The B2B Revenue Executive Experience
The B2B Revenue Executive Experience

Episode · 9 months ago

What It Takes to Build a World-Class Silicon Valley Sales Team w/ Ken Grohe


From COVID research to autonomous vehicles, AI is changing the world.

So, it’s no surprise that some of the biggest deals happen in the tech sector.

But you don’t have to move to California if you want a world-class sales team fit for Silicon Valley.

You just need to listen to Ken Grohe, President & Chief Revenue Officer at WekaIO, who shares the secrets to Silicon Valley selling in today’s episode.

We discuss:

  • How to get your team members selling when you aren’t in the room
  • Why appearances still matter
  • Ken’s unique title

This post includes highlights of our podcast interview with Ken Grohe, President & Chief Revenue Officer at WekaIO.

For the entire interview, you can listen to The B2B Revenue Executive Experience.

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You need to prepare your champion tosell in the room that you're not in you're. Listening to the BTB revenueexecutive experience, a podcast dedicated help in executives traintheir sales and marketing teams to optimize growth, whether you're lookingfor techniques and strategies were tools and resources. You've come to theright place. Let's accelerate your growth in three to one: welcomeeveryone to the Bto, be revenue executive experience. I'm your hostChad Sanderson today we're talking about what it takes to build worldclass marketing and sales organizations for tech companies in Silicon Valley,as well as the impact Ai, am machine, learning or having on business to helpus. We have with his KANGROI president and chief Revenue Officer of Weka andprior to that also was a owner of sign. Now an the number three et signaturecompany after doctor sign and a Dobe sign, which I'm sure everybody livingin the virtual world knows all about this today, can thank you so much fortaking time and welcome to the show thanks Chad, longtime listener andobserver and Fan, I'm glad to be first timing: The guest, I'm calling you ortalking to you, this beautiful zoom link here and Santa Cruz. We wouldSTILCON Valleuy most people are it's about twenty Mintes, just south right,througoun the ocean awesome time, but thank you for having me. Oh, it's mypleasure, and so let's start with those that may not be as familiar with you asI am. I like to start with a customer that the question that helps ourlisteners get to know you a little bit better and it's been one heck of acrazy year and I'm curious when you look back over the last year. What'sthe largest lesson you've learned, you need to prepare sorry we'll talk aboutthis later about half my time, O'm buying things and half the time. I'mselling Thatniqu yest Tel unique guests for the president title. So you need toprepare the people you're. Having your cultivating your champion. I'm sureeveryone knows what champions are. So I won't go hop that you need to prepareyour champion to sell in the room that you're not in Yesh, and I tell my salespeople all the time. If you don't have five champions with five piece ofmaterial and over cans of at least five times, you don't have them one, but thebiggest piece of material I would have is have your business proposal have ouyour full case, Specialli covid times, because back in March I remember myboss came in and said, shut down everything talking everything don'tspend money, don't hire if you wun offer letter out if they haven't signedit take it back. So my point being is- and things have got a lot better andperest since then, but my point being, is you have to arm your champion tosell for you none the saying way you do it, but the way that they would do it,because it's just impossible in a zoom world where you could do it all andeveryone's in front of you all the time, prepare that for that sub committee andand relish it. If you could hope that helps Chad yeah, I know perfect, and soyour veteran executive with companies from barcouted a deli ANC just the namecouple. So I'm really curious. What was it about Wecka that drew you to thisopportunity? Wel'm a proud dad of three daughters and so legacy really mattersto me. So I wanted a clear path to an IPO. I really think that's cool when Iwas in Barrac Choda, they wer able to go public and actually go private, andbut in this particular case I think the world needs A. I guess a modern dataplatform similar the way that vnwhere went to market and I think the Path ispretty clear for us to go to an IPO in the next few years, excellent and soall right. It's an interesting title, the Interesting Roll Right Presidentand chief revenue officer, and so when you look at building up thisorganization it with that I on IPO. What are the PRIMAR areas you focus onto build the type of scaleability and make sure the revenue engine isscalable that you need to achieve that goal. Wellthanks Chad Yeah, is a uniquetitle having President Cro, why would you do that? Well, I wanted to own thefull customer life cycle. I wanted to own what terer clicking on the website.Lili on you know, decision point one...

