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The B2B Revenue Executive Experience

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Brian Burns on 5 Ways to Stay Motivated in Sales


Sales is a rollercoaster profession – everyone who’s been doing it for a long time knows there’s days where you feel like you’re on a treadmill going nowhere. No one is responding, you can’t keep the pipeline full and it feels like nothing’s getting done. Other days it feels like you’re ramming your head into a brick wall because there’s so much to do and you don’t know how to prioritize things.

Motivation is key in the sales profession for ultra high performers. It’s something that requires focus day-to-day; you can’t just wake up and expect you’re going to be motivated. We sat down with Brian Burns, host of The Brutal Truth About Sales and Selling to discuss five ways to stay motivated in sales.

You're listening to the BTB revenueexecutive experience, a podcast, dedicated ELP, a executives train theirsales and marketing teams to optimize growth, whether you're looking fortechniques and strategies were tools and resources. You've come to the rightplace. Let's accelerate your growth in three to one: welcome Evere, one to theB to b revenue executive experience. I'm your host Chad Sanderson topic fortoday is motivation. How do you stay motivated in sales? Sales is a rollercoaster, profession. Anybody who's been doing it for a long time knows. Thereare days where you just feel like you're on a treadmill going nowherenothing's getting done. No one's responding. You can't seem to stayfocused. You can't keep the pipeline full. You can't stay, you know withyour head in the game and then there are days where all of a suddensomething catches and your rim in your head and go brick wall because there'sso much to do you don't know how to prioritize things. So motivation is akey for sales professionals for the ulteyperformers that we work with thatability to stay motivated is something that comes in extremely handythroughout one's career, and it's something that you really need to focuson in a day today, environment, you can't just you know, hope that you'regoing to wake up in the morning and and things are going to go the way you want.You need to stay motivated and focused, then Brian Burns, and I decided to sitdown and talk about the fiveways that we believe you can stay motivated.These are tips, tricks and insights. So we hope you guys find this valuable,Hey, ched yeah. You ever find its hard to stay motivated in sales. I think that's, probably one of thebiggest challenges that most people have right. In fact, as we're doingthis podcast I'd looking up at my monitor, I've got my calendar. I've gotslack. I've got what is that I've got a file open over here. I've got twoemails open in front of me. It's like very easy to get distracted and if Iwere to focus on any of those things other than the time I was fending withyou it I would be multitasking, which we all know can't be done right. Itbasically just screwing up to things simultaneously and so without beingable to, you know, put those distractions aside and truly focus younow: Sales wrap suffer and Sodo pipe lines and the best salespeople outthere, including yourself. You know what. How do you stay motivated? Well,it's so there's a couple of ways for me, the biggest thing for me has been timeblocking and it's not new right, but I set up at the beginning of everyquarter. I set up my weeks so that I know the activities that I have to doin a given week in order to keep the pipe lankful keep accounts, moving orexpanding. Give me the time in the space I need in order to make sure I'mbringing value at every interaction. If I don't do that in advance, if I don'tprotect those times, then the distractions and the fire drills andall of that get really easy. The next thing you know you've gone three weeks.You haven't made any outbound prospect in calls. You haven't followed up onthe people. That said, hey contact me in a month and the next thing you knowthe pipelane starts to dwindle. So for me that diligence of time blockingfifty percent of my week, every given every week has been kind of the mosteffective way for me to make sure there aren't distractions. Now I mean as anentrepreneur, I'm sure that switch was pretty hard where you go from having abass, salary, an benefits to heaven all that independence. In a great title elook at my title. I run a company, it's not making any damn money, but I oAcompay, and that's not why we do this right. I mean for me, even when I wasan individual contributor or running sales and marketing organizations. Ifif we weren't focused on the right things in the right way consistently,you saw that you saw the numbers fluxuite, the peace and valleys wereridiculous, and so the only way to make sure we kind of stayed focused andfought back the natural distractions of business in life, and all of that has been the time blocking. For me,that's I think been the most effective.

