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The B2B Revenue Executive Experience

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Dorene Rettas on Data Protection in Sales & Marketing


Data breaches, like the recent Facebook debacle, have put companies of all sizes under increased scrutiny when it comes to data privacy. New data protection laws and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU, are being established to combat data breaches and provide increased transparency when it comes to data usage.

We sat down with Dorene Rettas, head of Cyber Security Hub for IQPC, a live events and digital media company, to discuss how an increased focus on data protection and cybersecurity will impact sales and marketing teams moving forward.

Were listening to the BTB revenueexecutive experience, a PODCAST DEDIGATINDEL executives train theirsales and marketing teams to optimize growth, whether you're looking fortechniques and strategies, wor tools and resources, you come to the rightplace. Let's accelerate your growth in three to one: welcome Eveyry, one tothe B to b revenue executive experience. I'm your host Chad Sanderson todaywe're talking about two extremely important topic, so I hope you're goingto pay attention. We need to talk about things that are going to affect notjust business t of course, sales, an marketing which is our focus, we've allheard about the data breaches and experience facebook in others, and thiscreates an increased focus on thing such as Cybersecurity, which are goingto have far reaching impacts for businesses and professionals movingforward. Another Facet Todat, a protection which everyone is hearingabout, is the general data protection regulation or Gdpr being rolled out inthe EU. If you haven't heard about it, that's suggest you look it up becauseit is going to have pretty significant impact in the way we do business tohelp us explore. These topics provide some claridne ansay. We have with hisDorin retis head ofciber security hulp for IQPC during. Thank you so much forTakeng time to be on the show today. Yeah. Thank you, Chad glad to bejoining you and glad we're finally connecting ' taking a while, but I'mthat's o Mai. Why? I'm so excited because it's just been that scarcityprincipal ive fought to get you on the show. Well, I am glad to be here excellent.So just for our listeners just give hem a little context. Can you helpunderstand ciber security hub what you Gott in your role there and what youguys are aiming to do sure so, at a high level and just understanding ourorganization right, IQPC has business units in a variety of industries fromcustomer experience to enterprise, mobility and siber security being oneof them, and so within each business unit. We have sort of two areas that wefocus: Whith our live events and then our digital media, business and t atthat's what I run. So I focused strictly on the digital media platformso for cyber security hub. What we're doing is generating content daily forour audience, which is comprised of for the most part director level and aboveexecutives that are focused on the CIBER security initiaves within theirorganizations, and so my editors role really is to continue to providecontent that they're going to utilize within their business to help secure itexcellent, so we'e tackling some pretty heavy topics today. So I want to diveright in first to cyber security. Now most of the audience, if they're, likeme, they've heard of CIBER security, I work with some Simer ecurity firm, somaybe I know a little bit more than most most of us, whether we're aware ofit or not, t s been impacted by poor cymersecurity. I got I got caught up inthe experience heck and the target hack, but I'd like to get your perspective onwhat this increasing focus on ciber security means for business andprofessionals. If we can make it just a little bit more tangible for them tounderstand the impacts and try and get ahead of it. A little bit sure really the reality is the world isbecoming fully digitized right. Everything- and I literally I meaneverything- is being connected. Toi See, hear a lot about Iot or Internet ofthings or what I like to refer to today as Internet of all things, and withthat it means a constant movement of data electronically. That inevitablymeans more vulnerabilities, so, regardless of what the industry is, therisk of exposure and breach is there and with that comes an increasing needfor cyver security. So it's critical rom for employees and itor informationsecurity to be communicating so that there's a clear understanding of thegoals for ciper security and how you're going to protect not only theorganization as a whole, but both the customers and the employees Bata thatmake sense hit. Does it does I like...