...and then all the way, through after thebuy it and the repeatability and get to a high NPS. So the INTEU question Ispend most of my time on and I don't really like the word funnel. I preferthe wheel. The word fly wheel because I think it leads towards it. I have ahigher ticket product cer at Wacka, but I spend most of my time working onorganically. What customer see the user experience then nurturing insistingcustomers Youd, be you be surprised everyone's always trying to get to thenit new, which is great, but there's a lot of people that have you know yourcompany has dealt with throughout the years. For example, we have a fiftytousand person database record size on our crm. How do you nurture those andthen, more importantly, we'll probably talk about this ind you're ensuingquestions? How do you nail the Persana? How do you know exactly is buying fromyou and speak to them in their phrase overand over and over again, because that's what a really business is fors, aconsulting company, a business has a repeatable emotion that goes over andover you get inthe other persona. You got to be able to nurture people who,for some reason the time. Wasn't there we'll talk about band later, but hen,the btion band? Isn't there and then I again extertaly matters. I live in aworld full of sprints versus waterfall and I live in a world where it's moreweb properties versus carbon base life form, although we barse both- and Ithink the synagist of all three certainly helps okay, and so, when youlook at and put together those sales and marketing teams, what do you see astheir common allies the recipe for H, success? We've all worked inorganizations where there's this seems to be. This friction point likemarketers, don't really know what sales people do and sales people really don'thave a counderstanding of effective marketing communication. So I'm curiouswhen, when you're looking at building this team focused on that rapid growth,what do you see is their commonalities? Are the things that you're focused onin order to make sure those organizations are successful? Workingtogether, wellit's funny you mentiond that that when this position wasrecruited for it was for a cro which jus be clear? Is I've been a VP salesforever, but I think the fancy title went from VPF sales chat over to Siero,what around two thousand thirteen two ousand and fourteen- and maybe the paygrade- went up a little bit. But specifically, I changed the game andsaid I'll take the job, but I have to be president. Why I want to control theinbout. I need to control the enbound. I didn't want to depend on someone whodidn't understand the PERSANA and that we're cring to go. After specifically,it's a newer title and I'll talk about this a little bit. We kind of endearourselves to a chief data officer CDO. I really might laugh at that, but thenyou know who wouldn't have laughed at the role of chief people officer sevenyears ago or who the Chiep revenue officer for a VPF sales, but you entEur Question Marketing Custmomr success and I call I on the number of sales allrallies around the chief date officer, which is someone who's between a datascientist and it, and we all know the goodness of iteet- is also SOE badnessof it as a move that fast, it's pretty rigorous, wod news. It keeps it safe, akeeps these et of breach in know, there's a big breach of you. We StillVere all talking about, but then on the other side, the dates scientist ofpeople that are literally currying covid with vaccines or cove, resiliencyor major breakthroughs and some other initiatives. But if you can synogize,you know people coming typically Hom Academy, the the HPC rold highperformanc compute in the connection with it, the chief data officer isOprisana and it's someone who can navigate the terrain and do both ofthem. So the it's. Your question. Marketing cares about the chief dateofficer and the US experience for our company sales, obviously targets themand works with them, and then our customer success people want to make itso that it's easier. So that's the rise for the next decade, a certain jobtitle that certainly culd help all of r life do better in all the world, dobetter perfect, and so let's go back to that fly Weel for a second. When youhave in the minute, you have one person in a room. You can do somethingconsistently. The minute you had a second person of the room at BEC,consistency of behavior and execution becomes a bit of a challenge, and so,when you're building out the organization, how do you get them allaheaded in the same direction and keep...