I'm curious, what's been the mosteffective for you. Well, I'm looking at it. You know. Certainly time blockingis great. I'm you know I'm very focuse guy. I think from me. What motivates meand keeps me you know strong is really I'm super competitive and you know I'kind of I was a middle child, so you you know you kind of A. I told thehiring manager that NEGAS. I never heard that before you know it's likeyou know. I hate the idea that somebody else is either better than me or makingmore money than me or you know more timand. Just in sales I mean it waskind of the thing that I found that I could be good at and I don't know why.But you know I was an engineer before and I thought you know I could workeighty hours a week for the rest of my life and I'll be a B minest to a B plusengineer. I'm never going to be that I saw the a level guys that could justyou know, crank out these beautiful pieces of code. You know that just camenatural to them and I'm like yeah, I'm just not not going to be there, butwhen I got into sales it's like you know. I work my butt off and everythingand what every time I did better than somebody else, I felt better and Idon't know if that motivates you or oh yeah, it's a Dopomun rush right I mean,I don't think I don't think people go into aprofession like sales, where success is very easy to determine you like lat,we're talking about before ou either. Do it or you don't, I don't thinkpeople go into it unless they are competitive. Now it maynot necessarily be competitive against other members on the team. I've hadsome reps that are extremely competitive against themselves. Likethe you know, the cliched own, worse critic kind of thing, but they knowwhat they're capable of they know what their top quarter was, and they want tobeat it by ten percent or they want to bring in. You know more new logos thanthey did the time before, and sometimes it's internal competition. Sometimesit's competition with self and sometimes its competition with you know.True competitors, like you, know the sales reps that are selling competingproducts and if you have any sense of connection or community with them, youknow we all kind of will share how we're doing- and so maybe it's justcompeting. I insent, but that constant bench marking is something that that Isee a lot of people do ind. For me, it's Po, it's part of the fun. I meanit's really part of the fun it Isand. I could always tell a B player that, ifthey're, if they lose a deal, they're okay with it, you know I'm like and Iused to when I move first moving to managers, I go all the raps. I go tellme who you're competing. I want to you to know their names. I want you to knowwhere they live. I want you to know what it want you to know what kind ofcar they drive. You know, and you know if they lost a deal. I literally woulddo this in a pipeline review. I give me a wallet. I would literally take money out oftheir wallet and give the Wallot back to them to make them feel what it'slike when they lose it tther yeah and they now twenty some years later. Theystill remind me of those stories that I have since forgotten, but I mean I would lose sleep if I losta deal and I make sure I knew the person's name. I'd have head hunterscalling them giving them new opportunities. It was just e h becausehe s, you know, I mean you worke for one of those you know. Oh, your metricwas like crazy, competitive, rigt, yeah, Oh yeah, and it's something thatcontinues for me today like when I started working with VI sellingassociates and there's I'm sure everybody out. There probably knows howthis works, but byy selling associats has the IP and then all of the rest ofus kind of a franchise model. We have to be certified and do all of thisstuff, but we all work as a community and there's one guy who runs his littlefranchis been doing it for fifteen years. He's been the top dog, for Iwant to say the last seven or eight in terms of revenue, generation andmultile millions of dollars generated in revenue, and we were at ourassociates meeting what three months ago and in front of the entire room.You Know Scott was standing up there. He was accepting his award for ouhaving crushed it again and we go to...

