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Episode · 9 months ago

The Power of Word of Mouth (& How to Harness It) w/ JP Clement


Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools.

Yet most marketers have know idea how to harness it.

You don’t need to wait for it to happen organically…

You just need the right strategy.

And there’s no one better to learn from than JP Clement, CEO at boomtime Word of Mouth Marketing. In today’s episode, he shares how to harness word-of-mouth marketing effectively (and strategically).

What we talked about:

  • The power of word of mouth
  • How to leverage channels you already use to boost word-of-mouth results
  • Why you need to treat your LinkedIn page as a booth at a virtual tradeshow

This post includes highlights of our podcast interview with JP Clement, CEO at boomtime Word of Mouth Marketing.

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You need to send the right offer to theright target at the right time, and it's still true today in digitalmarketing, you're, listening to the BTB revenueexecutive experience, a podcast, dedicated elte executives, train theirsales and marketing teams to optimize growth, whether you're looking fortechniques and strategies wore tools and resources, you come to the rightplace. Let's accelerate your growth in three two one: welcome every one to theB to b revenue executive experience. I'm your host Chat Sanderson todaywe're talking about marketing, but a different, take on marketing everybody,so a bunch of stuff that falls under that umbrella. But there is a oneapproach that is almost like black magic to many of us out there. How doyou tap into word of mouth marketing so we're lucky to have with us today? JPClement, CEO of boomtime jpy? Thank you so much for taking time and welcome tothe show, thanks for having me Chin, so always start with an odd question. Justso our audience gets to know our guess. A little bit better and considering theyear we've all had. I figure I'd start with you. Hance, when you look backover this past year and all the changes that we've all experienced, you knowwhat's the largest lesson, you've learned well yeah, we did a learn a lot oflessons last year. I think overall, as a country as a company as an industry.So look, I think you know what really this Yore taught me is that you need tobe nimble and you can give up a lot of our clients and ourselves. You knowI've been facing tremendous challenges, but you know through our ability to doselfassessments and look at you know our position in the marketplace, sowe've been able to be very nimble and actually actually take advantage ofsome of the curve balls that Thi Er has been towing out us, and you know, Ithink this idea of like never giving up, is recrecul to and goes with,beinginvolved. You know trying to find the best way to answer some reallyreally serious challenges, and you know, I think, we're all as anindustry going to be better off by the the time this is over and that you know the you know by beingable to focus on. You know the things that we do well and our strengths andweaknesses, understanding those and you kN W being able to Adjruss to to those.And finally, you know saying that you know Thereis, you know there is alwaysa light at the end of the tinnel. I think this is some of the keylessonsBhat. I Doan this year, yeah and I think, there's something in there. It'sreally worth highlighting its is that selfassessment part like? Can you betruly honest with yourself and understand where you and your businessare, and can you pivot and what's necessary to do that? Do you have thestrength to do it or do you need to bring in some Assistante to do it o? Ithink those are great, really appreciate you sharing Thaut with theaudience, and so let's talk a little bit about boomtime. Give us a littlebit of context around the agency and what Yi'll do there yeah, so boomtim has been around forabout ten years, but in several different versions. So we kind of in the roomtime to pointnor right now that you know we had a Zeozero point, zero version and thenone point Ou version an one point five, but we really focus on digitalmarketing and especially E waternough marketing for businesses that have asmaller addressable market, so inyouwere from a thousand o couplethousand to really topping aron a hundred thousand potential clients andalso VI, have businesses but have the high CLV, so customer life an value,and this is where Rar swit bodiis and what we do best is servicing thosebusinesses, N and doing water mout marketing for them. We've also builtour own digital platform, which which we cofuse it's our brand name for itand deffuse is what we go to marketing as a serious digital platform and it itallows us to do marketing and digital marketing in a very efficient andeffective manner. I also in a very didiscipline way, so my whole team isleaves and breaves in whoand does...

