The B2B Revenue Executive Experience
The B2B Revenue Executive Experience

Episode · 8 months ago

Selling Shakespeare: How to Sell Anything With Interactive Content w/ Saksham Sharda


We're not in the information age anymore.

The co-founder of Wikipedia says we're in the "misinformation age."

Some people call it the "disinformation age."

Whatever term you prefer, we're drowning in static content, much of it's not true, and people aren't paying attention to it anyway.

To discover how to create interactive content that hooks the modern user, I turned to a man with a Ph.D. in marketing Shakespeare, SakshamSharda, CIO and creative director at

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How and why to create interactive content
  • Keeping it simple to facilitate the decision-making process
  • Effective ways to deploy interactive content

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:


This post includes highlights of our podcast interview with SakshamSharda at

For the entire interview, you can listen to The B2B Revenue Executive Experience.

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