...them in alignment so that you ere,generating the most consistent behaviors from employee to employeeREPD REP? To maximize that that buying experience ar engagement with with yourcustomers awesome question shed: Let's talk about Alinmen forever, you Cunworry about a linman twenty four hours a day. He still wouldn't get there. You get alignment. We just came off atthis morning and it's kind of a weird week. Some people are on. People areoff. I told everybody if you're on this week, which Wuth you and I obviouslyare investing yourself so jus specific. We do a lot of what I would call GameReady, environment. What I mean by that is, we might run mixtapes. Yes, sorry,I'm a child of the ages. Mixtapes is you know across our sales teams. Thereare a couple inflection points that really matter a couple. Sales pitchesthat were really well are couple of use. Cases really well are a couple: SCESdid a great job in a deminol. Let's take those and sort of Dat myself in adigital world, but take those snippets, those seven minutes, seven minute,nimpits that really nail themselves and replay them in mixtapes and marketinglistes those stales Liste of those and customer success, and it's kind of abadge of honor that you get on a chance to do that so being as custrocentric aspossible, showing those snippets of what really worked and sometimes whatdidn't work right. I think creating a safe place where some marketingmessages just don't get bought in or some sales pitches, markeing rols aroeyes and says. Why are you talking about a use case that has nothing to dowith what we decided? I mean that doesn't make sense. So Mondays are bigfor us. It's not your typical Fridays wher! You go through okay, where's theforecast, but on Mondays, Youre big, it's game ready, rol play we go through,as is in Tub. Basically here's a customers, environment, here's ourcustomer Wecka or put your own proct in there. How is tyour life differenthow's change management, different Howis workqlot different, how you getinyour champion, so you're getting everybody across their environment tobuy in with all the changes, because I was blussed Av, Stott mcneili on mymixtapes a couple weeks ago, and he goes: Can your team's blessed to sellrevolutionary technology? You've got t orn them with the tools, so they canconvey that when you're not in the room, so it's having a gameready environmentwhere there's a safe place and then you've had other guests- probably Sithis in the passage at. If you fail internally, but you get ready for thereal game, you've actually increased the odds and during the next game, so Idon't want the first time someone's using a tolk track or let en to acustomer to be with the customer and the Fiel of battle. I want them to beready for that. The message by the time that comes up hope that helps on justshaming the game, readiness crossfunctioning across marketing saleswith out. Well, no, I think it's critical right if you're, not if you're,not finding ways to drive that understanding consistency of behaviorfrom Reptrep, I mean we mentioned Gong right Dota as we were, as we were.Warming up gogs research shows that it's the consistency of behavior is thething that sets those organizations apart if you're not doing something ina way to drive that understanding of the customer experience highlight andbring the life your icpeior ideal, client, personor profile, you're doingyourself, Tho Service, it becomes Chao. So so hearing that you do that onMonday, I love the idea of the mixtapes. I grew up the same time. So probably still have a couple of thosein a in a closet as well, and so let's talk about ai and machine learningright. These are hot button topics for a lot of people out there. I thinkevery person you talked to probably is a different opinion on exactly whatthey mean. But how is this changing R revolving, your approach to buildingteams or focusing on the company or enabling the teams? Well, it's great.Yes, I think any CRO or above who isn't working on AI methodologies to get morepersonas or more ICPs at Bat than they're Dong, just service so ill. Anthat question in two different ways: One and functionaing my job, then oneabout what we're doing for impact for basically global civilization. So,first off you mentioned gone, I met with one of our woard. Members is alsoa board member at Gong. Everything we do is default by gone, so we TAK. It isa ret, a passage we ask, obviously for external guest, you know you're beingrecorded, we can opt out of it, but it gives us a good environment to grow, gothrough it and for newer people. What a great way to come on board and see youknow ten or twelve gongs to review...