...everything on sues. So it helps us witha lot of different aspects of our business, but also Mexe, ou campaignsbetter and more efficient, which means that we can spend more time goingstrategy and really interecting our clients, and also we can priceourselves at levels that are more affordable for small indan sizebusinesses, which, which is a really our focus. And what so, when we talkabout this concept of word of mouth, there seems to be a lot of people willdefine it differently or approach it differently. So, let's, let's dive intothat, a little little bit to me. When I hear word of mouth, it's maybe there'sa instagram, influencer or some people are into the TICKTOCTI, not my Gig, butsome people are in a into the tictack or I see something somewhere that a afriend or somebody that I follow or pay attention to is talking about an againcoud shrop in a social media fee could show up in a formi man or somethinglike that. Is that how you're defining it asther a different level ofdefinition that you all operate off of yeah? We kind of have our owndefinition. Woro of marketing represent so for US Althou edegrades and involvesome of the elements that you talked about. But for us, it's really aboutyou know generating top of mind arwareness for our clients in theirmarkets for their audience and creating content and distributing that contentin a way that creates. You know that top of Maner wareness, but alsoimproves their authority in their marketplace and the fadiarity withpeople ind the level of comfort that people can have with them, and but wedo use tactics that generate that kind of word of mouth such as you know, wedo a lot of work on link team, for instance, we do a lot of work, WI,email marketing and it created a lot of content that represents the companiesthat we that are clients to make them. You know these kind of fivt leaders inin tveir target mar with thei target market in their industry, and so we'retalking about the the concept of creating someone as a thought leader.That's a it's a really crowded space right and especially since everybody'sgone, so digital in the last nine months.Have you seen kind of a difference in you know: Effectiveness of platforms orparticular types of places that you're using or maybe an increase in theamount of effort or content that has to be creative. You seen any appreciablechange as a result of the fact that everybody's glued to screens now almosttwenty four seven yeah, definitely Veris it's a very clattered market andthere is a lot of competition ou there for iny of our clients. Really, youknow a lot of our our customers used to go through, traik shows and conferences,and now they can and they can't beet their clients one one on one and haveface to face. You know in person meeting. So obviously you know invhatthat cuts across you know a lot of different industries, our clients arein,probably about twenty different industries. So you know we it's prettygeneral, so yeah. We are seeing a lot of competition out there for attentionand thewerness and that's what and the way we cut across that is by you nowgenerating really great great content. Janoring a lot of content, and not justyou know, by content. We just don't mean to reach an word by podcast videosand Velot of digital marketing tools in our quiver that we can use to generatethat the liver cot to create conten, andthe tevevent content. But we alsorely on some true. Some very you know tried an troetactics like email marketing, which people tend to forget about Yo, becauseemail marketing's been around for a long long time that you know if youlook at the numbers from the industry, email marketing still when one of thehighest Ri in digital marketing that you can get to the company- and youknow your email list- is one of the most under you utlize asset, that mostof our clients are CNTILE. So we do...