...the break and I walk up to him and I'mlike. I think you need to get really comfortable holding that award and he'slike why suc that's the last one you're going to hold and he's like he's like did you justcall me out and I'm like: Hey man, Youre top dog, I'm coming for you likeit's just and it's not a it's, not an aggressive thing. It's just like a hey.It's a fun part of the competition like you're, crushing it yep you have tohave you have to know you have a target on your back and if you're, one of theguys who isn't crushinge and you're not spending time with those that are in anattempt to get better you're missing a huge opportunity. I mean that's for me,that's part of the juice. You know the juices. We call it in sales to motivateme to stay focused and do those call blocks or do those things that youdon't really want to do right, because at the end of the day you know theresultso will get you to that top of the podium right and- and I think, alot of people early in sales. I think you all youre going o get over therejection or you're going to become so callous, or so you know t's so goodthat you won't face it. It's like, I think people still face it. Youknw andevery freaking rejection still hurts man Yeai've been doing this for twentySiven years. I wish I could get kat well, I guess my maybe my ex wife wouldsay I am, but in terms of sales and not necessarily like every rejection itjust harts like you're like Sha, I could have done better, I could have. Icould have done that better. I could have moved that forward. I could haveanswered that question more effectively right and so maybe the rejections not aknow, and somebody hangs up on you or know you lost a deal, but I think theempathy that sales reps have to have these days in order to connect with thepeople that hey're selling, to also has you know kind of on't want t, saydarkside but has a sidewhere. They have to be able to deal with that on an ongoing basis and how have you gotten to work aroundit? Do you look in the future? Do you just have a pattern that you go through?Do you go running? Do you have a drink yeah, all the above? No, so for me it's I have. I typically have a heavy bag inin the office somewhere, nice and so I'll only shun that and then you knowwe celebrate for me. It's I've always been specially in complex Os. Youcelebrate the small winsrigt. This goes back to hig stay motivated right in along tail sale. They I mean I'm used to selling twelve eighteen month types ofdeals, ind it's in a longtail sale with that many people involved. You have tocelebrate the little winds and that's where I go have a drink with the crewand we talk about okay. This is look. We did this. We were successful, we gotyou know the next commitment or the next meeting, whatever it is, and thenwhe Wele doing that we say: okay. Well, what do we need to do next? What's thenext goal right? How do we set that so setting the goals along the way makingsure you stay focused on those celebrating them when you hit them andwhen you don't hit him or something goes ary Fi take fifteen minutes blowoff the steam go for a run, hit the heavy bag. Do Some pushups? Do Somesitups get on your motorcycle and go hundred miles an hour down the roadwhatever it is, but then let it go because they'll carry it with you. It'sjust going to continue to drag you down. Yeah, keep saying next next yeah some actor comedian had. Thatis that you just go outside and say Nex after he get rejected for a film yeah, and I think I think the other thing isthat a lot of raps is a lot of listeners of the PODCAST ALC veryconcerned about getting fired, and it's like. You can't focus on that, becausewhatever you focus on will most likely happen, you got to focus on beingnumber one. You focus on you know getting the next deal, showing yourmanager that you're in this game, that you can figure it out that you'reputting in the time and the smarts to get the thing moving in the rightdirection as opposed to worrying at night. Oh, my gonna make it am I gon toYo Canat, it's like if you're worried about that. It's probably going tohappen. Yeah well, Li mea think about where you're puttingth energy to right.Like that's. If that's really what you're worried about, then, then you just wasted. Howevermuch time you spent worrying about that that you could have been applying tomoving a deal forward, getting ready for a deal getting ready for a meeting,something that would have been. You know, positively impacted yourdirection and your career, not not fear...

...right. If you, if you react from aplace of fear, that's all you're doing is reacting and the best sales people,the ones that are the most motivated, that I've seen and including myself. Iget motivated by being proactive like okay. This is the current situation,and maybe it sucks- maybe it's not optimal, but there's a way to turn thisaround. So how do I do that? How do I proactively engage plan? Put a plantogether in a strategy that I can execute tit's going to turn this aroundrather than have worried about my boss coming down on me, you know what, ifyou're in sales and your boss hasn'td come down on you. That means you're.You INI corn and you hit quota every quarter, which th is very rare right,so just get used to it focus on what you need to do to besuccessful. Don't worry about! What's going to happen, if you're not yeah, Ialways say that you know. The only thing you should worry about is thefear of missing out because it this is like the only career that you have. Youknow almost total control over your income. It's like there's no otherthing, and it also comes down if you're, not money, motivated sales, probablyisn't the thing for you right, especially especially right now nowthere's a lot of talk and you- and I should tackle this at one point two,but there's a lot of talk about what maybe they get rid of variablecommission go to flat and I'm just like yeah check out for me like? No, that's,not. I don't do this. I don't do this, for you know trying to solve worldpeace like like this is about the money at the end of the day and and if yourmoney motivated this is the perfect place o be, I don't know if any placeelse, but depends on the comtplan and what kind of organizazion you'reworking for but, like you said, you have control over it, your activity,your focus, your effectiveness determines how much money you make nothow well the company as a whole did or what your boss decided to do, or howmuch the board decided to kick back or whatever it is. It's you right and thatawareness that accountability is at least for meanother huge way. I stay motivated, there's nobody to blame. If thepipeline looks like crap, it's me right, and so that is a great deal of freedom.It's a little risky, there's a lot of riskin sales, but that gives you theopportunity to be accountable for your actions and see what you're capable ofnot only in terms of earning, but what companies can you get into and all ofthe myriad of things that happen in a complex sale that accountability indthat ability to operate independently? That is, is a huge benefit to being asales professional that I don't see in a lot of other profession and I think alot of companies are making huge mistakes right now and I'm not surewhat's causing it, whether it's the division of Labor, that's going on thethers, so many people involved- but I was looking at this Webbon are theother day and it's like fifty percent of the people are making their numbernow I mean I don't know about you, but you know if only fifty percent makingtheir number it's like something's wrong. Well, you know, and it's gottenworse right. I remember what what it dropped. I didn't see that women O, butive heard that stat recently. I want to say it was like six years ago, fiftysix percent or fifty five. Don't quote me on that, but it was over fifty andnow the latest stats will show you forty eight to fifty percent. If lessand less people are making their number, something is seriously wrong seriousand I don't think it's a sales issue. I think it's an operation's issue. I hada consultant who does nothing but complan consulting on on one of mypodcasts, and he says you know well. The companies want o target it in the Sand I'm like really I mean shouldn't t, be eighty twenty like everything elsein the world and it's like and you can see what'shappening because what they're doing is making the the quotas high, so they canhave a high on target income. Sure you know, and you know I've always calledmyself a complanologist. You know because is ets face it? You know if theComplan doesn't work it you know, doesn't matter how good you are, youcan't make money right and if you can't...