...right away. I'm also been Customremember two of Zoom Stamford was number one. When I was a Barracue, Tho wasnumber two and actually my daughter is intern for zoom, so we believe inrecording to zoom and this just nothing better than watching someone in actionand then, if you're, a little behind or your a little bit new in theenvironment, watching at night getting yourself bretter watching the zoomrecordings, o the gon recordings and there's some great transpositiontranscription services to Gong. In fact, I'm athuly advising company calledcopilot that actually allows you actually do real time feedback using aiin the actual going itself. So imagine that you're watching in using Zoom Gongto recording it and then, if you're in SDR. I wish I knew what to say nextboom up COMEA, which is neat. We can talk about that. So that's how we'reusing AI just to get better more practice, more know more practice,things the better and then, but more specifically, on Weka we're in themiddle of AI. We really are without getting into proper names or breachingNDA. We were involved with the vaccine development, which is huge because ifwe have the world's fastest file system, which reckors Blus to have- and it'sprobably the best race around, so no offense, not the Inneapolis fivehundred, no five hundred, not the Boston Marathon in the York Marathon,the biggest race may be known, at least in my generation, was how quick in avaccine gets out. So wouldn't you think the world's fastest file system had abig contribution to that and then I'll talk about usecase. If we can talkabout public yhus is very sensitive in the first case, as the vaccine rols out,but covid resiliency is almost more important to be really specific, beable to seek sequence, all the genomes and be able to tell who do you give thevaccine to first right what' the waves, so you maximize it we're all hearing onthe Nightlan News. I think everyone's watching the news. More than ever, mywife- and I certainly doing our two or our three dautars are with this tonight.We watching that, how do you have maximizis? The quality of life chat isthe best it can be. So you take your first responders certain healthcareworkers, people work in pharmacies, so you basically set up a strafficationSOT. Everyone gets their fair shot, not withtanding politics, but based on realgenomic research and we'll talk about a company or an organsition. The genomics,England, which hase been working in this forever geting advice to theUnited States and believe it or not other global responsibilities outsidein China on how they figure the best way to get back to the new normal orthe old normal. As soon as possible, but ai is everything we're doing andI'm glad you brought up gone, we obviously zoom and I'm Brad, I thinkWECO DOD IL is Goin TA, be one of those name, brands that come out really quickas we come an ECOVID and so in this environment, where we'reso much more virtual. There's this cross section of Ai Machine Learnin.There's all these tools to make us. Hopefully, if we're investing our time,make us more effective. What skills do you feel are most critical for yoursales leaders or just sales leaders in high tech? Well, I'm must which hers alittle bit. I think people underestimate. I think people knew inthe marketplace, get this but name mid career and encre. They forget aboutthis I'll, just be very, very upfront with it. The linkedin profiles,everything how you conduct yourself during the zoom, I'm famous for that.If I'm having a meeting with Du Pont Do Pont is on my backdrop right, so Ialways have to connect a little bit of empathy. I'm always exactly. I contactexactly on the screen with the air log in the background or something abouttheir use case or an ass tob, so that certainly helps my linkdins always upto date, because I think other people bring this up to you shed, but beforeyou get a order, don't you think someone in that company or theirexecutive or their boss or boss's boss or procurement worst case is checkingyou out. Yea is thing to think if you earn the right to this, I mean at some point you're, like Wyll. I'mgoing to give someone to fourtosandollar order. Is this in newby?Is this? You know? are this someone that's adding value across it? So whatI would say critical is be ready, be prepared, update your linkedin profileand then a quick when I had this ony a podcast earlier this week wasparticipate in actually post in linkedin groups of your Persana. So ifyou're selling the chief data officers,... got to be sure you're