...focus a lot on that and people tend toforget about it because it's kind of like you know, there's always a newshiny, new object in marketing in justnal marketing that you can use orthat people are pushing or a new digital marketing trend right. Butemail marketing is still a very an amazing tool that you know people tendto forget about, as I said, so. We use that a lot which enables us to have youknow to the giver, better results, A and Itinan and gut through that clireOvat. We're talking about the other thing that you know we've seen. Workreally well were vher's a lot of competition too, but where you know thetools that we have ad argis position at Wim time and also the experience wehave with the Mediu n really help, and it's that tincting right so linting hasbasically become this pirtual thusanty four seven trade show right and you canthink about your rinting profile and your Lingtin company page as a Treachoboot. Where you can. You know talk about what you're good at okay, Itsyryour goods and your services, and so on and and your Maryour target market ison Lincoln. So it you know it's just the way, so how to use Nintin tomaximize really those that top of the final activity is. I think e's One of the best ways thatwe found to get people to and companies to to pay attention to our tinds, and so,let's dive into that a little bit. So when we think about all the differenttypes of content that somebody could produce from you, mentione podcast andvideos to white papers and and I've even seen some, they look like animatedshorts to me, although I'm not apecentsure, somebody actually drewthem. But like Y, U There's a whole bunch of different types of contentthat you can use out there and then you cross for that with a platform likelengted, in where I love the description of virtual, you knowvirtual twenty four seven trade sor love that m I'll, going to steal itI'll attribute it to you, but I'm going to come a best plan Ta'sbut. When youknow, when you look at that and kind of the way the world is today, are youfinding that there are certain types of content where positions or tactics thatwork more effectively when you approach that platform approach linked in inthat virtual trade showway? Yes, so you know, if you look at marketstatistics and analogics, you know, you'll see that know, especially in the social messpace in general and ICTININin particular, video marketing is or videos are one of the most importanttool to get your talket market to engage. PODCAST are probably in audio.Content is probably the second one, but at the same time those are prettydifficult to generate right. So you know, is you very well know puttingtogether podcast, you know sounds easy when you take a look at it from yeah.Yo actually are doing it. It's not that easy. We do a lot of podcast forourselves as well and maybe I'll return. I favor and have a you own one of his.If you want it that Wuld be fun, but you know- and we do also videos forourselves and our clients, but you know those things area difficult andexpensive. So you know the written word is something that shouldn't be totallydiscounted, although it is less efpective overall on linting and someother Meles for omor channels, so yeah, so some some type of content- wordsbetter. Some other types of condem, but I think you know Comi, would seriouslyencourage companies to look at to look at how their industryw works right.Some MIDESTRIES are a better suted to the video content, so minstries orbiticity to more. You know, return word type of content, so you know, I thinkthat you need to be. You know to look at the overall trends and, what'sworking wit, start working and there's tons of statistics out o the retaltells you you know exactly that. By the same time, I think you know you can youneed to be a bit more industry specific and look at you know what your peersare doing, wher your computitors areto...