...that, and so, if anybody out therehasn't looked at the CIBAR security hub check out the website, because myquestions are going to be around the content that is out there, which isquite impressive, and with all of that content I mean you guys have been O,think Yeu launched last November. The amount of content that is out there isextremely impressive, but when you look back since the launch, has there beenone piece of content or one insight that has kind of even caught Youf guard,even though you're you know emerged in this in the Siver security space? So I knew you were going to be askingme this question, so I looked into I looked into or analetic since thefirst of the year, and I really was actually very surprised. So there wasone piece of content and it was fairly simple. It was my editor Dan Gundermansort of doing the recap of some research that was out there by o vendoraround the threats with Atis, and so that you know you ask me today, justgenerally speaking hey. What is your audience really interested in that?Wouldn't have been one of them, but yet it's you know it's one of our our mostred pieces of content, and so clearly that headline hid an erve with ourcommunity and something for us to be aware of it'sin APM curious on the API sait. I Iwould love to dig into that at some point. I maybe not SAI it. Why the APIside, because that's not a very visible side, I mean at least not to guys. Likeme, 'Mnotno N, you Knon T. I think that you hit that on the head. I think thefact that we raise the point that there's a new threat, vector NAPI sortof made a light bull go off to these security executives, who are chargedwith making sure that everythings secure and they probably were thinking.The same thing you are is: is that really where packers are looking? Well,maybe it's something we need to be paying attention to Accalle, raisingthe awareness of threat vectors before they become the next headline, soexcellent. So we've all heard our hearing about Cambridge Analyticaexperience target. You know I mentioned, and it ut all feels very personal right.So it affects me on a personal level, but I'm surous. What advances insidersecurity? Are you seeing that will impact business professionals? TheAmerican consumer market will soon include six generations for the firsttime prepare for the era of personalization and total connectivitywith insights from consumers at O, hudred and fifteen join theconversation at at carnycom forward. Slash Consumers Dash hudredand fifty.So that's a hard one. I look at the end of the day I think they're from a CIBERsecurity perspective, there's just going to be increasing, more skepticismand fear, and so that makes overall communication more difficult right. Sosimple example, if you look at marketers who rely heavilyand socialmedia, Bitley links have been a stable for some time. Right. whatit allowsthem to. You know, stay within T e. The word count restructions ar characterrestrictions. So you know we started hearing from our audience members thatthey wouldn't click on Bitley Leks, because there was some fear along withthat, and so, if you just look at more restrictions being put in place, it'sgoing to make it more difficult for sales teams to reach out to prospects.Emails are getting sfiltered. There are so many different solutions out thereto filter, email and black website, and that just makes the prospecting andoutreach more challenging for both eyes. It does yes, it does ' LoveFilterdymail, Don' we a so there's obvious industrieswhere you know we hear about cyver security, right, financial services,healthcare, Ympi, compliance, things like that are obvious, ar kind of, obviously,even for people who may not understand the depths and breath of the need forSiver security, but in your exposure to the market, can you kind of give us toan example or insights into some...

...unexpected industries ore ones that wemay not think about all the time that are really focused on one Syde ofsecurity and how they're tackling it? So, maybe because I live in Bravis, Idon't look at it as any industry being unexpected. I think every singleindustry, regardless of the size or vertical that they may be in, has to beaddressing cyber security and if you don't your ill, prepare right because,regardless of whether you think your data is valuable, I can tell you that hackers do, and so,where you may be mentioned. Financial Services and healse care. I think justas important and probably not unexpector or you tell me. Maybe it is-is local state and federal government. I mean look at yea, I'm sure you sawthe headlines of what happened in Atlanta just a couple of weeks ago.Yeah, that's big right. When government gets affected on any level, that's huge! So you know the ones thatI hear most frequently certainly are all levels of government, financialservices, healthcare manufacturing and, let's not forget technology. It's funny. THTETEC companies have atendency to forget, sometimes they're, providing the solutions but they'restill in the same pool and have to stol lay yeah, so, okay. So now all the focus on civersecurity. We got this, it's not new, but it's definitely a role that isrising and recognition right, CIAs. So in the organizitions- and I see a lotof content about making sure they have a seadon table which is kind of an ageold thing right, anytime, there's a new part of the organization. Even you know,sales and ablemen says. Oh. I should habvouse at the table and stuff likethat. But when you look at that CISO having a seat at the table, what rolesshould they play in shaping strategic business objectives or is it more of adefensive role? Man? So I have a strong personalopinion on that Beo. But before I get into that, I was reading our recap lastnight. So, every Tuesday we do a recap of a radio show called past four seventhat is live on Monday evenings, and this Monday's interview was with GaryMcGraw of Synopsis, and so I m reading our recapup but and he describes thefour tribes, if you will of the ssou and tribe one is you know the CSO that get gets lines ofbusiness to participate in the security mission, so these folks might betechnologists, but they look exactly like their senior executive peers andthey have a seat at the table, and so here's, where my you know my personalopinion comes it. I think it's critical that I se so truly does have a seat atthe table, we're so past the point of being react. Reactive, it's justunacceptable risk assessment threat intelligent there a must- and I thinkwhen organizations are focused now on digital transformation. CESOS have tobe involved in the process at the early stages. So they can. I mean its tableStoagin wore it's tablesticks right that you it because of the Digitizatianin the world a they definitely become ever more increasingly important interms of all right. We're going to make a business decision to do x and thenthe person making that maybe the CO or the boards they're not thinking aboutthe security exposure. They have to have that walk from beginning to end. Thet can'tcome in at the end and try and you know, wrap it all out te make it safe at thelast minute yeah and I think h, the Oll adtage that you know it or securityfolks are the enemy. It's. If you speak to SESOS, it's just not the case. Imean you know we speak to them everyday and they don't want to be viewed likethat. I mean there certainly are some like with anything but the, but thebulk of them don't and they understand what the employees want and the userexperience they're looking for and they are themselves trying to balance thetwo. So how do we help digitize the...

