as that. Wealso supply to a Thomas Fleets. You know people that are doing trucking forthe supply chain. You know, you might have trucks going across the countryactually taking care the supply chain. Doing that autonomously. We will to supplyto a Thomas flights. Yes, believe or not, there's a Thomas helicopters, drones and large aircraft going transportental autonomously, all using GCCA, because the resiliencyand the speed of going out to those satellites I mentioned it is forwe're involved with not just covid for the vaccine, but covid for the covidresiliency. We're also involved with major PHARMACEUL companies. Everything fro multiple SCROSSIS Septto sistic fibrosis up to Alzheimer's. So basically trying to get to a cure, because at the end of the day, to get to a cure, allyou're doing is genomic sequencing. Could do that quicker and you could runwhat I would call a parallel file system. For those saying wow, this guy'sreally technical, not really all. A parallel file stem is imagine aiand instead of everyone's sharing the same I guess you'd called a Microsoft doc thateveryone has to use and everyone rights over and we gets frustrated that you changeyour own changes. Imagine the world where you have a Google doc instead ofa Microsoft word document. And where everyone can write over each other and collaborateand you get a better document imagined, you know, having two earned scientistshave to be able to do share and use that resources. That's basically whata parallel file system is. So, to recap, Thomas Vehicles first movers, whether it be passengers, whether it be trucking, whether it be flights, anything you do with pharmaceutical and life sciences, anything around genomes any speedmatters where time is money and money as time. And then something as simpleas this. Last night I escaped to go to CBS and bought, youknow, basically for allergies. I just...

...bought, you know, a cladin D hy, a weight in line for half hour and then if itwas out of stock, I had to go to another CVS, than anotherCVS Leven on chaid. That would actually cause a false positive. So wedo a lot of you know, thinking I'm Walter why trying to buy allthe Cladon d out there and make a math lap for the record. Forthe record, I'm not that guy. I'm not good enough to be ascience teacher. And I'm not sure it didn't. Walter White did, butlike Ping is my credit card company. knows. If I go to threeCDs is to buy clad in D I'm not creating a meth lab. Sothey don't create a false positive. Right. You experience of doing that in throughfraud detections to financials. So where the be quant Quana Linux Pons?Doing you get an advantage during markets or making sure you don't have a frauddetection? That's a false positive. So anywhere there's money as time, timeas money, anywhere there's in need for a limitless data platform. That's whatWorka I owe spends its time on. Love it. And so as wehead into the New Year and you put together that strategy, that top linebusiness subjective for worker going into two thousand and twenty one and beyond to getto that ipl what is that top level business strategy for the organization? Well, we just started a new one. We're going to do a launch ofthe messaging around February time frame and whether it be on our website, whetherit be on our UI, whether it be in any exchange, whether thepowerpoint or zoom, we don't rally around scale, speed and simplicity. Sothat's the big message we have around the three ses. So simplicity, speedand scale and then you could probably find a use case for the speed forus. But if we only talk about speed, will only get the speedfreaks right. You know, the synagist of all three the fact that we'rebest in either of those three, but we're the only one you could doall three of those around it. I will open us up to more peoplewho find us because, admittedly, chat our background is from HBC. Sowe're basically if you were a data scientist at MIT or Stanford or Cornell,you know reca. In fact you might even have a tattoo of black onyour body, might be a temporated one, but you know and love us right, and all of a sudden the world's like, wait a minute,if I don't have an AI solution in my environment, I'm losing someone whodoes. And we could talk about that in retail into just a second.But my point being is around the company, around. So it's not just speed, it's scale and it's it's just simplicity. So the ease of useand be able to do more with less. You can manage, I don't know, seventy PTA bites by a single person versus some other solutions might needten people to scale. You know, Twelve Pata Bites, but that's whatwe're railing around and hopefully you can give you some feedback and you your cushersgive me some feedback as we go into launch in February and how we're doingon that. Perfect all right. And so when we when we talked aboutgetting that simplicity scalability message out there, along with the speed when you comesto mobilizing your team's to get that to become the reality, what's the biggestchallenge that you're seeing internally that you're trying to overcome so that so that thatrallying cry becomes reality? One word we just came up our sales kickoff lastweek. It's leverage the force. So I love the word leverage and theforce. Know that's not a star wars. What we defined, and you probablyhave lots of people on your show. The model that works for us iswe're only software, only sold US descriptions and we use OPP to sellit. No, that's not a noted by nature song, although it's agreat song. OPPCEDENS for other people's people. What I mean by that is duringcovid you don't want to be the new start up that has this greatthing but it's tough to get to procurement. If there's any way it can betrojanhorst and actually put inside of the servers already buying. An example,Chad. Everything we sell is inside of an HPE skew or a Dell productor server or aws or super micro or anybody you traditionally using, or penguincomputing or attachumentia. My point being is, whoever you're buying is servers from keepbuying it and all you need to say is I want to put workwithin this. Yes, reckon, within a love, a literation. Nodifferent than you and I twenty years ago, if we're going around Denver or CastleRock, wherever we're going around,...