posting thosegroups not like Hey Joe, that was a great post, but rather adding to thegroups, is part eir interest, believe it or not. The yeur customers, you canscroll theway down, unto interest. They belong to a bunch of different groups,I'm in a bunch of salesones, I'm going a bunch with you Chad to be brulyhonest if I post I'll call it pay it forward type things almost like today,I'm not getting an thromg this a you're not getting from this, but we'll pay itforward. Someone listening to me or you will get some words of wisdom and thewhole profession gets better. I think, if you post, you know leading you know,subject matter expertise. You know insightful articles to the groups, thepeople that you're selling to will see it naturally- and I would say that's abig point, meaning like if you Google, search something. No one goes to payTADS. If you go by a Surf Bard tomorrow, you don't go to the PAIADS, go to thefirst organic one and you probably go to on surffoards. I is through this outbecause I'm across from the surf you might go to whichever one is rated thehighest by. I don't Know Consumer Reports or Surfing magazine or GTOcrowd or Gardenor somehone, like that, my point being is whatever your peergroup is especially the younger demographic. Whatever they have said isthe best organically. That's what you have out there, so you almost want tohave that data posted, so your personer or your ICP ses it in the wild and itlooks authentic. I think we've all had the situation. I the past pre covidwhen you were going to buy a vehicle, it's syum going to buy a Tessla, forexample, and your like. I just don't know if that was the right car for me.Maybe if I see it in the wild, it will give me a sign and then loaand beholdus these six castless sing around your filter's changed and that's what that'swhat I think the person and the executive should work very hard with onselfprofessional posting to groups on linked in so the people know you care,and you not just like yeah y a give me your money, yeah love it all right. So,let's take a little pivot here and talk about Weca for a second just for thosethat aren't familiar. How would you summarize what does Wecker do? What agreat teaop question m a limitless data platform, so it's the world's fastestfile system and we tend to solve the world's biggest problems, specificallywe source to ATTHOMAS vehicles. So if you see vehicle outside it is usingcensors up to a satellite, you would think that that those censors want tosend the information as fast as possible, and it does so if your firstmove in charms of vehicle. We have supplied that to you here at Recka andthat just shows where attoms vehicles are going. As for as that wil to supplyto Thomas Fleets, you know people that are doing trucking for the supply chain.You know you might have trucks going across the country actually taken horethe supply chain doing that automously. We also Supplye to Tamas flights, yes,believe it or not. There's a TIRMAS helicopters, thrones and large aircraftgoing transcandental atonestly all using Greka, because the resiliency andthe speed of going out to those satellites I mentioned t it as forwe're involved with not jess covid for the vaccine, but covid for the covidresiliency were also involved with major pharmacoual companies, everythingfrom multipl scorrosous eptisistic for broses up to alzeimers, so basicallytrying to get to a cure because, in the end of the day, to get to a cure, allyou're doing is geomic sequencing. Rit Do that quicker and you could run whatI would call a parallel file system for those saying wow, this guy's reallytechnical, not really all a paalell filestomen is imagine ai and instead ofeveryone' sharing the same. I guess you'd call the Microsoft dock thateveryone has to use and everyone writes over and we gets fustrated that youchange your own changes. Imagine the world where you have a google dockinstead of a Microsoft Word Document and where everyone can write over eachother and collaborate and you get a better docuen imangine, you know havingtwo hundred scientists have to be able to do, share and use that resources.That's basically at e palofile system is so to recap, Thomas Vehicle's, firstmovers, whether it be passengers whether it be trucking, were there beflights. Anything Yo do with pharmaceutical and life sciencesananything around genomes, anding at speed matters where time is money andmoney is time and then some of thes simple. As this last night, I escapedto go to CBS and bought. You know...