...organization right and go through thetransformation? That's necessary, but yet still protect the assets that wehave to protect EXCELLENC excellent. So, let's jump into GDPR theyr. You knowit's all over the press. It's an interesting I mean have to say thisaffects me as a business owner, we've had to do GDPR readiness and make surewe w we're actually starting to see contracts that have clauses where wehave to prove right and the fees associated with this are no joke meanthat they can be pretty hempty. So when you look at it from an organzationalsamepoint, it's another thing you're going to have to do, but I'm curioushow you see that data compliance? You know filtering down to sales andmarketing professionals and what should you? You know? How do you summarizewhethe? They should understand about GDPR in the way that they're conductingbusiness. I laugh when I hear GDPR, because itkind of feels like winter here in New Jersey in never going away ever so kidding a side. Look it's a thorn ineveryones side. It's going to make things more challenging, but we've gonethrough so many things right in business that are challenging and itbecomes just a new way of work, we're going to adjust. So it's the buzz rightnow and understandably, but will adapt and- and I do believe everything willbe fine in the end. I'm sure marketing people are laughing at me, but it iswhat it is. You know I don't think it can besummarized. I think education is key, having training for sales and marketingfrom the top down, so that employees full and fully understand what they canand can't do and putting policies in place within every organization forthose sales raps to understand is going to be critical and yeah. I mean there's, there's somedrastic changes taking place and there's going to be some. You know alot of trial and a lot of learning as we go, but I think I it employees are educated andfully understand what the main restrictions are and you can read thesummaries of mind erey. It's really not as hard to comprehend. If you Dell, ten wet yeah and witwith sales reps, youknow the. I got a question the other day on Gdpr, because they thisindividual sells globally and they maintain they're supposed to maintainall otheir contacts information in the crm right, but thitais rap. So you knowthey're not, and so I brought it up and said: Hey you're, pulling thisinformation off your personal laptop you're going to need to be reallycareful with that and u the look on the face was just you know: absolute wait.What are you talking about and is like send them a couple of lings her readthese summaries just understand as a professional today. This is somethingyou need to be aware of, so I think I think that's great on here's where itgets more, I think, were it gets more confusing to your point, even if youhave a terim right, there's that right to be forgotten, which is the arrovalin a race racing of data right. So this is where even I need to get furthereducated, so you remove somebody's data as be been requested. Now you have anew salesperson who just joined the organization and they're a hunter, andthey find somebody's data on link innor through some other source and they'venow uploaded them. If they've already been a Rase, how do they know right? Sothere's all these lines that are still very confusing. I love that phrase theright to be forgotten, but at's I mean that's essentially what we're providingI mean is that's why you see all the articles on how to delete your facebook,Acoun yeah by the way that's been done by me, just o Tata downloaded and thedelete button's been hit. Yeah n Nice Yeah. I haven't seen zuckerberkstestimony from was it yesterday day before, where is front of Congress, butI want to go check that out. I've got the facebook stuff I just haven't. Ihaven't no don know it, I'm not that worried. If somebody wants to know whatI'm doing hey, what power to you like, if you're listening, Lexa you're goingto be blored out of your mind yeah, I just got tired of it more than anything,and I was like, if I'm not using it...