...and we want to buy a computer, well, we probably would have disagreed on the outside brand, but theinside brand. You and I both say, let's get Intel computer right. Intelbased microprocessor is a certain quality standard, a certain openness, I'll see,a certain scale, simplicity and speed to it. So those three shas are into the Intel inside and then message is kind of watered out.But I had a nice couple decade life. Work within will be to go forwardwhere people will say I want to pay, I don't know, anothereleven percent for something that's ten times faster and turbo charger servers. So youcan get a I done, because that's a competitive weapon. For Two thousandand Twe anyone? Absolutely all right. So let's change the direction here alittle bit. We ask all of our guests two standard questions at the endof each every first it's simply as CEO, and she forevery aster. That meansyou're a prospect for many sales professionals out there and I'm always curious whensomebody doesn't have that trusted referral in because it's obviously the best way to getyour attention. But when they don't have that, how do they what worksbest for you for them to capture your attention and build a credibility to earnsome time on your calendar to have a discussion? Well, don't say doyou have ten minutes next Tuesday? Don't do that. What I would whywould? What I would say? And don't hide behind bots or hide behinda sequence. I don't mind and understand. Most people in their twenties are goingto have ftrs. I mean we're on on the street right now.I'd say nine percent of the people in their twenties or STRs in a roomin their house right now and I feel for them and we have great strsand organization. But what connects with me is, yes, in mail doesget through that's less clutter than others. Not to sound like Gary V,but there that's an untapped market for a lot of us and I leverage thaton videos on lunchtime Friday that I post out there to pay for it,like you're doing right here. But to be specific specific, if this isa tangible use case, if you've done your research a little bit on me, not so much. Oh, you went to Boston College. Oh,you just get your degree at Stanford. That's good, but it's almost tablestakes. Right. If you have an introduction, you're right. If someonecould introduce you to me, that's great. or You name drop of someone that'sdone business with me, similar but more importantly than the name drop,or you went to college, Blah, Blah Blah. If you have ause case, that's solved. My Pain in a profession that similar to mine, at a use case similar to mind, meaning I'm selling for a thousand dollaraverage ticket size software inside of an embedded server. US sold by HewlettPackard or attaching entire our dell or a WS OR CISCO, or toaching entireif you have a product that similar to that, similar ticket that impacts andsolves big problems and it's the world fastest file system that someone like me hasbought and had a tendal Roi please send that to me if it's anywhere upmy chain, because, remember, half my life is buying, half mylife is selling. But if you have that, please cut to the clutterand send it to me. If you don't, please work on getting thatand then don't waste my time until that happens. I love it. Ilove it all right. Last question. We call it our acceleration in sight. There's one thing you could tell sales and marketing professionals, one piece ofadvice that you would give them that you believe would help them achieve or crushtheir targets. What would it be? And why? Way, as sooneveryone listened to me, is invest in themselves. So thank you for doingthat. In Two thousand and twenty one, I really believe I'm a still frommy brother and eight from sap and in the mid S, when Ifirst came into the force. I try to feel out who is the bestand sap sold large. You know, fiftyzero contracts if ARP software using thesame model of as is and to be. I've a a younger brother at EMCand the user word current state, future state. I have another brother, Dennis, who's ATSISCO. Same thing, current state, future state. Mypoint being is show them what reality is today architecturally, and again I'mmore talking from an IT standpoint, but show them what the architecture looks like, not just the architecture, but what their current change management what's their currentoperation, what's their current workflow, and then show them the future state.So it's not just enough to show them Chad to all the people listen tous right now on what the Roy is. That's great, but somewhere in therethere's someone's job to be doctor. No, doctor, no, cansay that's great, but it doesn't fit... our policies. That's great,but isn't fit in our security standards. That's great, but it's in workwith our UI. That's great, but it doesn't work with our silences.Are Information Right now. Make it so that you show the as is into be and include the change management structure include the workflow. So you're champion, and remember, I don't use the word champion lightly. You've worked fora long time to earn the right of the Champions Trust right. Help thechampion help you. Yes, that's only germord wire there, but help yourchampion help you by showing them the ASS is into being, not just pictorially, but show that the understand your business from a change management perspective of workflowadvantage, so that you can make this happen, so that the pluses outweighthe negatives. There will be some negatives, just like if you go take agolf lesson, guess what happens? You get worse in Golf. Youtake a swimming lesson, or whatever you do in your life, you getworse before you get better. There will be some moles of energy be expungedto compensate for that. But tell them the short term hurdles are worth thelong term game. Think Steve Harvey has any speech out there. The jumpis worth the effort to do the jump. Show that you can arm that.So do the as is in to be and that's talking to my ownsales force. In the same time I do with you real time I loveit. Can A for listeners interested in learning more about you or Wacka.Where do you want us to send them? Well, I'm on Linkedin and aleverage go to market. I hope you find me there. Leverage GTM. I also tweet once in a while, although none as much as often,and I'm on twitter and then obviously instagram or email growing grohe at ReccaDot I. Oh, I hope to find you there as part of it. And then Linkedin is where I spend a lot of the time when I'mnot going through zooms and talking to her incredible customers. Awesome. Well,thank you so much for taking the time. Has Been An absolute pleasure to haveyou on the show. Oh, it's my honor. I think you'redoing great service for the sales profession and the broader the world and thanks forhaving on the show. I'm honored to be on it. Excellent. Allright, everybody that does it for this episode, you know, the drillbe to be REV exactcom share with friends, family co workers, let your kidslisten to it instead of spend so much time on screens. And untilnext time, we have value selling associates, which we all nothing but the greatestsuccess. You've been listening to the BB revenue executive experience. To ensurethat you never miss an episode, subscribe to the show and Itunes or yourfavorite podcast player. Thank you so much for listening. Until next time,.

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