...doing and what seems to be working ornot working, and I think that's a huge point right make sure you understand what content resonates with yourindustry versus just kind of a shock on approach which we see all the time itmakes it harder for people to connect to that. In my experience, Wean when Istuff ends up in my feet or I get sent stuff that kind of misses the mark, you knowalmost has a, I don't want to say negative effect, but like a numbingeffect like I just don't pay attention to that individual or or that company.That's missing the mark in terms of the content that they're shaing with me. Infact, I may even go to the point where, like once, a quarter I'll go and likeunsubscribe from from email content that doesn't work for me, ore unfollowpeople that are providing the type of value that I'm looking for. Have youseen an increase in those types of things where people are getting muchmore protective, let's say of their digitaltime and their digital landscape? Oh Yeah, definitely, look I mean we're Bombomparted, with content of Ol of the cans and all like all levels of qualitytoo, and so you know what we do for ourselves and by the way, at bom time.We we test everything we do and we have. You know, programming place where wetried bunch of things on ourselves, first, just to see how it works,because you know we are in the sense of our own client and we are also what wedo for eiter. Businesses is very similar to what we do for ourselves. Sothere's a lot of synergy there, but so you know we so the quality of the content. It'scritical but, as you said and we'vebeenwe've, been talking about e,The relevance of that content to your audience is critical. I mean one of thefirst things I don't en marketing is that you know you need to talk to youraudience and understand what what they wanted, Iher and how they want to hear it and where they want to hear it at what timethey want to hear it to. We had this thing, bickein back in theday where we for direct marketing vs Nawmail, I'm detting my sep a littlebit here, but they say you need to send the right offer to the right target atthe right time, and it's still true today in digital marketing- and we youknow, we I have to kind of you know remind myown team, that you know we need to talk to people in a way they're going to understand,pay attention to. We need to know our audience and which is Athink, verycritical, and so you know the people that do that are the ones that getacross that you know mass of information being thrown at atcompanies on a regular basis. Absolutely so yeah it's SuperPrettycool, and so again you you know understanding your oil dainse, knowingwhere they live. You might be in an industry where you know the average average age of of the person thatyou're targeting you know your take market is really high, and in that caseyou know they probably not on bobl right. They probably not watching otevideo. They probably reading some Mary calls, but you know, and so so on. So Ithink understanding that is very clinical and and also Gand. Looking you know atindustry data and see what works wit, doesn't work and kN there's a lot ofday out there and people tend not to take the time to do their own researchand really, you know familiarize themselves with the the dynamics oftheir market wel. Let's talk about that for sing, because I think the Datais areally interesting component, especially to me as a huge advantage oror benefit of doing things in a much more digital way. But if I'm, you knowthat's kind of extrapulate, if I'm a co or a CMO, are there specific metricsthat my team should be providing to me that would translate into my businessfocus brain like things that I know are able to attribute to the bottom line orthe top line, the one that comes to mine, and I hear an awful lot OS. YouKnow Clv Customer Lifetime value and... can start to track that. But if Iwere a a CO or a C level executive, what kind of metrics out of my digitalmarketing? What would the top three be that I should be maybe paying attentionto yeah again. You know I jus risk ofsoning Itll Bet Wishyou Wishi, and not very in no nonnon committal. Here youknow it's going to vary by industry in THY company based on your objectives oryour position marketplace and so on. But overall you know one of the thingsthat I try to make sure that we talk aboutto every single one of or apclients is like. You have to understand what thekey KPIS are or your business and especially when you come to digitalmarketing, for your digital marketing campaigns, and so you know and Acan just kprs aregoing to vary quite a quite a bit, but what we look at mostly for ourselvesand for our clients, because it tends to apply and cut across differentindustries, and you know the part of the the lifecycle whereyour company is and the competitive marketplace position. But so one thing we look at isconversion rates right. So how have the number of people that you actually arereaching? You know? How many are you actually be getting into your finel? We shuld critical. So you know you canlook at and we focus ourselves at in time on the on the top couple stages ofthe final and then handover. Those needs to our our clients for them toturn into sales. Qualified leads, but you know that that conversion rate isrecrutic cals and you can just look at the absolute numbers right because youknow if you have an addressable market, it a thousand people if you're reaching.You know a hundred by only one convert: it's not horrible. If youare youraddressable market is you know in the tens or thousands you know if youcomplact, if you can only reach Andre Tand, only one of them Coula bit so theabsoute numberis don't make a lot of sense. You have to look at theconversion. Ragt O Versu, your cressipal market, so that that's oneKPI. I think that you know people need to take a very hard look at and thatTransa, of course, in riturnal investment on your campaigns. CLV isdefinitely something that people should be looking at. But you know that'sthat's more little bit in terms of what we do bontime, it's not something wespend a lot time looking at, because you know this is something that we, youknow our cients have to know about, and you know we're more about, as I saidfearing up the top of the final. So but you know hould be surprised by the wayat how many companies have no idea what versy Ahens are it's right, a now t itit's a it's adifferent. It can be a difficult measure to get your arms around, butit's critical and it's amazing that so m Somia people actually think about itin thoe terms. But you know in terms of the top of the finalvheris otherthere's another measure. What I think is important is engagement, soengagement Hav, you measured, you know, depending on your, you know your tactics and yourgitalmarketing in a number of different ways, but you know how many people open youremail, so many people click on your emails, how many people interupted thecontent that you put on Lintin. In our case, you know things that we do t lotlot of all. That engagement is super critical to measure because it givesyou a sense of first, you know is what you're talking about or distributing toyour target audience? Resonating or not. You know, is it working basically andthen you know, are you basically projecting the right image and are youCN conveying right up of information that then takes those that engagementand trying transfe transforts an engagement in actual market qualifiedleads? And so when we talk about market qualified leads in that top of thefunnel aspect of it. How are you are?...