...make money you're not excited, I meanlet's face it. When are you motivated at eighty percent of your quota for ahundred and twenty percent of your quote? I want to hit a hundred. I wantto get past the accelerators. I love it when you can get to the OP tre wherethey go. You know what we did an account for that type of revenue I inthe complaint, and that just means that the sea level somewhere got pissed offbecause they found out how much money I was making yeah Andy You Aeo they'll, get over it yeah.I love when they ask D you mind deferring some of that. I got yeah yeah.I do my defering yeah yeah. So let's not even have that conversation right. Are you deferring the recognition of it?Are you deferring the what it did to the stock price of the company right? Imight get ten percent of it, but you're getting ten XS on the evaluation of thetop line. Yeah, Thou and people quickly forget about that. You know. Oh you ownten percent of the company. You know I gave you a ten percent equity increaseand people like Oh wookay. You know and that's I used to be my interviewprocess but like an early stage start up, I go. You know you earn this. Youknow if I bring in an extra million. What does that mean to you personal andthey're? Like means a lot causyeah make sure I get my bonus and I keep myjob and I could my career continues to go up right. It's just to me. It's amazing, where we see youknow back to that whole salary. Is You like do do we? Should we give them lasscommission, because there's so many people involved in sales? Well, firstoff there's a couple of things there. I think we've got an age component to itlike Wa generational component to it, and I think we've got this belief thatif there's more people involved, it's going to be more effective, but if thateffectiveness comes at a cost and I'm not a hundred percentsure, I buy thatlike for the reps, that are the ones that want to make that type of money.Maybe they want to retire early. Maybe they want to buy a boat. Maybe theywant to send their kids to school right, they're willing to take the risk,because there are quarters and we've all had them. There are quarters whereyou go. Oh crap is that all I got paid this quarter like I got to really liketurn. It up right, there's ups and downs that have to e manager, seriousrisk and a lot of people that complain about what sales people make onlycomplain when the salesrups are bringing in the big bucks, but neverreally have much to say on those months or those quarters where something wentsideways and they didn't hit a number and theyre. You know cracking opensavings accounts to pay mortgages and things right. It's just there's a riskreward ratio that attracts a certain type of individual and you're, notgoing to get that superhuman effort at the end of the quarter. For people whoaren't getting comped on it, you just not you're, going to get smiles andnods and excuses and that that doesn't bring in a deal. I you know big dealsor even hard deals require somebody to get emotionally attached to it workingand why are you emotionally attached because you're financially attachedRigt, you know, and if you know I hear that argument all the time by the bikeriding you know pot smoking on to Preneurs who think? Oh, we don't needto, and it's like yeah you're selling atwelvedolar a month, product it', Ik Geta get off of hit. You know you know right and they have greatsupport and it's like okay, yeah- and you know, everybody gets to Kumbayeahat the end of the day- is like you locked out, but that's not the way thereal world works. You know how often os your phone ring right. It's like we'reout there making things happen and that's why you get paid for it well andI think there's a lot of. We have a tendency. The media helps with thisright, especially in our industry, but we have a tendency to celebrate thosethat have been extremely successful and there are very few that will be painfully blunt about what it took forthem to be that successful, especially in sales. There's, a podcast calledsales success stories and think ingroom is the guy that runs it, but he talks to these ultra top performersand they lay out the amount of effher that goes into them. Achieving thesenumbers and you listen to it and you go...