...basically for allergies, I just bought.You know a Claridin d Wight, a wait in line for half hour and then, if it wasout of stock, I had to go to another CVS, then not the CBS leaveing, notchat. That would actually cause a false positive. So we do a lot of you know,thinking I'm Walter White trying to buy all the fire an d out there and make amathmap the record for the record. I'm not that guy, I'm not good enough to be a scienceteacher and I'm not Sureto have Walter White did, but Mike Pe Biin is mycredit card company knows. If I go to three CBSIS to buy clariden D, I'm notcreating a meth lab, so they don't create a false positive right. Use Yourexperience of doing that into frau detection, O financial. So, where theBE CONAL, cornel, Linic, sponse, O doing you get an advantage duringmarkets or making sure you don't have a fraud detection, that's a falsepositive, so anywhere! There's money is time. Time is money anywhere, there's aneed for a limitless data platform. That's what RECO IO spends its time onlove it, and so, as we head into the New Year and you put together thatstrategy that topline pusinens subjective for Wackor going into twothousand and twenty one and beyond to get to that Ip. What is that top levelbusiness strategy for the organization Wel? We just started a new one, we'regoing to do a launch of the messaging around February time frame and whetherit be on a website wherther it be on our UI, whether it be in any exchange,whether we power point ozome. We gont rally around scale, speed andsimplicity. So that's the big message we have around the three assids, sosimplicity, speed and scale, and that you could probably find a use case forthe speed for us. But if we only talk about speed, we'll only get the speedfreaks talk about. You know the synogist of all three, the fact thatwe're best in either of those three but we're the only oneing to do all threeof those around it. I think wi'll open us up to more people who find usbecause, admittedly chat our background is from HPC, so we're. Basically, ifyou were a data scientist at MIT or Stanford orcornel, you know, Wecka infact aen in a tattoo of back on your body might be atemporaryed one, but you know and love us right all of a sudden, the world'slike wait a minute. If I don't have an AI solution in my environment, I'mlosing some whow does and we could talk about that. Ind, retail and just asecond, but my point being is: were rouing the company around. So it's notjust speed it's scale and it's it's just simplicity, so the ease of use andbe able to do more with less you can manage. I don't know: Seveny pedabitesby a single person, persus Om, lother solutions might beed ten people toscale. You know twelve pedobites, but that's we're relling around andhopefully you can give you some feedback and your custers give me somefeedback as we go into launch in February and how we're doing on thatperfect all right, and so, when we, when we talkd about getting thatsimplicity, scalability message out there, along with the speed when youcomes to mobilizing your teams, to get that to become the reality. What's thebiggest challenge that you're seeing internally that you're trying toovercome so that so that that rallyind cry becomes reality, one word we just came off our saleskikcoff last week. It's leverage the force. So I love the word. Leverage inthe force know that's non a starway what we defined, and you probably havelots of people on your show. The model that workd for us is we're. Onlysoftware only soldus descriptions and we use OPP to sell it know that's notanoted by nature song, although it's a great song oppstns for other people'speople. What I mean by that is during Covid, you don't want to be thenew startup. That has this great thing, but it's tough to get to preturment eeas anyway, it can be Trojan horse and actually put inside of the servers.Yo're oreay buying an example check. Everything we sell is inside of an HPEscoop or a del product or server or a WS or super micro, or anybody Otraditionaly using or penguin computing or Attacho Entara. My Point Meing iswhoever you're buying as service from keep buying it, and all you need to sayis: I want to put Weckor within this yes rekor within. I love a literation,no different than you and I twenty years ago, if we're going around Denveror castle rock wherever we're going...