...anyway, it's time to just delete it all. So when we look at kind of the futuresiber security and some of the trends right that are coming down. But what doyou see being like the next big trend in cyber securities at well? Just youknow focusing on increasing awareness or changingattitudes involving attitudes, implementing more technology. What kindof things are you seeing on the horizon? I'm not sure, I'm honestly the bestperson to ask that question. I think the folks are in the throws of it right.The real ciber security executives probably have a better outlook, but toyour point, awareness is gay and as well as balancing that privacy andsecurity and the USOUR experience and security and I'm sure CESOS will be rollingtheir eyes and shaking their head. As I say this, but I believe there's goingto be more of an acceptance from employees with ciber securityinitiatives, because as CNTHEIR consumers to right and so media iscovering it constantly and there's more of an awareness of the vulnerabilitiesand the threat, and so with that, I think employees overtime will becomesomewhat more. Accepting yeah that mean they're. Not Really Gon Na have achoice. It's just the rel, it's the new digital reality right. It just changesthings and jus kind of there's ast certain things you just have to acceptand be aware of exactly Sois what it is yeah it is. You canyou can't complain aboutit, but nobody's going to listen to your complain, so suggest exactly so. Let's pit I here a little bit andtalk about you know, I keep Yo seing this sypor security up and how yoursales and marketing functions have been impacted by cybersecurity and GDPR.Have you guys taken steps because you live and breathe in that space to dothings differently or enable your reps and your teams differently? Because ofyour awareness, so it's sort of two fold one. I probably should be saying yes thatwe've been abling them differently, but no probably haven't. I think one of thethings, though, is we're fairly proactive. So I think because we'vewe've been writing about it and you know: We've known it was coming earlyon and I think we've been a little more proactive than others, but some of theother ways that we've sort of changed things is. We recently had to end acontract with a platform that we were using for prospecting and my salesteams were AAll that we would take this away from them. God Forbid, we made some changes, but we were not confident that they wereGdpr compliant, and so you know not only do you as an organization have tobe gdpr compliant. It's critical that you know that your partners are because,if you're theyare not and you're interacting with their data, there's arisk for you as well to be canalized sure so yeah I mean that's change andhere's the other thing to it is going to change things and it'sgoing to hurt in the short term. But if you look at double oftens right as anexample, so I'm not so sure that it's going todecrease engagements drastically. What it is going to decrease is someinflated numbers, but it's the folks that really want to consume yourcontent and really want to interact with you are checking the box. Do youreally care about all those other people right right and it Wal, and Ithink, hit's a really good point- and I know this wasn' part of the questionsthat I sent Avisse, but that is a phenomenal point. Im myself running acompany and having done marketing in the past, you look at those numbers andyou'd be like how in the world is. Why have fifteen housand people for thisnewsletter that started you know five months ago I don't know these people. Iwant to have a relationship right, so I think I think Thir's a very importantpoint for EO. I understand it may be rigorous to go through the changes andbe compliant, but the shake out the...