...yeah. Okay totally make sense, but thenyou talk to other reps and they maybe they've heard one and they go. May CUND.You believe how hard that person was working. I don't think I could do that.Well, then, maybe it's time to think about your career choice, because salesdi, like revenue, doesn't fall, offo trees, it just doesn't fall off a tree.So if you're not competitive, if you're not motivated, if you're not moneydriven right, if you're, not if you don't get motivated by working with acommunity of individuals like that, then you probably need to start lookingabout doing something else right and then, if you're not willing to, youknow take that feedback that really ego crushing feedback. Ofwhen you lose adeal and own it. You know how many reps, when they lose a deal, it's everythingbut them. Oh Yeah. I it's price, it's product, it's timing! It's the customer,has issues Yo know, but nothing about them. If every deal Ilose, I say because I lost one deal this. This quarters cause. I overlookedan email and I'm like, Oh God, how can I have done something so stupid? Youknow so now, I'm like you know it wasn't like an email. Email was like alinked in email, ight like y. The problem is I get like a hundred a day. You know congratulations on this, andyou just see me on this. Thanks for connecting and you'R like a Buba, boobeBo te book, you know you know what it's so rare that someonereaches out to me as opposed to me, connecting with me proactively doingsomething and I go. No. I've got to go through all of them every day and notmiss them yeah. It's that it's that ownership right, that ownership beenworking with. One of the big things for motivation for me is that sense ofcommunity right, so sales reps have a tendency at times I think, to getpretty silent into their own heads right, especially depending on the sideof the organization, maybe they're off and runing competing Internalli. One ofthe things that I have seen be very effective and actually was taught thisby one of the top performers that worked for me a few years ago. Is thatsense of community? Is that making time once a month once a quarter to gettogether with other sales raps, maybe they're in tyour industry, maybethey're not, but at least let's say they're at least alltoim be to becomplex sales you get together. You have a couple F drinks and you disecteach other's deals, and you take that brutal ego, crushing feedback yea, youinternalize it and you pick each other up right. It becomes that you know yourown little tribe, so to speak in that surrounding yourself with that type ofcommunity, I think, is also extreme and motivating yeah. I mean I had the goodforth o I had the same. You Know Se says you know sales engineer who workedwith me for four different companies over ten years. You know we would wewould like a couple. We just got hired. You know because the VP goes. You knowany good scs. I go he's. Okay, you knowbut the the Mojothat we had is. We would rip each other apart when we, when we messed up. Youknow I missed TA flight once e goes. If I miss that flight, you be up my buttso deep by you know, and I go. I know I know, but you Kno, because he wasalways like walking up to the gate at the last possible moment or he give mehis bag. He goes. Can You watch this? I'm Gonta go get a coffee, I'm like I'm,not watching your bag. Who Am I you know, but after every call you know ifI, if the machine the demo didn't work, I just be rolling my eyes and he'd belike I know. I know I know and if I didn't like close with thenext meeting, goes yeah we're not getting that deal. You know it's likeyou've. You've had better meetings O and you know it hurt, and I at the timeI wish I didn't hear it, but it got me on my game. You know it was just. Iknow: CIS Yo bcaus. His income was based off of my income right. You knowand he'd like to pull out pictures of his kids ar going on be Brian Theyegoing hungry. That's awesome, Buti on, though rightand I think a lot of sales raps yea. This is one of the things that alwayswhen I would start managing a new team and I would say guys: Lookour job isobviously to bring a revenue for the..., but it's not bringing aremenue for the copany. It's making sure that the kids of the consultantsor the project managers or whoever are fed and have the opportunity to go toschool that everybody that works here. We have the revenue so that they canhave benefits and they can live a good life. Yes, we're going to make a lot ofmoney doing it and, yes, it's going to hurt because we're going to work harder,put in more time and take more feedback than any other department in the group,but it isn't just about us and so trying to create that sense ofcommunity internally and then seeking it outside from other piers. That wouldbe just brutally honest. That to me is maybe it's masochistic,but it's also extremely motivating n empowern, because if somebody can pointout where I can do better, I feel like, if they've taken the time to least saythat or give me that feeback. Then I owe them the respect of actuallylistening and seeing if I can internalize it yeah, because nobodywants to hurt your feelings right and- and you know, certainly when you becomea sales manager, you've got a you. Goin no hurt someone's feelings, you know Tioay, but you know, and when we talkabout you know what makes sales people successful. I hate when people say itwork hard work and I obviously I mean there's no getting around it, but Iwoul d like to dig in you know what I see is. Typically what you told me.Like those habits, you know structuring your time, owning your time,controlling your time being focused on it and and also being able to acceptthat you're, not superman that you have a now punching bag to release thatfrustration, because it's never you'r never going to go away. You know unlessyou're a sociopath you'r never going to get completely away from being you knowwas I got rejected this morning about something and I'm like what the and itstill bucks me all right. You know, especially once you get out on socialmedia. Forget it. You know everyone loves to hate. You know it's like Isport, but you know, but if you have structure andyou have habit, you move on and it just you kno accept that you know peoplehave bad days. You have bad days, but anything else that you, you know,really works for you. If you seen work for other people in terms of gettingmotivated in the spot. This is kind of a you know before a call block orbefore a big meeting, I'm a big music fan. So there's always there's always asong that gets played right, and I said the last one for me is always makegsure I have goals is if whether it's set you know by a manager or not, if Idon't have goals for myself of what I expect for myself, I am one of those guys that is theharshest critic like I screw something up nobody's gonna, give me more crapthat I'm gonna get myself, but I want to set goals because it gives you thatkind of the combination of everything right, you're setting goals. So you cantime black towards it. You're going to celebrate those small wins when youhite it gives you something to focus on and strive for, and it keeps youfocused on the game, not necessarily the you know, the ty feedback and therejection that you get as a result of being in the game. Right yeah, youdon't care about the first ending. All you care about is digi winner didyoumove right, Kno and I think the Times that I have done it and I'm doingit now, like first thing in the morning, you know I ot kind of it's not really ameditation, but I just kind of like visualize what I want. I just askmyself: WHAT DO I want? You know, and I kind of you know just talk myself into.Why do I want it and I come up? Why do I want it and then, if you have somekind of you know either auditory wite being a song or a visual I used to haveyou know as a screen saver like this. You Know Tropical Island, because clubwas in Hawaii that year and Igo, I'm going you know and I'm not going to letsomeone else get that statue. You know I'm getting that little trophy there'sno way. You know Ehese funny stories like first time. First company I workedwith with that SC THA, the guy in New York, was best friends with the VPSsales. The vpssales had that territory...