How are you working with companies todefine exactly what an mql means, because I noticed in a lot of companiesthat we work with marketing and say: Hey here's an Mql, and then it's got topass through a stage where it maybe becomes a sales accepted, lead andthere's a huge friction point there often times around what is e lead andwhat isn't some curious, how you help organizations to define the MQLL sideof that yeah? So for US honestly, it's to a lot of conversation, so we have avery, very set on boarding, process orclients and is part of a process. We ask come Al Lot of questions. Webasically try to learn as much as possible: Bat, Werd, business and puthe art, and so we can put ourselves in their shoes and act as a team member asopposed to just being a vendor and agency to them. So we spend a lot oftime discussing those vary things with them and trying to define what aunintual is and also what the value of it mt is because we track everythingthat we do. We measure everything that, at that we do, and you know. I reallybelieve that if you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it and therefore, forus to see the value of what we're doing forour, clients and the effectivenessand efficiency of our marketing campains. We need to know weneed to have some some some bench marts. We need to have some goal, some actualyou know number of goals, so manalytics Bhat we can track to and we can monitorthe the effectiveness and Efigencyar arcampaign, so wed go through y process and it's really a kind of you know alot of conversations about. You know what constitutes and NNAMTL. How do we,you know, and how can we recognize those when we do those campaigns foryou as a client and so yeah? There's a lot of s, discussions there and a lotof they dayta gathering and knowledge gathering that goes into our or fuse platformd and then helps uscreate the better campas bypo performed usually betterthan campains, but you know someone someone else could have done or youknow that Campas, but we do withot take taking the time to go throughbout theprocess got it excellent, all right. So, let's, let's Change Direction here, alittle bit. We ask all of our guess. Two Standard questions towards theindividual refirst is simply as a co at makes you a prospect for many peoplethat are out there, and I have no doubt you like many of us are- are gettinginundated with requests or hey. I can help you with this out of the other,always curious to know. You know if somebody doesn't have a trustedreferral into you. What works the best when somebody's trying to capture yourattention earn credibility and right to time on your calendar. Yes, that's a very good questionbecause I face that you know, as one person doing that to other people too.So, look, I think what really works with me and I think, works in general.Is We let do what weere talking about alittle bit of Earth earlier wichis? I Wont People Recart to me to reach at tome in a way that makes me think that we've taken the time to understand whoI am what I do and what my pay points are, and some companies do that somepeople do that very well and so people don't a lot of people, don'tallotthatrealylike. What makes you know me w. what's made me pay attention andsay: Oh Yeah I'll talk to about person right T, and so we do. You know I get alot of requests like you just mention on linkinpornt sense, and you knowninety five percent of them. I say no, but sometimes there is one that comesthrough, that is ary, either more personable or talks in a very personal miner or Maner. I can relateto very easily about some of the pain points, but we have as an agency and soto me that whats got that what Bodis, what cuts across that J, Jagandyclutter of request and and really makes me pay attention, and we try to do thesame for ourselves. You know with Ou our kinds. We try to be very personableto do our research to know what we're...

...talking about and to understand whatpaint paying points their facing perfect and so all right last question:We call it our acceleration insight. If there's one thing you could tellmarketing professionals or sales professionas, aut ther, one piece ofadvice: You could give them that you believe would help them hit theirtargets. What would it be, and why do your homework and talk to your audience?You know things. We talked about or ready I mean that's. You Know Tat's TeOnyway, especially in this day and age, where you're going to beable to really exxederate your your processes, anspician sales and businessdevalopment. You know you need to know exactly why the situation is and with your target market, and you needto know how to talk to those people and those two are incrivity Cosi. He tatidso, but I think that's my my lifes perfect excellent, all right, so Ican't thank you enough for being on a show if a listeneris interested inlearning more about boom time or yourself. Where do you want us to sendthem the well the best ways partby go to our website, boomtimecom B Oomtiacom?And then you know it's easy to find me on Zingtin Ive, a pretty big presencethere, and so you know anybody feel free torechact to me and it's so so it's JP clament and that's my linkedin usingthem as well excellent GP. I can't thank you enough for taking time to beon the show. Today it's been an absolute pleasure. Well, the tridthanks for Haviing me glad the week Foni this chet all right, everybodythat does it for this episode check hat a be to be revizaccom share withfriends, family coworkers. You like what you hear, leave us review onitunes and until next time we have valleyselling associates withyou,nothing, but the greatest success you've been listening to the BTBrevenue executive experience to ensure that you never miss an episodesubscribe to the show in Itunes or your favorite podcast player. Thank you somuch for listening until next time.

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