...positive side of it is you'll havepeople that are truly interested, that you can truly form relationships withand better serve that community yeaand. You and I are of the samebelief with that, and then on top of that, if you think about all of thenoise in your inbox right, if that gets decreased because I didn'tOptin, so I am no longer getting communicated with now. Obviously, I'mnot within you know the European Union, butfor those there that have that their inbox is decreasing, and so now thestuff that they really cared about is top of mind they're able to interactwith it much quicker because it's not mixed in with hundreds of other emails.So I think again doesn't change the challenge and you know the trepidationthat markers are feeling, but ultimately it's not all bad right. Yeahthere's I mean there's change, right change, illuminates opportunity andstructure and if you're willing to look at it that way and en move with it,then there's especially. I look at it from a sales perspective. It createsopportunity, of course it's another compliance issue and things like that.But if you look at at the right way, Y mean everybody's Goinna have a moment:Go, go have your moment in the corner if the heavy bag or cry whatever youeGon to do allright and then just come back and realize okay, so now theresit's something changed so now, there's more opportunity. If you can find it. Ithink that perspective is a powerful one for the people that can embrace it.Cind of ribe those ways of change effectively. Absolutely yeah fullly agree with youon that cat. So, from a business perspective, when we look at securityub what Sevice ecurity o? What is your which objective for two thousand andeighteen? What's your goal? What would be you know if we, let's say wereconnected January? Second N Isai: During did you hit your goals where yousuccessfull? What does that success? Look like for you this year yeah. So I think it's twofold. Obviously, good Google analytics for usis how we really know if we're hitting the markfrom a content perspective and so for us insuring that our audience isgetting value from our content. I think I mentioned this to earlier. I don'twant to be a new site right. You can find news on hacks and breacheseverywhere. What we really want to be is the place that our audience can turnto to get information that they can take backto their roles, a systtem and either implementing change or even educatingtheir board and then making their jobs easier. So that's number one goal. I want to hear fromour audience that you know you provided content and made a difference and thento probably no surprise revenue, revenue, revenue and growt right, but Imean the theory is if we're hitting the mark on number one, the secondis goingto happen organically right. So if we've got the right audience and theycontinue to be engaged with us, then we're going to be the natural partnersfor solution providers that are looking to build their businesses right right,yeah and that's, I think, that's an extremely powerful. You knowperspective. We interviewed Brian Turner as a general partner atSlalam last year and he talked about how revenue is always important, but itshouldn't be the leading indicatod for success, and I think this thisdefinitely plays into that. If you get the community engaged, if you'reproviding value T, then the revenue happens, you need to be the morestrategic about it. An keep, an eye on it, of course, but that concept ofvalue first right is a powerful one. Yeah that'sa, let's chage directionhere a little bit towards the end of each interview. I ask or guess twostandard questions and the first is simply you're a revenue executive right.We just talkd about revenue, so that makes you no in the politically correctterm of prospect in the sales parlands a target, and so I'm curious help ouraudience understand if somebody's trying to get a hold of you if esalesperson believes they have something that will provide value toyou, but you don't know who they are what's the best way for them to captureyour attention and build credibility.

So it's not very different than what Itell my sales team when they're prospecting is for me, it's if youunderstand my challenges in my role and you have a solution. Thatis going tohelp me. You've got my attention hands down, and I can tell you for sure thatmy challenges four months ago were very different than my challenges. Today,Ghand, probably in six months, they're going to be very different, and I canjust off the top of my mind, think of one solution provider that we ended upSaninga a fairly significant contract with he solved the problem. For me you know it was. It was a web in our platform and I wasn'tgetting what we needed out of it and he was able to offer me a solution thatmatched our needs. That was, it Yep, be doing your homework being aware, beingrespectful right, making sure that you're you're not just smiling anddiling rigt er, showing up and Throwi up s for it right. Okay, excellent, the last question:Color, our acceleration insight, there's one piece of advice to givesales marketing professional services, people just one piece of advice that,if they listen, that's always the comy. If they listen then internalized it,you believe, would help them be more successful. What would that piece ofadvice B M? Why I think, really knowing your customer,whether you're in sales or marketing, knowing who your customer is knowingwhat your value proposition for them is not, generally speaking, what yourvalue proposition is, but for that particular prospect right, there's nosecret formula here. It sort of goes back to your prior question. You knowdon't try to sell, don't try to push information, talk to folk understandwhat their needs are understand, what their goal is and each individual thatyou're, interacting with their goal, is going to be very different. Theirobjectives and challenges are different and I think just understanding thosecan go a long way without a doubt perfect during if a lister s interestedin talking more about the topics that we touched on today, learning moreabout cyber security hub. What's the best way to get into contact with youwith the organization linked inecause, because my inbougt box is filled withnoise, as I mentioned, and I pay attention to you know linkedonfield personal, I look at it late at night or early in the morning when thekids are still sleeping and I can focus and I'm not getting hit at work withstuff. So that's it yeah hit me up, I'm like then I jon. I can't think youenough for taking the time and 's been excellent. HAVINU on the show. Thank you well II've enjoyed it. It'sbeen actually fun in a great conversation and I've enjoyed hearingall your pastguest. So I hope that someone get something out of thisconversation we'll make sure they do all right. Everybody that does it. Forthis episode check US sout of btob revizeccom. You know the drill, showthe friends of Families Coworkers, get it out there. If you' like what youhear, retist rview on, I tue shoot me an email. Let me know who else you liketo have on as a guest and until next time we vevalue prime solutions withyou all nothing, but the greatest te you've been listening to the BTBrevenue executive experience to ensure that you never miss an episodesubscribe to the show in Itunes or your favorite podcast player. Thank you somuch for listening until next time.

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