...before he was number one like you hadin your company like theethree years in a row, and I told my Vpi go: I'm goingto crush them this year, I brand new territory. Shitty territory with youknow, not much help. You know I did nothing. It was like Kindof some orphanthing. I go, I'm going to crash thim, you know and n this guy. He was se, golazy. You know he got like you know, had big accounts, repeat business. Ihad none of that and I oi'm M Gong to beat him and that excited me. You know,and if you have that and you work on it on a daily basis that will get you awayfrom the hangups the unsubscribes to lead me aloans or not interestedwhatever it is that annoys the hell out of you, Oh yeah, and that mantra in themorning so funny the research on people presenting and stage fright right. I read a bookon on the history of stage fright an the one of the biggest things thatchanges. The way somebody performs on stage is the last thing they say tothemselve before they walk out on stage, and so, if, instead of Holycrap, I'mscared, because I'm going to go, do public speaking and I suck at it. I'mexcited to be here, I'm excited to be here, I'm excited to be here. It makesa world of difference and so making sure you're doing all of those littlethings all along the way and make sure that staying motivated is part of youreveryday routine. The results will speak for themselves, all right,everyone that does it for another episode of the B to be revenueexecutive experience. I hope you found that in sightful, enjoyable took somevalue away from it. Brian, and I talk a lot about motivation. We spent a lot oftime trying to motivate ourselves, and hopefully we're abbllty, give you guyssome insights and some ways that you can do the same in your daytoday and inyour sales career. I want to thank everybody for listening and again,please belieave his review on itunes drop me an email. Let me know what kindof guess or topic should like us to cover and until next time pleaseremember. We Ave value prime solutions, which you all nothing, but the greatestsuccas you've belistening to the BTB revenueexecutive experience to ensure that you never miss an episode subscribe to theshow in Itunes for your favorite podcast player. Thank you so much forlistening until next time.

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