...around to, we want to buy a computer.Well, we probably would have disagreed on the outside brand, but the insidebrand. You- and I both say, let's get a Intel computer right, you know into abased microprocitive- is a certain quality standard, a certain opennessallse, a certain scale, simplicity and speed to it. So those three SSES areinto the Intellin side and then messages kind of warderd out, but ithad a nice couple decade. Life Wecka within will be the go forward wherepeople will say I want to pay. I don't know a not leven percent for somethingthit's ten times faster and itscrubl charge of servers, so you can get aidone because that's a competive weapon for two thousand and twenty one,absolutely all right. So, let's Change Direction here, a little bit. We askall of our guess two standard questions at the end: Ofeu Chre. First, as simplyas CEO and chief revenue oster. That means you're a prospect for many salesprofessionals out there and I'm always curious when somebody doesn't have thattrusted Referralin, because that's obviously the best way to get yourattention, but when they don't have that, how do they? What works best foryou for them to capture your attention and build the credibility to earn sometime on your calendar to have a discussion? Well, don't say: Do you have tenminutes next, Tuesday? Don't do that? What I would? Why would what I wouldsay and don't hide behind bots or hide behind the sequence? I don't mind andunderstand. Most people in their twenties are going to have ftrs. I meanwe're I'm on the street right now, Iu'd say ninety percent of the people intheir twenties or SRS in a in their house right now, and I feel for themand we have great strs an organization. But what connects with me is: Yes: Inmail does get through hat's, less cletter than others not to seund likeGary V, but that's an untapped market for a lot of us, and I leverage that onvideos on lunchtime Friday that I post out there to pay for like you're doingright here, but to be specific specific if there's a tangible usecase. Ifyou've done your research a little bit on me not so much. Oh, you went toBoston College. Oh you just get your degree at Stanford, that's good, butthat's almost tablestakes R ht. If you have an introduction, you're right. Ifsomeone cauld introduce you to me, that's great or you namedrop of someone.That's done. Business would be similar, but more importantly than the name dropor you went to college Blah Blah Blah. If you have a usecase that solved mypain in a profession, that' similar to mine at a usecase Similao, mind,meaning I'm selling four hund thousand dollar average ticket size softwareinside of than embedded server, usually solled by Hillett, packer or Attachumantar Ar del or aws or Cisco or Tacintar. If you have a prock, that'ssimilar to that similar ticket that impacts and solves big problems in theworld's fastest file system, that someone like me, has bought and had aTengl Roi. Please send that to me if it's anywhere up my fchain becauseremember half my life is buying half my life is selling, but if you have that,please cut to the clutter and send it to me. If you don't, please work ongetting that and then don't waste. My time until that happens, I love it. Ilove it all right. Last question: We call it our acceleration insight.There's one thing: You could tell sales and marketing professionas one piece ofadvice that you would give them that you believe would help them achieve orcrush their targets. What would it be and why Wy assumerer Listenin to me asInvestin himself? So thank you for doing that. I to thousand and twentyone. I really believe, I'm a still from my brother from sap in the MIDY. When Ifirst came into the forect I tryd to fee up who's the best and sap soldlarge. You know fifty thousand dollar contracts of ERP software using thesame model as is, and to B right. I have a younger brother at EMC and theuser word current state future state Ih've, another brother Dennis who's, itCisco same thing. Current State Future State, my point being, is show themwhat reality is today, architectually and again, I'm more talking from an ITstandpoint, but show them what the architecture looks like, not just thearchitecture but what their current change management. What's the currentoperation, what's their current workflow and then shown the futurestate, so it's not just enough to show them Chad to all the people. Listen tous right now on what the IROI is. That's great but somewhere in thenthere's someone's job to be DOCR. No Er,... can say that's great, but it doesn'tfit in our policies. That's great but isn't fit in our security standards.That's great but isn't work with our Youi, that's great, but it doesn't workwith tour. SYLONS information right now make it so that you show the ASISintobe and include the change management structure include theworkflow. So your champion and remember, I don't use the word champion lightly.You've worked for a long time to earn the right ofthe champions. Trust right help the champion help you. Yes, that's somthingGermarn wire there, but help your champion help you by showing hin theasses in tobeing, not just pictorially, but show that the understand yourbusiness from a change management perspective a worklow advantage, sothat you can make this happen so that the pluses outweigh the negatives.There will be some negatives just like if you go take a golf lesson, guesswhat happens you get worse in Golf, you take a swimming lesson or whatever youdo in your life, you get worse before you get better. There will be some molsof energy expunged to compensate for that, but tell them these short term.Hurdles are worth the long term. Gane think Steve Harvey. Has a nice speechout there. The jump is worth the effort to do. The jump show that you can Othat so do the, as is into me, and that's talking my own sales force. Inthe same time, I do with you real time. I love it. KENNEF FL listnersinterested it in learning more about you or Wecca. Where do you want us tosend them? Well, I'm on Linkedin and a leverage go to market. I hope you findme there leverage GTM. I also tweet once in a while, though, not as much asoften I'm on twitter and then obvious instagram or email growing gro, he atRuka dot io. I hope to find you there as part of it and then linke in iswhere I spend a lot of the time when I'm not going through zooms and Talkngto were incredible customers nosom! Well, thank you. So much for taking thetime 's been an absolute pleasure to have you on the show. Oh, it's my honor.I think you're doing a great service for the sales profession and thebroader the world, and thanks from having the show I'm anted to be on it,excellent all right, everybody that does it fith this episode, you know thedrill be to be revezactcom share with friends, family Coworkersut, your kidslisten to it. Instead of spend so much time on screens and until next time, weave va selling associates which will nothing but the greatest success. You've been listening to the BTBrevenue executive experience to ensure that you never miss an episodesubscribe to the show in Itunes or your favorite podcast player. Thank you somuch for listening until next time.

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